Woman Holding Child Jumps on Tracks to Commit Murder Suicide by Train

Woman Holding Child Jumps on Tracks to Commit Murder Suicide by Train

Woman Holding Child Jumps on Tracks to Commit Murder Suicide by Train

In Thane, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India, a woman holding a child in her arms committed murder suicide by jumping on railway tracks in front of a passing train.

The CCTV video of the incident shows the woman waiting by the tracks as a couple of people pass by, and then, when a train gets close, she jumps off the platform and places herself and the child on the track to get sliced.

Props to Best Gore @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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159 thoughts on “Woman Holding Child Jumps on Tracks to Commit Murder Suicide by Train”

      1. Yes.. in India the woman commits suicide with the child, and that’s rare.
        But in the USA, it’s filicide all the way. These days, from 3rd wave Feminism onward, a woman cannot be held responsible for her actions. The other Susan Smiths of today only end up spending a few months in a psychiatric ward and get back to their evil, especially as the little victims are male

          1. I was thinking the same thing, she was jealous of the retroactive Darwin award that selfie mom got and wanted to get a Darwin two-fer for her and the kid.
            I say she gets full points

        1. I concur, this is why you see Hindi commiting suicide at the rates they do. When you firmly believe that your next life will be better then fuck it end the current one now. I wish they that thete were cameras in the undercarriage of the train. I would love to see the moment people get sliced and diced

    1. @michaelosaurus You don’t understand, that woman and child had no support, in that country there is nothing, if you don’t work you don’t eat. That was the best option and she had the strength to carry it out. If you love your kids so did she love her child and she knew the suffering that child would go through, not for a week, not for a month but for the rest of his life. We’ve been spoiled in the west by benefits/welfare. I admire her courage and wish i had half of it.
      I will leave it to Colonel Kurtz to put it more eloquently

          1. haha you mean i railway do. or i do it often? anyway the kid is dead and there’s still 7 billion people on the planet, how does that work? these fukkers need to stop breeding if the world’s so tough

      1. I knew a couple. They had a son. They split up. Unknown to anyone… Mum descended into her own private Hell. She couldn’t bear to live and couldn’t bear to leave her boy. In a Murder/ Suicide frenzy one night she killed the boy. Then tried to kill herself… and failed. She fucking survived.
        What she had previously thought to be her own private Hell actually turned out to have been pretty tame.
        She realised there were worse Hells waiting for her. The Hell of living with what she’d done – every day.
        You couldn’t make it up. That dead kid used to push young Master Wankdust on the swings.

      2. Dude…everyone deserves a chance to live. Especially a baby. Even if that chance involves living in a shithole of a country with a slim chance of survival. Life is a grind. Yes that baby could have lived a shitty life like his mother but he could also have lived a lot better life. Life offers limitless possibilities and chance…even if it is slim it is worth the climb. That baby was never given a fucking chance. Fuck the mother and her selfish ideals. I hope she reincarnates into a fucking cow for slaughter. I would love to eat that bitch with some A1.

    2. How often do you ask people on the street how they are doing with intent to help? Have you ever taken in strangers to your home because of empathy? Calling a person a piece of shit because you would never is as blind and ignorant as it gets

      1. Amado do you have a family your responsible for? I would never bring a stranger into my home. Reason being, the situation that would lead me to that scenario, is if the person was homeless or some shit. Bring a homeless person in your home, who had nothing to lose… I shouldn’t have to elaborate. It’s just objectively risky. I know alot ofthe homeless around my city, Houston, Texas, are that way for reasons that are their own shady fault.

  1. I always love how no one is ever shocked when they first see the mutilated body and *gasp* or look away. (One lady in shades of brown is a little upset.) They’re just like, “shit. This fucking commute.”

          1. I say kill all babies, kill the little fuckers before they get big and cause havoc in our communitities

      1. Too bad there isn’t an option to choose being born…. Imagine, a screen with multiple questions before the impending implantation inside womb to fertilize.

        Such questions as: do you want to be born in India? Have a single mother? Do you love trains?

        YES or NO
        Yes, gets you flushed on moms next cycle or No, gets you born in a shit hole literally and metaphorically speaking

  2. Ya know, it’s getting harder and harder to celebrate the deaths of useless modern women if they keep killing an infant with them in the process. How about one less woman in the world without the cowardly babycide included? Or is that too much patriarchy?

          1. By gang raped you mean a normal non-thug male brushed her elbow in a crowded bazaar of 1.3 billion Hindu Dindus?

          2. @sloth12 You some paranoid skitzo or something? This scared he/she must of made an impact trolling you as you won’t stfu. Yes, i am new here but quit planting seeds that all us new people are someone else. Take your meds and good day sir.

        1. The invasion of Europe by mussies and Hindu Dindus is just a FRACTION of what the U.S. has been suffering from with the invasion of Spanish-speaking humanoid shit rats for decades. Now you know our pain, bud.

  3. This happens to every single mother in this world, A failed father that is too stupid to support his wife and kids, Just like my foster dad goes around fucking everyone he comes across even my foster mother does nothing eat fast food and watch TV all fucking day, Shit every member of my foster family ran away due to shit like this.

    1. It’s no use blaming deadbeat men anymore. At some point you understand that all the evil in the world is begat because some useless shit for brains woman chose to fornicate with said deadbeat men sans condom. Why blame retard dudes and give a pussy pass to the useless fucking cunts giving pussy to retard dudes every single day and procreating with society’s filth in the first place??

      1. Every pretty girl I’ve ever met choose the biggest scumfucks they can find. I go on dating sites and pretend not to be a highly successful business owner, but instead, pretend to be a barely literate deadbeat with an unspecific addiction, and women are all over me. I tell the truth and only get responses by obese women I’d never be interested in. So yeah, women actually want to reproduce with losers.

        1. @programmer4life What you said is spot on, except it isn’t even just the pretty girls anymore. God forbid you lower your standards a little and pursue average or fat chicks. If you do this you’ll actually see that the anti-male fuckery that you experienced before is only magnified sevenfold!
          In other words, your shitty experience was the best of the best.

      1. She mailed ’em in a wooden crate over to your house, sooks. If you don’t want ’em, you know where your closest train station is… btw, that horsey’s ass is almost as cute as yours 😉
        That end bit of my comment is gonna get confusing for people in the near future ‘cus you change your avi pic constantly, lol. I say keep it up for a bit, you know I’m an Ass Man. 🙂

        1. A dear friend of mine thinks all kids should be kept in crates on a semi permanent basis. My horsey thanks you, he’s been working on those cute glutes for a while, as for mine, well, at least it’s a step up from a horse’s ass 😀

          1. I know for a fact that horse is a dude. And yes, I still think he has a nice ass. Don’t judge me, please… If you do, it’s back to your kennel (crate).

          2. Funny how we can’t tell the geldings and mares apart since we geld the boys. You can recognize a stallion from a mile away but a gelding… Forever a little boy lol. Poor Taitou

  4. The end result of religious beliefs is that life is devalued. This was well understood by military leaders in ancient times to get others willing to die for them. There was no hesitation at all. She Darwined herself because her mind was too weak to overcome her own imprisonment.

  5. Did anyone else look at the main photo and think that there was a decapitated guy dressed all in white (or maybe in an oddly designed white body bag) on the pavement and wonder how the hell he went with that title?

      1. its fabulous, how dare you call it a shithole.
        ppl dump waste, including myself just round the corner, and the council picks it up, quite an intelligent system. and the constant smashing of bottles littering the street with broken glass is just a test for the kids to be careful.


        where dyu live matey?

          1. haha grenfell is the borough of north kensington. It was always posh but the tories had this thing for moving poor people so they could have various charities to stash their tax free money, so now they end up with nigger mussies getting fried , no i’m a stones throw from elephant

          2. watch out for the new profiles matt, they’re probably sacredforlife in his hew form, ones called the devil

          3. i never said i was posh matt you did, i’m originally from whitechapel but moved south instead of north east with the rest of them, stupid polluted

  6. What a hideous fucking cunt! I hate these “parents” who feel they have to kill their kids too. Just cuz you’re a piece of shit loser and your life suck give your kid the chance.

    I can’t even imagine, that poor thing in her arms, looking down at the ground, probably watching a bug crawl around having no clue that she’s in her last few second of life.

  7. What a fucking cunt, to throw away an innocent life like that. I don’t have kids, but you never know who will grow up out of this one. There’s always a good chance it will become a somewhat decent human worthy of living.

    And if not, there’s always a shortage of good looking prostitutes. In fact if you’re a good looking girl, prostituting yourself is a valid opportunity and I’m ashamed that more girls are not doing it. There’s nothing bad or shameful about it, as long as you follow basic STD protection guide lines.

    A waste, no matter how you look at it.

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