Woman Jumps to Her Death, Bounces Off Bridge After Long Fall

Woman Jumps to Her Death, Bounces Off Bridge After Long Fall

In Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil, a woman climbed on top of Hercílio Luz Bridge and threatened to jump. Firefighters showed up in boats and tried to reason with the distraught woman, but after a short while, she made good on her threats and jumped.

The long fall down was interrupted half way through when the body hit the bridge and bounced off with a loud thump. The woman’s name was Rafaela Travensolli, she was 33 year old. The motives for her suicide are unclear, although she apparently had some mental issues.

Here’s the video of the fall.

And a gallery of a few pics:

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          1. A 25 de Abril n?o permite passagem de pe?es, mas j? alguns conseguiram atirar-se de l?. Paravam o carro na estrada e l? iam. Curiosamente, foram os que constru?ram a Bay Bridge, que fica tamb?m em S?o Francisco, que constru?ram a 25 de de Abril.

          1. I read about corpses being dug up later and they had agonizing looks on their faces and had ripped their hair out, fingernails torn off, fingers bitten off and all kinds of crazy shit from trying to escape then losing their mind when they couldn’t. I do not want to go out like that 🙁

          2. Being buried alive would be horrible. I have nightmares about it sometimes and i wake up with my heart racing. When i die, somebody better stab me a few times or something before they bury me, just to make sure I’m dead. My worst fear is dying in a tornado for some weird reason.

          3. @Nextie

            I think I’m going to donate my organs so there’s no possible way I could be buried alive. I’ve never had a dream about being buried alive (for that I’m grateful) but I have had dreams of my family members or pets being alive after we buried them and I wake up freaking out.

        1. I’d hate to drown, it’s horrible just to inhale a tiny bit of liquid ‘down the wrong hole’, imagine that first breathe under-water when you cannot hold your breathe any longer, a whole lung full of water entering your body. Terrible.

        1. They say shooting yourself ( not under the chin) with a big caliber is the best way to go and not end up like a retard without a mouth or eye and half a brain missing.

    1. Drowning is not so shitty a death. Yeah you get overwhelmed by the panic for a bit, but you eventually experience this feeling of euphoria where you are comfortable being underwater. I almost succumbed to shallow water blackout while skin diving for octopus once. I stayed down a little too long trying to get it out of the hole and when I started to go up, I panicked, but right before I hit the surface, things started going black and I felt comfortable for a second until i broke the surface and almost stabbed my dive buddy thrashing because I didn’t realize I was still holding the spear.

      I believe you experience a similar euphoria if you freeze to death. Not so bad ways to go if you ask me.

      I’d hate to be bled to death, fall to death or be burned to death. If you believe in hell, I think burning to death is the worst way to go, especially if you are headed there already.

      1. Let’s not forget being caught in a bear trap and slowly suffer an agonizing death. Or being skinned alive. Or being locked up in a small crowded space in the dark all your life, then disemboweled while still alive and terrified. As fur coats and slaughterhouses can testify.

    2. Let me promulgate a fourth worst way to die – for me, that is – asphyxiation.
      I’m terrified of dying asphyxiated while going down on a muffin. Because you ain’t seen nothing till you’re down on a muffin, then you’re sure to be a-changin your ways – Aerosmith

      Yeah, that would be my fourth. What a horrible way to go, but I just love the muffin. Specially blonde muffins!

  1. that b*tch was playing spider-man.

    but seriously, she got her 15 minutes of fame. (3 second fall) x (millions of viewers) totals about 15 minutes.

    she may have been fat or ugly, that could be a potential reason to jump.

    OR possibly she was that b*tch who was selling ‘illegal’ fruits from the previous video.

  2. I have more information, I’ve also submitted three pictures of this case.

    The young woman was the 33 years old Rafaela Travensolli, she died after jumping from the Ponte Herc?lio Luz in the last monday (16) at about 7 am. Rafaela was from Curitiba, from where she went away that dawn to commit suicide in the postcard of Santa Catarina. Her body was in the IML or Instituto M?dico Legal (Legal Medical Institute) since her death, but any of her families came or notice the IML about the body for recognition. Then the Delegacy started in the Thursday (19) afternoon to use the internet to look for families members and after 500 shares, the woman’s mother contacted from the state of Paran?. According to the mother, Rafaela disappeared by 2:30 am on the monday. Rafaela went away from home using the vehicle Agile, year 2014, black color, plate AYH-7016, from Curitiba. The vehicle was not found at the moment. The police works with two hypothesis: the first is that the car was abandoned in Curitiba and then she came using bus, and the main hypothesis is that the car was abandoned in Florian?polis. Rafaela’s mother also told that her daughter was married and had a normal life, but she suffered from mental issues, she was schizophrenic and bipolar.

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    that sometimes she thought
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  5. Well looked into this and discovered that there was a missing report for her for 12 days. Full name: RAFAELA TRAVENSOLLI
    Date (disappearance): 11.12.2015
    Age (disappearance): 33 years
    Old (current): 33 years
    Was wearing at the time: BUTTON WHITE SHIRT WITH A WHITE HAT.
    Information: (41) 3360-1418 – DHPP
    BOU number: 2015/1178859

  6. Such a fucking waste. Easily one of the more attractive women on the planet.
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  7. If you go to her facebook, you will see she posted the selfie photo as her cover photo on November 8th, four days before she disappeared . Its the first face photo she ever posted there and friends and family congratulate her on finally showing her face and saying how pretty she looks.
    She responds with a comment saying how the photo is from 2010, that she’s using that as she could never take a good selfie. So she’s 28 in that photo, not the 33 she was when she died.

    I feel its likely that she knew she was going to take her own life when she posted the photo. That for whatever reason she wanted her facebook to have a photo of her face if someone looked her up or whatever? But of course its hard to say for sure.

    Sad that she felt that was her only way out.
    RIP Rafaela

  8. First DING and then BANG on her way down. Which is what I would have LOVED to have DONE had she not gone through with this shit. She also looked amazing for age 33. UNLIKE most fuckin’ ugly American land whales who’ve already fuckin’ had their 4th heart attack by the time they’re 30.

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