Woman Falls Off Bridge Attempting Suicide, Lands Hard on Her Tailbone and Dies

Woman Falls Off Bridge Attempting Suicide, Lands Hard on Her Tailbone and Dies

A Brazilian woman attempted suicide by jumping of an overpass, and apparently succeeded. While she was contemplating the leap, passers by grabbed her in a desperate attempt to prevent her from falling, but the weight of her body was just too much. She slipped off their grasp and landed hard on her tailbone on the road below.

While the drop doesn’t seem to be that long from the video, the way she landed right on her ass, collapsed her vertebrae and shattered her spine. You can literally hear her back break as she lands. The way her shoes bounced off is also telling.

The pink shirt guy who walked underneath her just before she fell was like – lulz, whatevs!

Props to Best Gore member PearlGod_ for the video. Aftermath followup video is HERE:

128 thoughts on “Woman Falls Off Bridge Attempting Suicide, Lands Hard on Her Tailbone and Dies”

    1. She was breathing, I know spanisha dn english and once the man in the blue shirt checked for vitals he said “Esta resperanda” and that means “She’s Breathing” in spanish.
      I did this mini translation for people to get she died very slow and more than likely paralized with a bonus heavily shttered ass cheeks.

    1. Yeah, the sound of 20 bones smashing all at once…that was one of the louder ones I’ve seen in a while. Kinda thought that having a big Brazillian booty would’ve given her some relief from the instant impact. Is her ass flat now?

      1. Her head did not take the “landing force” her ass did. That is most likely why there isn’t brains everywhere. Lol sounded very painful regardless what hit. There are many other ways to commit suicide… it’s hard to imagine anyone choosing a long painful fall and messy clean-up. YIKES

  1. I’ve jumped from a bridge that high also with no water under it, the landing was very abrupt,1 broken ankle and a fractured spine later plus a lot of opium i never wanted to try that again

    1. Wow ! OK your laying on the pavement butt ass naked with a hard on, telling her to land right on your dick..!just as she landed the way she did..could it be done? But with out exploding your balls .? Whom ever gives me the correct answer theres a Boner..I mean a bonus in it for you ..go!

      1. Pretty sure that would crush some of your internal organs. Plus if your thing wasn’t aimed exactly properly, if the two parts weren’t lined up just so, you would probably snap it in half. Sorry to put the brakes on that fantasy.

        1. No fantasy here!! Or implied.. It was a mear joltz of a jok,It would be gorganistically impossible to land on a dick……even from a foot away ..I know I’ve tried hahaha..man some people take things too serious.. Thanks @taco4all..

          1. Those are the eyes of Defeat of Failure she could Not Make it in life and now she has failed all of BG she could’ve Made a Bigger Mess and Give us a Second Demonstration! Lmfao!!! 😀

          2. I am well Aware of that Fact but I Just Don’t Care and I am who I Am. This Place is a Delicacy to Me and I like to Enjoy the Finer Things in Life even Including other People’s Misery! 😀

  2. Cracking sound,, surprised not ruptured stomach and blood etc, she looks alive there, just totally paralysed, which meant she would not feel pain, but also would die very quickly after as lungs would be paralysed,, it’s a weird one,, I keep watching it

  3. Right near the end of the video as he takes his hand away, she moves here head and tries to talk, damn, can you imagine the life she will have now if she survives,, will certainly get her thinking that she shouldn’t have bloody jumped in the first place, thinking nothing can be worse,, she got that wrong

    1. Fully agree, she looks alive too, she turns hr to the kid as he walks close and then moves her head and tries to talk after, but can’t her living long, the spine has more then likely damage every nerve going,

    2. @it was me…at times poking somewhat of a bit fun can seem unpleasant to some, even for me at times,
      But as humanly as I am it is a bit sad…to see people in pain and sorrow and suffering where theres no way out but to kill themselves..

  4. These sort of injuries make me cringe and spend time thinking about, much more than the straight up brutal blood filled ones by a mile! Some about trying to imagine the pain and sheer terror you would feel if that was you, send shivers down my spine (excuse the pun). 🙂

  5. This women clearly just wanted attention. She picked a spot where if she fell, she knew she wouldn’t die. It’s not that far of a drop. But she just landed wrong and poof. I wonder what was going through her mind after she realized she couldn’t feel or move any part of her body? That’s crazy shit.

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