Woman Found Dead in Movie Theater in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Woman Found Dead in Movie Theater in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Interesting incident occurred in a movie theater at the Iguatemi Shopping Center in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul. Around 7:30 p.m. local time on March 28th, when the crew came into room 01 of the cinema after the show had ended, they found the woman dead in one of the chairs. There was a knife and bag of popcorn placed on the seat beside the body. According to authorities, it seems as though the woman had taken her own life. There was a cut in the femoral artery of her left leg and a cut in her juggular. The femoral artery injury making it look like she was having the worst period of her life… while possibly suffering the worst period of her life, hence the suicide.

The identity of the woman has not yet been released for investigative reasons, but we have some before images. She looked rather well-to-do. But as we all know, money does not buy happiness. Although sometimes a poor ass like me tends to disagree with that.

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    1. I have no sympathy for rich Brazilians that kill themselves because they are fucking horrible snobs. However this is Porto Alegre in the south , where there are many German communities and the suicide rate within German-Brazilian communities is quite high. Think of the Nazis….shit hits the fan….cyanide capsule. Still there is a lot of support for Hitler in some of these communities. I saw graffiti supporting him sprayed around a German- Br city called Lageado.

          1. It takes only seconds to bleed out from the femoral and carotid artery. She couldn’t have enough time to do both and then put the knife down neatly like that. It’s most likely a homicide.

            Also, women tend to take pills and use other methods that aren’t messy.

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    1. @Polyamoury, I agree! They chose Jew Eisenberg over Bryan Cranston, I’m not watching it (at the cinema) because I hate Jesse Eisenberg. He’s nothing special, I’ve seen how rude he is when being interviewed, promoting his films. Just an asshole.

  1. While the type of knife and how its sitting on the chair does indeed make it look like she killed herself, its odd that she would have been able to slice both her jugular AND her femoral artery by herself, not saying it can’t happen but….

      1. If i kill myself in a cinema i wouldnt buy popcorn and sunglasses in a cinema really ? Maybe she was meeting someone or she was on drugs ….. or maybe she had an eye operation like my mum she even wears sunglasses at night lol

      1. Just noticed something else look at her stomach she looks pregnant, she hasn’t been dead long enough for bloating too occur especially when every movie theater I’ve ever been to has the AC cranking enough to freeze you if you don’t bring a jacket, she’s also wearing one which supports the temperature and not all the blood has fully clotted yet. If she was indeed pregnant I wonder if it was from an affair possible giving motive for murder and could be why the femoral artery was also cut being so close to her Vjay 😉

          1. @kitterzs looks and age don’t always match plus it’s not age that dictates a women’s ability to get pregnant its menopause and some women don’t even enter the beginning of menopause till their mid to late 50s so even in her 40s she’s more than likely able to conceive.

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  4. Ooh those Blood drips and the bloody pool , the killer ain’t gonna swim through but gonna get caught soon is all I know . I am sure it wasn’t she who killed her own self and why the fuck would anyone want to end their own lives watching a good flick over pop-corns …… were the Pop corns over salted or the brand she bought she thought was a mistake .
    Sure enough there was someone else who groped through the theater curtains feeling all gropy towards her .
    Ladies and Gents men; its about time I called in Sherlok Holmes .
    some murders puzzle me right through and when that happens I settle for no less then two buckets of ……….I know ye got that right
    POP CORNS ! to have my horns get popped.

  5. Clearly an attention seeker, if this was a suicide.
    Wouldn’t it have been easier to swallow sleeping pills.

    Massive inconvenience having to clean up blood stains after.
    Imagine being the next person to sit in that seat, and not knowing that someone’s life ended in that very seat. Actually you’d never know so it doesn’t matter.

  6. Back row, up against the wall so she can’t run, no witnesses. Knife placed on the seat next to her?

    If I jabbed myself with that big Ole knife in the leg, how could I get myself in the neck as well, unless I was on drugs and didn’t feel it? By the way, most ladies don’t go for a blood and guts type of suicide. A big splash is more of a man’s way to go, statistically.

    This really seems more of a murder, not a random killing.

    1. Hysterectomy, the best thing ever! No more periods, your bladder gets enhanced capacity. If you keep your ovaries you won’t have instant menopause. No worries about any little mini me surprises, too, if you already have kids.

  7. All is NEVER what I seems my dearest Obli!. One could have the biggest, most beautiful smile on their face, yet their inner demons say the meanest of things!.
    Just because one may be smiling on the outside, doesn’t mean they’re in the inside!
    They say never judge a book by its front cover, this story is proof to the true meaning of that saying.

    Great article! Thank you, you’re awesome!!.. ?

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