Woman Jumps to Her Death from Patio Olmos Building in Cordoba, Argentina

Woman Jumps to Her Death from Patio Olmos Building in Cordoba, Argentina

Woman Jumps to Her Death from Patio Olmos Building in Cordoba, Argentina

A pregnant woman committed suicide by taking a leap from the roof of Patio Olmos – a historical shopping center building in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Not much is known about the woman or her motives, but it is believed that she was facing financial challenges.

It kind of makes sense. Imagine you are a chick enjoying her ride on a cock carousel and Chad unloads his semen into your cunt. You end up knocked up, Chad already has another, younger cock carousel rider absorbing his semen and you realize that you had hit the wall. The long line of decent men you have rejected for rides on Chad’s cock have woken up and won’t get tricked into settling for the post of a dead bedroom provider for the post wall hag with Chad’s kid, so up on the roof you go…

Props to Best Gore member @mauricio-mell for the videos. Here’s one angle of the jump:

Another vertical angle of the same jump, also with vastly effed up money shot:

Aftermath video that doesn’t really show anything:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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172 thoughts on “Woman Jumps to Her Death from Patio Olmos Building in Cordoba, Argentina”

    1. Dude that is my city, I am not gonna watch the video, so fucked up, I can watch and laugh to any suicide video except this one, I walked that very same sidewalk many times, holy shit, I am glad I wasn’t there that day

        1. Yup, but maybe is just me, a friend of mine (that doesn’t even watch gore on a regular basis) watched the video with no problem, but I really can’t. I am a long time fan of BG and a veteran watching gore, but this stuff is way too sad

          1. @Mrx1992 – I’m sorry to hear this happened in your city. It’s depressing to think someone who you may have walked past on your way to work was really in a dark place and planning his suicide………

  1. What a terrible way for a young woman to kill herself.She did a backward dive/fall off the building top, however, problem was she was diving into solid concrete and not water.Do these suiciders ever consider that they could easily kill an innocent pedestrian who happened to be on the wrong place at the wrong time.Rest in Peace young lady your problem had a solution somehow somewhere i am sure if you had sought some guidance.

        1. Que haces con ese nick de mierda? Por eso te atacan. Que sentido tiene ponerte ese nick en un sitio gore como este.? Que pelotudez! La guerra de Malvinas fue la guerra más estúpida de la historia. Solo a un dictador borracho y demente como Galtieri se le podía ocurrir mandar pibes que hacían el servicio militar con pocos meses de entrenamiento, a pelear contra uno de los mejores ejércitos profesionales del mundo.

        1. Hello good sir, how’s covid19 coming along in your shithole ?

          There is something you need to understand. I ask the questions, you give me the answers. I talk, You listen. I teach, You learn. I’m superior, you are inferior.

          Now, Shutafuckup!!

        1. Lol! It’s funny to see people from United States laughing about other countries when they lives in an unequal society, full of addicts with dangerous ghettos, criminal organizations, gang members, serial killers and crazy armed people causing massacres in schools, shopping centers and other places. I could understand that some idiots from Europe are laughing about other countries but people from United States?. I’ve been there, come on.. don’t fool me.

          1. Tienes toda la razón…estos gringuitos se creen la gran cagada y son puro white trash XD ni saben otros idiomas aparte del propio ni dónde quedan otros países…

    1. ‘Do these suiciders ever consider that they could easily kill an innocent pedestrian’ – Yep, seen suicide vids that have killed innocent bystanders. Plus, I always feel sorry for train drivers.

    1. Hoping…

      I think the baby might of been the victim here. She could of used her suicide, to get back at him in revenge, via the baby. Another possibility, is she used her suicide, to get rid of the bad memory of him, via the baby. (Since he didn’t give a rat’s fuck about her, or the baby to begin with)

      In any case yes, I think depression was the main player here.

        1. Those were nice indeed. Remember them well. I had the little slant 6 225 engine, back when I was 17. Never gave it an oil change, because I never had any oil in it. Still, that engine would run, even in the dead of winter. Wish I still had it.

          …but I love my beat up 97 Honda Civic. I’ve already hit three deer with it. It just turned 400,000 miles, and you can’t even hear it running.


          1. Driving the more menacing machinery on the streets gave us a select set of life experience which those who haven’t, just couldn’t know.

            @illegalsmile55 glad we’ve gotten to both be those who get to look back with fond gratitude for both what we got to do, and it wasn’t the last thing we got to do while doing fun slideways shit

          1. Both of these cars are also distinctive from other years. Even those with the same body style are unique upon themselves.

            Personally, l think the look of a ’68 Olds in comparison to a ’69 looks pretty fucking awful in the way of aggression.

            The E-body Mopar are so close together, yet the details which define them from each other are the ques to look for to know which is which.

            Love these cars so much more than FV

  2. First it was the terrace ,she hung around on to ; getting fascinated with , but when she was there she was in two minds whether to give it go “ending her life ” or simply bide her time sticking around a wee bit longer and get back home ; but I guess , it was the damn hell of a vertigo she couldn’t stand up to and fell to her death dizzyingly.

    Sadly the headless bitch beside herself went wasting another unborn life .

          1. “smell my breath iiiii’mmmm gaaaayyyy”

            I really have never understood the mental motivate of the fudge budger. To me it’s just fucking gross.
            At least it’s nature’s population control, so there is an up side, aside from being inside a back side.

            It’s just the idea of looking at some penis-havers milk-dud and thinking”l want that”.

            So much WTF

          1. Anyway, it’s obvious she fell head over heels for the guy, after all, when there relationship hit a bump in the road she dropped everything for him.

        1. Hey , but the point is ! if she was pregnant which ya say she was how come the leap year baby she had ;didn’t leap out of her womb then! Bizarre let’s just say nothing was rushing or leaping out for her not even the month of Feb this goddamn year of 2020 !

          1. I guess it was the accursed gravity that truly made it hard for her to bounce back even when it was a short fall ….
            it was more like as if the baby within her wanted to learn baby steps in to defying gravity towards to an inevitable “FALL” .

          1. “Ahhh I’m pissed Roger, now I’m pissed”

            I think all the deleted scenes should’ve been left in. Shows how much more of a “psycho nut cop” he really was.

            Seriously though, did this guy really think he’d get a pulse after she cracked her head and all?

  3. CHERRY SOUP by bad jonny

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    Young, but quite plumped
    I am just glad
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    Better than being raped
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    It wasn’t a suicide
    She would have been ‘bumped’
    Look how in her State
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    The meaning of life
    Still leaves us quite miffed

  4. Dude, this is the first time that happens in my city, I don’t wanna fucking watch it dude, I walked in that sidewalk plenty of times, watching the image is already too much, I don’t wanna fucking watch it dude, I feel already like crap knowing that, not a funny thing being there. First time I know there’s a BG video of my city. Creepy fucking stuff, I have watched many things, but this is way too much dude, my fucking place, I cannot watch this sorry, I blame that stupid feminist ideology for that fucking thing to happens, she was probably convinced by feminist cunts to do that, who knows? I won’t see that place the same way I did… damn

  5. So in the narrative, it says that not much is known about the woman.
    In the following para, it says she was an abused cock carousel rider who had hit the wall.
    That’s a contradiction. And it’s also conjecture, because we are assuming all women in Argentina are cock carousel riders.

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