Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

I got no backinfo as to the location, etc. But the video is a footage filmed by a woman recording her own suicide by hanging.

She fashions a noose out of a sheet of sorts and wraps it around her neck. She struggles a lot once the thing takes the grip on her throat, as the whole experience involving pain and discomfort makes her feel very anguished. The restricted blood flow to the brain eventually does its thing, and the woman begins the twitch less and less.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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250 thoughts on “Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan”

        1. What the fuck do you know about it being a temporary problem?
          I can’t stand when people say that suicide is a permanent problem to a temporary problem, because it’s bullshit.
          For a lot of people, mental illness is a life long struggle, that is not going away.

          1. Exactly! Don’t take Notice of these sad asshole rich men who have never worked in their lives, always get a woman to slave away for them. They don’t know a thing about mental illness because they are children.

          1. Yeah, if there are heaven and hell, arriving on this planet is suicide. You are either punished for not enduring or punished just for the mere of it.

            In some wacky philosophy, though, gratifying, we can contribute our soul value to a God or source, by our similar experience or simple resilience. But then we looked arrogant and fcckd up.

            Why does it not just discontinue, deceit, but not blaming religion of Catholic or Christian Lords but just plain mystery.

            The Bible mentions The Lords Mystery.

            Some aspects, it kould all be zo zimple.

    1. She didnt make the rope right, it is suppose to be quick, but she was struggling for a good minutes.

      Most people are in pain and think suicide is the answer to their troubles or they try and kill themselves only to have second thoughts, then the cognitive part of the brain starts telling you “hey wake up and fight to live!” Also known as the sympathetic nervous system.
      Having suicidal thoughts is part of a mental illness and some people who have these thoughts and attempt suicide dont actually want to die it turns out. Now there are those who have completely given up and they are the ones who know how to do it the right way.

    2. Am I the only one that got aroused by her futile, instinctive, attempts to end her suffering? I would’ve loved to RIP her clothes off while she was doing the twitch of death and achieve self release all over her

    3. One family member of mine tried suicide by hanging, was discovered during and lived. Another, whose absence I feel often, was not discovered until later. I wondered how they could continue the hanging when the oxygen panic sets in. So I tried choking myself out with a USB cord…and after I fell down my arm did that same flappy thing completely involuntarily. Its a very strange experience. If you are going to try it be sure you will fall on something soft….I bashed my face on the way down. Unlike drunken/ intoxicated feelings or exhaustion willpower plays no part in trying to stay standing. Everything just kinda goes. Just be sure your garrote lets go when you do.

      1. I’d really like to know more about this if you don’t mind. I have kind of an addiction to suffocating myself with ligatures and I’d like to know more about asphyxiation so I know what I’m doing. What did you experience?

        1. Kira, I was reading the comments and seen what you asked. I’ll help you with what I know. Being in the military, I was trained to put someone out in seconds using the 11 second kill move or the sleeper hold as you may have heard. This cuts air and blood to the brain which just like the girl in this video, she tries to reach and help herself but can’t quite do it cuz of the brain losing blood to it. The arms jerk around as do the rest of the body trying to save itself. I have tried this on others and have had it done to me many times. As it’s happening to you, you try like hell to stop the person who’s doing this to you but you can’t even lift your arms to help yourself… they just shake uncontrollably. You can’t breathe… then the room around you starts to go black and you pass out. When you start to come out of it, your jerking around trying to get your arms and legs to work but they just jerk around until you finally start to get them back. The weirdest, scariest, fucking thing my friend I’ve ever felt. The girl in the video didn’t have both juggler veins cut off so that’s why she still had some control but, it still finally got her.

    4. You should be sorry, and that “dumb bitch” is resisting because it’s what your body does when you’re being hung dumbass, ain’t her fault. How about you get educated and try it yourself?

  1. I Would love to see one of those idiots one day, have the fan go down on their fucking heads & knocking some sense back into them. But at the very least knocking them Da-Fuck-out in the process, and waking-up the next day with a huge gash & wilt on their stupid heads.

      1. I was thinking that too!
        I’m surprised the fan didn’t fall off the ceiling attachment under her weight. Most fans in Asian countries look like they would buckle under 40 kilos of weight, never mind a grown woman.

          1. @pigsonthewing
            There You Are My Good B G Brother and Walking Musical Encyclopedia ya, lol. 🙂

            Ah ha, ha! That video was brilliant my man, lol.

    1. An idiot for killing herself? Not sure about that. Also, we don’t know the reason. It could have been trivial (jilted by boyfriend), or more serious (facing destitution), or mental illness. Possibly she just looked around the world and thought “No, thanks. I’m outta here.” Who can blame her for that?

      I’m slightly disappointed though. I thought she might turn the fan on, and go flying round and round the room. I’m not good at physics: would that have sped up the process of dying? or slowed it down? or broken the fan?

      1. Turn the fan on and give us all a good show to watch as she spins around like the floating Marionette/Ballerina, lol. AND YEA I SEE YOUR POINT ABOUT WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN THE REASON FOR CHOOSING TO OPT OUT ON LIFE, WHEN OFTENTIMES IT ENDS UP BEING A FINAL SOLUTION TO WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN SIMPLY A TEMPORARY PROBLEM.

        See what i did above?? ?? Fuck i hate when that happens, lol. Too darn lazy to change it, lol.

          1. @Samantha
            Exactly Samantha. I Have always told my kids and wonderful wife that if ever i had another bad accident, or a massive stroke that would leave me totally incapacitated, and paralyzed being a vegetable to please sign the required paperwork to have me put down humanely.

            And that’s because they all know how much i love the life, the great outdoors, and Fishing, so letting me rot in a hospital bed on a ventilator, and having nurses come in and change my soiled diaper would take any little dignity that remained being that i have always been this self sufficient guy who always loved to look after them, while i took care of my family and friends.

            And just the thought of myself being incapacitated for the rest of my life to the point that i am bedridden,,, and reduced to this Sad Old Man sitting day, after day staring out a hospital window looking at all the squirrels that i could be hand-feeding like i have been doing most of my life would be torture. So looking out that window every single day
            for the rest of my entire like would be beyond cruel.

            I Mean to let Their Father, Husband and The Old Man (Sort Of Speak) suffer any longer, when God himself Knows just how much i have already suffered up to this point, would make no sense since my longing to be with him has been there since my experience with God in my young (drug free) Early Teens.

    2. Mental illness is not temporary. It makes your reality a living hell for the rest of your life. I get that you can’t relate to it so your just going to be ignorant. But don’t insult the dead man

      1. @Deaven
        First-Off Deav, i am insulting the Dead Woman, Not the Dead-Man, lol.
        Secondly after suffering a major Heart-Attack & 100%blockage in my Widow-Maker Artery inside my heart my memory,,, way of thinking,, and personally have been seriously and negatively affected by it.

        Both My Cardiologists, And Cardiovascular Surgeons have informed me A Few Weeks after They Performed Their Emergency Stent Placement that saved my life on that fateful day 12 years-ago, that while the Surgically Implanted stent procedure went well, i have suffered some brain damage because of lack of oxygen rich blood to my brain.

        So my memory,,, my way of thinking,,, and my overall personality has been gravely-affected in a negative way. And this “Again” was caused by the lack of oxygen to my brain far exceeded what they call *(The Golden Hour)* that is a window of time in which you have to in order to repair, and unclog any blocked vessels in your heart that caused your heart-attack to begin with.

        So because of this,,, I Am Slightly Mentally ill with my moods, and Violent (But Verbal) Anger Outbursts & Behavior in which *ALL* of my family, and friends quickly noticed after my close-call, and brush with death. I Used to be quiet the shy, individual before my heart-attack, but hey Deav,, It is what it is, and i cannot change it, i can only work on getting better with time.

        And with myself noticing that it has begun to get better, especially in the last year, as i am trying harder to think of what i will say, and what it will sound like to others before witting it down. And finally i am aware that a large percent of suicides are mentally ill individuals, many simply do it on a whim cause they are either drunk,,, high,,, or just depressed but have always been otherwise very happy,,, normal,,, & decent individuals.

        So far,,, 4 of my personal friends have committed suicide, with 2 of them being because their wives were cheating on “Them” but when they were both caught red-handed (Both Wives) asked them for a divorces. These guys were the most normal, and kind persons you would ever meet.

        The other 2 Were cause they got hooked on drugs, and simply gave-up on life altogether. Quite a sad ending to what were two young, and Very-Intelligent, Happy Men. These Guys Were Both Very Good-Looking Being Tall, & Muscular, that they had everything going for them. But because of that *Dirty Cocaine-Shit* entering, and completely destroying their lives, and everything that they had worked so hard for, after ruining their lives, they felt they had simply nothing left to live for.

        So @Deavon
        I Am not ignorant to the fact that their is about a 60/40 Chance that one can have been mentally-ill when He/She Committed Suicide.

        Cheers B G Brother 🙂

    1. I think this was faked. It needs MORE information about her death if that happened at all. She scratched a itch and made up a silly video. Now, the cellphone was blocking calls right? I think another friend held it for this actor.

  2. Poor girl. I feel sorry for her. On a more technical note she should not have used a basic Thumb Knot, a hangmans noose would have been more comfortable and quicker giving her less time to change her mind and start fighting it. But props to her, she made up her mind and went through with it. That’s a waste of good pussy right there. I just wish it was a nigger or a mussie instead. i could have enjoyed it but hey ho, next time.

    1. I basically agree with you. BTW: This is a teachable video for forensic scientists. Note the calmness of the victim in preparing for her death.
      This calmness is often linked to the decision to finally end tortures, strife and afflictions over spans of time. The girl probably reached the breaking point in her painful life where the only solution to end her miseries was death. Hence the calmness.
      Since I have no idea what her motives were, I assume she had been in some kinds of unknown pains for a long time. Hence, I pray she finds peace and love in God’s arms.

      Note: In suicidology, this suicide seems an “accusatory” type to put a guilt bag on someone or others. The video is like a message of “See what you made me do.”

        1. I am a veteran visitor here and rarely post my reactions. I am not a weak weeniE and have professional interests in human violence. I have personally known potential victims and actual victims of suicide. It is a big topic.
          My past experiences in this area and what I saw in the video, suggested that this girl was a victim of torturous long-term mental anguish. I have personally known a poor HS teen who was constantly bullied. She was Philipino in a mostly white school and hung herself in the closet because of the constant bullying. Her parents were devastated…. and all I could say, was God bless her soul.
          God bless you.

  3. I will never understand why someone would record their own suicide, its the pinnacle of attention seeking cowards. You wanna go, just go. Who wants to see this shit. Who gives a fuck about it. Besides BG of course.

    1. Possibly:
      1. She had been upset by someone (boyfriend perhaps), and wanted to make that person feel guilty by seeing her die.
      2. She had decided to kill herself, for whatever reason, and wanted the video to do the rounds of social media: a few minutes of posthumous fame for what would otherwise have been an instantly forgotten life.
      Both of the above reasons are pathetic, and I can’t think of any others.

        1. She probably told people the identity of the person who abused her. If it’s not because of abuse, it’s probably good to tell people the reason why she killed herself. Sometimes, someone is guilty because he/she thinks that he/she is the reason for the suicide. It’s good to clear things out. Unfortunately, we don’t know what she is saying in the beginning.

    2. You are too quick to judge. You don’t know her circumstances or definition of her situation. Her motives for videoing her own death could be extreme anger at others…(maybe she was a victim of terrible abuses?). The video could have the implied message of: “See what you %=÷$# made me do!”
      I feel sadness and pity for her bease she may have been poor but wonderful person. Who knows?

    3. Good point, to me if you wanna suicide (and most of us have thought about it) it’s a very ‘private’ thing.
      I wouldn’t want the whole World to see me die.
      It’s creepy.
      Unless .. Yes, they are using it to cause ‘guilt’ on a particular person/s who they blame drove them to it.
      But .. it’s still just awful to film it..

  4. In the 25 frigging minutes it took her to adjust the noose I took a nice Obama, got sparklingly clean with my favorite wipes, showered, shaved, and slammed down a pound of well done scrapple.
    This floozie should have just found a tall building and took care of business quicker.

  5. You must of been some piece of fucking Ill informed shit to think that your suicide is that damned special to film it ? The balls on this cunt! Did it look like at one point she thought about aborting this decision? She tried to pull herself up the rope but wasn’t strong enough or have the oxygen left to pull it off? I feel no sympathy for this person and her choice to take her own life. Shit there are little kids stuck in some wheelchair that would’ve swapped out with this selfish pig.

    1. The video is featured on this site. Clearly it was special enough.
      You know nothing about her struggles. Mental illness is as real and painful as any physical problem.
      It’s ignorant and dumb to think that any physically disabled person would switch place with her.
      People like you don’t learn until it’s too late.

      1. Learn what? That assholes like her are irrelevant in life? Ok then I’ll start studying your b.s. at once. How dare I right Greta Thunberg ?
        Besides who died and left you Mr Suicide Expert? Fuck off Captain Mental Health Guy.

  6. I think it was painful, i mean, she didn’t stop moving and she try on multiple time to get off but she couldn’t, a bit sad. May she find what she was looking for beyond.

    Peace maybe, love or calm

  7. Thats quite sad. I would never commit suicide by stupid hanging, because as you can see, you get to suffer for many minutes until you get strangled to death. NOPE, for me if I ever kill myself it will be a gun in the mouth or nitrogen hypoxia.

        1. My ex-husband invited me to watch him hanging himself,
          but I was too cowardly, and was afraid of maybe legal consequences.
          But how much I regret it since, I can’t put it into words at all, my dear husband offered me that chance and I screwed it up

  8. For the end of a life these self filmed suicides are very quiet, personal moments.
    There was one posted with another asian a few weeks back that was similar, a few words to the camera then with no drama off we go…
    who knows what theyve suffered to reach a point where suicide is a calm relief.

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