Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

Woman Films Herself Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

I got no backinfo as to the location, etc. But the video is a footage filmed by a woman recording her own suicide by hanging.

She fashions a noose out of a sheet of sorts and wraps it around her neck. She struggles a lot once the thing takes the grip on her throat, as the whole experience involving pain and discomfort makes her feel very anguished. The restricted blood flow to the brain eventually does its thing, and the woman begins the twitch less and less.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. So I will be the one to say it in this thread but African Angel is such a key cog in the bestgore machine! With out her videos (this one by far the best hanging video I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot lol) these pages would more or less be filled with some stuff to look at but not the good media she always seems to find and post for us so thanks angel for all your hard work and dedication to the page!

    1. That’s her consoling her pussy, sorry pussy I fucked up no more boom boom for you. Gotta admit I jerked off to this. Wish it was longer though I would have loved to see piss soaking her pants after she was completely without life in her.

  1. Ok. Was there a balloon that came in view? And a flash of her hanging, before she did it? Did I hear Svargs mom getting banged in her poopchute while singing Mesopotamia by the B52s?

    If not then I think I’ll lay off the amazingly high thc/cbd shit I just ventured into. Holy fuck.

  2. A very uninspired way to kill yourself its kind of the method for the lazy and ignorant, no way would i take this as my preferred way out, why make it a long boring death set beside a cheap ceiling fan and obviously tragic decorating skills. Hey look at me and my shitty taste ………..

  3. That was really very sad. her mind was so fixated on ending what ever pain and suffering she was going through she thought/believed that was the only way to end the pain, but her soul fought so hard to stay because it knew that wasn’t true.

  4. Whether or not it’s actual, accolades to the installer of the ceiling fan, job well done!
    Side note: Next time just lean into the noose, gotta cover both carotids, if not, it’s gonna be a whirl!!!

  5. Im not convinced she killed herself. She shows alot of pretending nerve damage at first with her shakes but its all a show cause she obviously has full enough control to grab at the noose and scratch an itch on her stomach later. the video obviously ends before shes dead, and since she had so many dramatic movements at first, im calling bullshit. Maybe she went through with it later, its hard to say but this video shows no death. it shows a chick whos probably just trying to get some attention or something.

  6. Fuckin trippy. You can see the “memory effect” kick in, 1st when she scratches her tummy like nothing else is going on, then 2nd when she was either remembering tucking her hair behind her ear ot talking on the phone.
    Some scary shit.
    I think it would be awesome if the suicide videos could include the note if there was one.

    My brother shot himself through the heart with a shotgun because his girlfriend was fucking a darky.
    His note said “Tell my boss I’ll be late, then just keep making excuses why I’m not there. He will have to do all the extra work till he catches on that I’m not coming back. The day he calls you to tell me I’m fired, send the attached photo to him. That’s me jacking off in his ranch dressing/lunch. I know I’m going to hell, but that was the plan; my intention was to ass rape Hitler and tell him he was focused on the wrong race. Besides that, ya know…see ya.”

  7. Two things come to mind immediately:

    1) I wonder what excuse she would have tried to use if you asked her to let you finally cum in her mouth just before she offed herself

    2) If you don’t know how to tie a good knot; Tie plenty of them

  8. Thank you for this, it was very intriguing to watch, she definitely should have done some research before doing this, but in the end it worked so goal achieved. This was very beautiful to watch.

  9. If I was planning on offing myself I would’ve splashed out on a rope and learnt how to tie a noose, or at least a decent slipknot. I mean, if you’re going to bite the bullet, why ruin things with shit equipment and lousy preparation?

  10. Idk if the dead think by suiciding themselves that the world will change or that people will care etc etc. Trust me nobody in her life changed a thing after she did this. Suicide is a waste.

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