Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging After Murdering Her Two Children

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging After Murdering Her Two Children

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging After Murdering Her Two Children

According to the backinfo I got, the woman murdered her two children and then committed suicide by hanging. No other backinfo, but it looks like the incident may have happened in India or a neighboring country.

We recently saw several instances of parents killing themselves before the eyes of their children, which immeasurably traumatized the little ones. However avoiding the trauma by downright killing your children is leagues worse. WTF?

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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      1. Ahh! I get you Roxi, you mean she set it up to get back at the husband or something. Her leg is kind of resting on that chair and she doesn’t look dead. That would be great if it turned out they was all okay.

  1. Looking at the still ,it seems a normal middle class family ; with school books ,family photos and all the usual stuff. Very sad indeed . Mental illness ? In love with another man and not willing to leave her children behind? Unfaithful husband ? Who knows?

          1. Fuck!!! I was going to put up a comment saying this but i didn’t.

            “If she was listening to music whilst suiciding it would have been by The Stranglers and it would have been ‘Golden Brown’…”
            How funny,you thought similarly.

            Are you my Soul-Brother ?


          2. Should have gone with your gut Nems, when is gut feeling ever wrong..?
            Ok granted if you have diarrhea different story but.
            Well the coincidence being we both thought of Stranglers songs.
            Incidentally Hanging Around was originally in the Male tense, and was more a jab at homo’s Hanging Around toilets, rent boys, queers etc before they changed the lyric. Also it is not a song about suicide or Hanging one’s self. It’s just about a bitch Hanging Around looking for some of the action, like a groupie.

            Ha. Nems the position is taken, if you are lucky enough to have a
            Soul Brother then above all respect that relationship. My Soul Brother is actually one of my Blood Brother’s and there is nothing that could ever get between that or past us. It is an incredible bond. I’ve a good Friend long years now and we’ve became very Brotherly, kinda locked horns a couple of times tho never fallen out over anyone or thing and we do quite a lot of business together as well and never had any quarrels over money.

            What’s the significance of Weird Science. The red dress..?
            Also have you checked “Bad Boy Bubby” yet..?
            Nems it is a brilliant piece of filmwork, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on a part of your own Culture.

          3. Yes ,soulbrothers and sisters are irreplaceable. I agree. Business too,wow ; trust.

            Bloodbrothers? You actually mixed blood like the old cowboy and indian films or combrades-in-@arms (warbuddies) or both? Hmm.

            Na,just commenting ; you mentioned red dress and in the film the hot star wears a great red dress.

            How do you know so much re songs? You were in the band scene or websearch /read biographies and stuff ?

        1. Nems.
          Every day is a schoolday.
          The best way of learning anything in the university of life is:
          Eyes wide open.
          Mouth firmly closed,
          Ears free of obstruction.
          Brain engaged, senses doing overtime..!

          Very rare I read autobiographies too much concentrating on my own. Plus I’m not into that, (going to quote a Friend now, Ahem). “Whole suck your Socks”. Thing hehe I like that one, first time I’ve got it to fit here in BG.

          I’m a sponge when it comes to knowledge, just seem to absorb everything that’s fact and truth.
          The red dress yes is mentioned in the song.

          Hum, the Soul Brother thing perhaps I worded differently to definition.
          Yes my Brother’s and I did the Indian mixing blood rite. Bit silly really because we’re actually really already Brother’s.
          My Soul Brother then is one of my Brother’s, related ok. He’s a couple years younger so.
          My good Friend who is becoming part of the Families is 10 years younger and already proven he wouldn’t let me down so, by the same I would not him.

    1. There was nothing tight about her at all, she already popped out two street shitters and the lack of birth control in the region only leads me to conclude that she could fit a two liter bottle in her gaping ass.

  2. Woman probably had it in for the children’s father. We all know how hate and spiteful women can be, so what better way to show you hate the man who fucked you by killing your own children. The women of 2020, gents.

      1. There is nowhere that says simply because a female has a womb that she is cut out for motherhood.
        Where are all these virtue signalling western feminists to speak up for this woman doomed to a miserable arranged marriage by a patriarchal system?

    1. Didn’t want them to live through the trauma of seeing and finding their dead mother? possibly….
      I know a guy, his mother hung herself when he was 10. He most brutal human I have ever encountered.
      He was torturing a guy an stopped in between to smoke some heroin… Another one of his victims he wanted to steal his card and asked him for the pin and the guy stupidly gave him the wrong pin. When he found out he beat his face so badly he was unrecognizable. That same guy ended up committing suicide BY HANGING not long after. He was an absolute monster. He held me at gunpoint….
      He is in jail now. Anyway I digress my point is allowing children to go through such an immense trauma at such a young age massively impacts their lives and how they live.

      EDIT: I must add that not everyone will turn out like this but seeing something so traumatizing so young will badly affect the individual one way or another.

  3. Can we instruct these directors to shake the bodies of the “deceased” ? And punch them in the head with a hammer ? J..just to make it more believable ? Who filmed this ? Why so fast ? Was that kid smiling ? Were they by any chance holding their curry smelling breath ? We could stage hundreds of videos like this in a few hours. Even get the crappy Samsung Second Hand $20 phone video quality too. Oh well, I guess that ‘live facebook’ hanging didn’t go so well…they switched it up lol.

  4. This is happening in Nepal, and it is the consequence of the lockdown, which leaves millions of people on the brink of starvation. for this woman, she preferred to kill her family, than to live longer in intolerable misery

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