Wife of Textile Businessman Killed in Accident Commits Suicide by Jumping from Fifth Floor

Wife of Textile Businessman Killed in Accident Commits Suicide by Jumping from Fifth Floor

On January 15, 2018 in Surat, a city in the state of Gujarat, India, a woman apparently committed suicide by jumping to her death from a bathroom on the fifth floor of an apartment building. The CCTV footage of her landing shows a pair of men rushing in an attempt to catch her, but it was all in vain. One would be rescuer suffered fracture of the hand.

38 year old Shweta Sureka was a wife of textile businessman Anand Naval Sureka, who died in a traffic accident on Sachin Magdalla Highway three days earlier. The circumstances surrounding his death are referred to in the Indian press as “mysterious“.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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115 thoughts on “Wife of Textile Businessman Killed in Accident Commits Suicide by Jumping from Fifth Floor”

      1. “Widows are commonly accused of having caused their husband’s death [by the] mother-in-law.”

        “In many parts of India, particularly in tribal communities, widows are sometimes killed as witches. The underlying motivation is economic: the accusers tend to be the male relatives, brothers-in-law or step-sons who want to control the land.”

        Indian legislation clearly upholds the special rights of the widow with regard to the deceased husband’s inheritance. With respect to inheritance, the widow is given first priority (Class 1) according to Indian legislation, whereas the siblings and the father of the deceased are categorised as Class 2. In other words, the widow comes before daddy, brothers, and sisters of the deceased. l think we all know who killed this lady.

        (p. 99, Problems of Widows in India, P. A. Reddy)

        1. I’ll never understand dummies that try to “rescue” a jumper by catching them! Do they really think that by bracing the fall, they have a shot at saving the spiraling virus in a fleshly form?! Had they been privy to the realities of the world, i.e. BG, perhaps they’d have seen Mr. Slanty McChopsticks get an instant death sentence a couple weeks ago when he too was pancaked by the flying female fortune cookie as he attempted to maneuver mirroring savior tactics. Step back and enjoy the splat, Captain Save A Slant. tsk tsk tsk

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      1. @svarg26 proof that men just want some whore to lick their balls. like we all know he was just thinking maybe if i save her shell fuck me. its pathetic, when i see a woman on the brink of killing herself i make some popcorn and jerk it to some fag porn on the nearest computer i see

  1. These guys making the effort to catch this woman is pure stupidity! The size weight and speed of the fall would be like putting your hands in front of a sledge hammer coming down. But just the fact that they tried shows they were thinking of only one thing which is saving a complete stranger which has become more rare in this world.

  2. looked like a dummy fell the legs did not bend on impact arms were at her side or she was dead before she fell one or the other!!! still would of liked to see the splatter that’s the really cool stuff!!!

  3. it really brightens my heart that people tried to catch her.
    to just act on instinct with goodness, i can appreciate that… even though it may not have been possible to stop her fall. poor woman was probably grieving her husband. sad. 🙁

  4. Considering the would be rescuers were getting into position to make the catch says to me that this was a suicide and not money hungry in laws throwing her to her death. It’s not quite tinfoil hat and space blanket time . . Yet

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