Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Statue of Christ Redeemer

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Statue of Christ Redeemer

A 32 year old woman committed suicide by hanging in the early morning of Monday, September 26, 2016, in the village of Vila doa Amigos do Bem, the município of Buíque, Agreste de Pernambuco, Brazil.

Witnesses said Ana Paula Araújo de Oliveira came to work, asked for a piece of wire saying it was to make a clothesline, and then said she would go to a small chapel where there is an image of the Redeemer Christ. Whereas she did not come back in 30 minutes, the friends went to look for her.

They found her hanged in front of Christ’s statue. The scene shocked everyone, because they said she had no problems, and was a cheerful person with many friends.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Statue of Christ Redeemer”

    1. Oh stop it, Uli :-).
      I sincerely hope Christ redeemed her that morning.

      By the way, why doesn’t her right arm fall under gravity? It looks like she was sucking her thumb as she hanged. Weird.

      Also the way she set up the noose is so inefficient. Pah, women! They can’t even do a simple job without making it look like rocket science, lol

  1. They say when people that want to commit sucide decide that they are doing it they become euphoric and seem happy to others and that is why people are shocked after wards, which makes sense, if been depressed and finally decided to end it all they will be more happy getting what they wished for

  2. Someone at her work is lying because this woman was clearly murdered. At first I thought the wire was just tied to the beam closest to her head. But look further up. Look how high that thing is tied. Something very dodgy about this.

  3. Dear everything.
    Today I witnessed a crucifixion in pink and lavender and gold.
    I’ve heard people say that beauty is in details,
    but I don’t think they have ever seen you.
    There were mortal wounds inflicted on the sky
    and incriminating blue stains on my shirt.
    The shirt you bought for me.
    Christ it hurts.
    Like stars in my belly going supernova.
    I feel like a zombie that refuses to live.
    Haunting the junkyards and cutting myself on scraps of you.
    The other day I masturbated to pictures of you at your birthday party.
    They were the only ones I still had.
    It felt so wrong, just like my life.
    I hope I’m dead by the time you read this. I love you.

    J.R. Hayes

  4. Poor woman. I wish I could have talked to her. I’ve been trained as a suicide response volunteer – if you tell the person threatening suicide that you respect their decision, followed by a request that they “do it tommorow”; it’s incredible, they immediately agree.

  5. FUGAZI!!!

    CMON! You guys believe she tied ALL those knots? Clearly both the black and white wires are beneath her shirt, tied under her arms to support her weight. There isnt even a bench beneath her… her eyes are closed!! Her arm is up to hide her neck.. this just screams fake!!

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