Woman Commits Suicide Unable to Deal with Death of Her Husband

Woman Commits Suicide Unable to Deal with Death of Her Husband

Single mothers will never understand this post. To love someone till death do you part and lose all will to live when your partner dies is a concept completely alien to failed women who fuck wiggers because it makes them feel oh so rebellious. More yet, most single mothers will not look this good when they’re 45.

Overwhelmed by the recent death of her husband, all that was on the mind of 45 year old María Cruz Velazco Ibáñez was to commit suicide to rejoin her soul mate in the after world. Worried by her suicidal thoughts, the woman’s family kept her locked up at home but it only worked for so long. After a few days, María got out and ran straight toward the nearby highway and threw herself in the way of the first larger vehicle. Ironically, it happened to have been an ambulance. The event took place at the entrance of El Abra congregation on the busy Mexico-Laredo highway, on the section between Ciudad Mante and Antiguo Morelos in Tamaulipas.

The woman’s husband was claimed by cancer. Her family said they would not seek prosecution of 28 year old Geovani Cruz Ledesma, driver of the ambulance belonging to the municipality of Antiguo Morelos llamado, because they had been aware of the woman’s suicidal thoughts and realized there was little he could have done to avoid hitting her.

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78 thoughts on “Woman Commits Suicide Unable to Deal with Death of Her Husband”

      1. Well BB, more than sure if you were there bud you would give it a fucking good go! funny if she rocked up at the pearly gate and found out her husband was in hell…she should of had a word with the big fella upstairs before making such a rather large move!

        1. She’s probably a catholic so she won’t go to heaven anyway, it’s a mortal sin to commit suicide.

          Shit, I’ve just got Emile Sande’s ‘heaven’ back in my head again. It took me over a year to get it out of my head. I’m going to have to play it now.

    1. Reminds me of a “Dracula” film I saw a long time ago, where Count Dracula’s wife kills herself after she mistakenly believes he is dead. And when he comes home and the priests tell him she will not go to heaven, he gets angry, stab a cross, and somehow becomes a vampire.

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          2. @BLTM-I was just trying to figure out how your phone got BBM from BB! Lol. I HAD a blackberry. I loved my BBM! Now I’ve got an Android.I’d you’re getting a new phone, don’t get a blackberry. They’ve gone downhill. Android is really the way to go!! 🙂

    1. Hey jj, long time no see. Did’nt recognize you without your scrotum. Last time I saw you here was during Cock Fest 2012. Those were hard times when most of us here were being a dick. But we’ve cum a long way since then and now I can honestly say…you won’t see any pricks here on Bestgore.

          1. @Juicy, you haven’t checked out this sites fansigns?? You really should. Really. Its up above under the banner.Thanks for the welcome back! @Broke, haha good one! you misread me though, I didn’t say it was “because” of pain meds I said I “blame” it on pain meds. 🙁 poor excuse I know. @FD-SS 😉 I love it when you do that!!

  1. This post kinda hits home for me. When my husband commited suicide a year and a half ago, for months all I could think of was wanting to join him. I still do. Thankfully we didnt believe in having children but now im all alone. I really feel for this woman.

    1. I’m sorry your Husband left you alone. I dread the day mine is gone. I still love him very much after 37 years. But my saving grace will be to immerse myself in my grandsons life (3 yrs old now) and tell him all about his Poppi and how much he cherished that little boy.

  2. Yea, I don’t know, look where they live. This is a particular situation. Nobody to protect her from the filth running around these particular cities. Heaven is the only answer sometimes. Very noble.

    1. why do they feel the need to make a stupid mistake like getting pregnant by a dipshit and then claiming that they support that child when in fact the taxpayers support their bastards.
      i look at it like this; i am comfortable financially right now. but would i be able to support financially a child? no. therefore i do not make that mistake.

      1. not everyone abuses the system. some people need the help so they can make something of themselves so one day they don’t need to use the help anymore. being a single mother is a mistake but it gives you one hell of a life lesson that makes you into a better and stronger person, teaches you love and patience and gives you a drive to better your life so you can set a good example and if youre not a complete and total dumbass, not make that same mistake again.

  3. Dumb bitch.. This really pisses me off… She’s no hero just pathetic.. Yea it’s really fucking noble to throw yourself in front of a moving vehicle having someone else basically pull the trigger for you and involving someone compeletly innocent in your fucked up situation… Way to go you piece of trash

  4. Visal pissed me off cause he said single mom’s would never understand love or look that good at 45. Well I’m 49 and still look damn hot and sent him a photo. Some single moms, I was married just don’t make it with their spouse. Mine broke my heart, but a grown man will never be more important than the child we purposely had together.

  5. So now I read visal bashes single moms, no wonder he didn’t answer me back after I told them, maybe he should just ban single mom’s from best gore, although, I’m not sure what his definition of a single mom is????? VISAL… I hope your reading this.

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