Woman Falls to Her Death from a High Rise in Thailand, Silicone Butt Implants Ripped Out on Impact

Woman Falls to Her Death from a High Rise in Thailand, Silicone Butt Implants Ripped Out on Impact

A twenty-eight-year-old Russian female fell to her death from a 34th floor condo in Bangkok, Thailand. The woman, identified as Svetlana Pokaslova, was there with her sister and at least one other Russian female. Svetlana’s sister had rented the condo opposite and was questioned by police, as of now they are looking for the friend who shared the room with Svetlana.

Police found no trace of a struggle nor drugs or drug paraphernalia, there wasn’t even any liquor present, just a half-smoked cigarette in an ashtray. Investigation is ongoing.

This woman landed hard enough to rip the butt implants right out of her ass. Damn. Personally, I think butt implants are fucking stupid as hell and completely unnecessary. Breast implants are nasty, too. I’d prefer a woman to have her natural, perky little tits than those ugly fucking things. But to each their own. I like how her pale skin contrasts the dark building and parking garage she landed near. She looked pretty. A shame.

I’m not going to speculate on her history or choice of life style, I’ll leave that up to you guys. If anyone knows anything more about this case or the circumstances, please feel free.

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      1. With those feet and that hair she reminds me of Darryl Hannah in the movie ‘Splash’.

        Also, with those feet I guess it is possible that Svetlana used to be just plain old Svet or Svetlan ( if they are even names let alone the masculine form of the name).

    1. Maybe that’s the reason why she jumped? Come on! She had implants in her Buttcheeks. How many women have a low self-esteem and hurt themselves because of a long nose, a tiny butt, or just a longer foot, huh?

      That must be the reason for her death!

  1. Obli, I think I know what happened here. She is obviously a Russian mail order bride (who apparently at one time had a small ass). She was bought by a man in Bangkok, who then took out a huge life insurance policy *including a suicide clause* and then voila, poor poor man whose beautiful large assed Russian bride killed herself.

      1. Good to hear @Luddite, which goes to show why I have been pushing for BG to create a travel agency, we can definitely tell you where in the world NOT to go!!! πŸ˜‰ So when someone is contemplating a trip abroad, please allow us to greatly narrow your options!

        1. I’ve been to Thailand twice and had excellent times there! It’s only a couple of hours in a plane. Return flights combined with ten nights accommodation in a beautiful beachside resort in Phuket would cost less than a thousand OZ bucks. Australians either go to Thailand or Bali, or the south Pacific are the usual favourite Aussie
          holidays destinations. We’ve all got them though just like the Greek islands are only an hour away for the Brits, Turkey is jam packed full of Germans, The Carribean is close for all the Americans.

          Although it’s funny as he’ll, ‘ol Thailand gets such a bad wrap on BG….

        2. I am definitely going to agree with you there rebelk !!!! I have seen some pretty nasty photos taken around the world, and I think for vacation I could just stay home ….. or just stay home !!! BG really does need a travel agency .

    1. Nah then see? She’s a greedy russian bitch… bought and paid for by some rich fuck. He paid for her transport out of russia. He bribed her family. He promised her the world! Here my sveet babooshka, lets do some beutifications… bigger tata’s, ass cheek implants etc.. etc… yadda yadda. One day she got cheecky with him. “no little dicked looser money bags mutherfucker I won’t suck your dick anymore” . OK, Ms. nobody russian bitch that I bought and paid for with my petty cash, ” Fuck off then, and make your own way in the world” And now we have pics of a beautiful russian chick that ended her life. πŸ™

      1. they use saline for implants these days. If saline leaks it isn?t poisonous to your as silicone.

        …I think there’s a more natural solution that men have cum up with, that gives a woman’s bottom, more of a natural, rounded look.

  2. What the hell is it with russians and jumping off of high places?!?? Its starting to get pretty frequent isnt it?!
    Oh and @Obli, im trying to do up a wicked post for BG but how do i put in the pic? get an embeded code and fit it in the article? Also about the BG watermark, i only have a cell phone (Sony Xperia) how do i do that? Its a verrry intense and revealing picture that deserves and needs to be seen but i’v never done this before so i just need a little bit of help at first, im a quick learner i wont need to bug for help after i find out how to do it…. Also its a leaflet pic from N.S.P.C’s website (National Socialist Party of Canada) it has theyre logo on the pic, is that ok to keep it on? Im a member of theyre’s im sure Mr.Tremaine wont mind me using it, its an activist group after all so everythung on the site is at our disposal for that purpose anyways…
    I thank you in advance and sorry for bugging lol,

        1. LMFAO!!! @broke @ewe i bet when she got in through the doors at the morgue, the Coroner looked at that face and those tits and said to his co-workers:
          “ok guys, i can take over from here, here’s 20$ go get yourselves a caisse of beers ya’ll deserve it.” Lol

          Then called his wife and said “hun im working overtime tonight, something came up.” πŸ˜€

  3. Yeah that augmented titty look where the gap is wide enough to drive a bus through, just doesn’t cut it for me either. As for arse implants, who the hell wants a derri?re like j lo anyway!? … too bleeding big !

        1. Give me something firm and in proportion, rather than a big blob of Jell-O.

          I like girls that keep themselves in shape and as for implants; don’t fucking bother.

          If I want to fuck a bag/bags of silicone or saline, then I’ll buy a ‘Love Doll’, except I will not, as I like the social interaction with girls, just as much as the physical.

        1. Here’s another for y’all, my dad (who is an only child) is fond of saying “I ain’t had this much fun since I watched the hogs eat my little brother.” Lol, love my Dad, he is awesome!

  4. These implants are fucking solid!
    Anyways: Here are my thoughts.

    I think, it was an accident or she got killed in cold blood.

    You know why?

    Nobody jumps from an building to kill himself without the unfinished cigarette. Everybody finish the cigarette off when they’re trying to suicide.

    That’s a law of the universe of suicidings πŸ˜€

      1. Thanks! πŸ˜€

        Now it would be important to know whether it was her cigarette or not.

        They could testing her dna whether it would match with the cigarette or not.

        And sorry for my bad english. I try my best. πŸ˜€

  5. The Thai ho’s got mad at the Russian ho coming in and taking some of their business, so they tossed her off of the balcony, which is the modus operandi in Dieland. I just heard from my friend in Bangkok, he says the military is kicking all of the gangs out of the tourist areas and cracking down on corruption. He says you can’t bribe cops anymore. I guess we’ll see if that’s true or not.

  6. it doesnt suprise me that people who live in these big cities in (poor) countries,kill themselves. sao paolo, rio de Janeiro,bangkok,mexico city , johannesburg.. etc etc….

    i`ve been to brazil,thailand mexico and some places in africa. and the thing that in these somewhat 3rd world-countries combinds them is that you either have a lot, or nothing at all. especially in the big metroplic cities. you are a succesfull businessman who lives a fantastic life or your standing by the side of the road pushing your little car ahead with some selfmade meat or other shit.

    so the thing that you have to do as a poor girl is exactly what you see in these big cicties.. they attract men who they hope will provide for them and then they will do anything to make him happy they lift their tits , take buttimplants, lip implants,eyebrowcorrection, botox, and other shit.. as long as they can stay in their new protected and provided world.

    and then.. sometimes.. when your sitting at home in your 34floor appartment with airco,satelite tv,pizzas in the fridge and nothing to do…. you think about your childhood when you stil was yourself and all the dreams you had, no make up, family around you.. and maybe not everything you wanted, but… everything you needed.

    but then you look in the mirror and you see the monster youve created… youre ugly. visious and alone
    and you know.. that when your provider of the life you wanted comes home… its time to sit on your knees again.. and say AAHHH

    and then, knowing that…

    a cigarette and a leap out of a window doesnt sound so bad.

    1. true. looked up her pre-mortem photos; if I were a writer for Best Gore, I would change the topic along the lines of ‘a chunk of silicon implants falls off a building; unfortunately they were attached to an inflatable sex doll that once had been a woman.’

  7. Those implants are already in another tourist; ‘I only went to Thailand for cheap surgical and/or dental procedures and now I have HIV and hepatitis C (other diseases are available), plus I’m not happy with the implant as it can perform orbital manoeuvres.’

    Bilateral neck of femur / pelvic acetabulum / left femoral shaft fractures, btw; legs externally rotated with left thigh deformity.

  8. If anyone knows anything more about this case or the circumstances, please feel free.

    If that’s her name sir, then hell yes…

    I’ll still feel free!!

    …she looks better w/o those butt implants anyway!! πŸ™‚

  9. I have never met anyone who thinks implants of any type are attractive in a girl. What a shame though. Did she have a physical altercation with someone and end up thrown off the balcony? Did she jump to her death in despair? What thoughts went through her head in the last couple minutes of her life? So much to speculate about and so tragic especially when the victim is young and it could have been avoided.

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