Woman Jumps from Roof of Apartment Building, Man Tries in Vain to Catch Her

Woman Jumps from Rood of Apartment Building, Man Tries in Vain to Catch Her

Woman Jumps from Rood of Apartment Building, Man Tries in Vain to Catch Her

Video apparently from China shows what looks like a middle-aged woman committing suicide by jumping from the roof of an apartment building. A man on the ground attempts to catch her, but the attempt was in vain, given the height of the fall.

The cameraman not only filmed the fall horizontally, he followed the whole length of it, which if I’m not mistaken, is a first in that combination. What’s definitely not the first is the shoe bounce off the corpse.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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113 thoughts on “Woman Jumps from Roof of Apartment Building, Man Tries in Vain to Catch Her”

      1. And cunts still believe they are oppressed. Like, a complete stranger just tried to catch you as you jumped from a 7-story loft. And there’s no shortage of white knights like him.

        1. A woman wouldn’t dare to catch her.
          She probably survived because that man’s intervention minimized the impact of her fall on winter-dried hard-floor. She collapsed in shock and fell into a coma due to her state of mind and preparedness for death. She may be back home again complaining, sooner or later

      1. Lol….unless your Clark Kent aka Son of Jor-El aka fuckin Superman ,which is made up shit. don’t ever try this…catching someone from that height. It ain’t like catching a pillow or tennis ball. Just let them take their life,and hopefully they succeed and have an instant painless adrenaline Death.

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      1. You’re right about the clothes but come on…the ground isn’t cement so you can’t expect as much damage? If you hit water from that height it can kill you it doesn’t soften the landing. It’s like saying someone fell down carpeted stairs, as if the carpeting somehow softens the 2oolbs. on their neck and it won’t break their neck.

        I love all of these people and their “scientific” opinions on here! I’ve seen thirty plus years of all manner of trauma and though we look at mechanism of injury to try and gauge the level of trauma landing on hard dirt from 8 stories up is hardly any better than landing on cement.

        1. There is no doubt about what you said about the water killing someone in this height but we are talking about the splat here. Here is a question: would you rather jump in this height on water or cement? I don’t think this height can reach terminal velocity yet. You have a point about dirt roads not being better though but cement is still worse as the particles are more bonded together.

    1. I think she tried to do that pathos jumping thing you see in movies, when people stand on the edge, than slowly release themselves facing backward to the fiery abyss, front facing to the sky, with hands spreaded sideways.

      But she fucked that up because her reflexes made her jump legs forward, which usually is a good idea for survival. The brain didn’t know though that it was useless.

    1. Not necessarily. And even if the femurs don’t shatter the hip sockets can and the femur heads end up in the belly. I’ve seen shattered tibia in car accidents before from bracing their legs on the floor that looked like when you snap a green branch in half.

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    1. It does look like an arm reaching out but she wasn’t pushed. Why would she voluntarily stand backwards on the edge of a roof and allow someone to push her? She waves her arms just before she goes. She jumped backwards likely so she didn’t have to look over and lose her nerve. Besides, people are thrown form roofs they don’t stand there and wait to be pushed.

  1. Draft that man in for filming future jumpers I say.

    Brave of the man on the ground to attempt the catch, I thought the Chinese hated their women? Unless she was his best waitress.

    Landing feet first she may well have survived.

  2. Breaking news: Lingling Mei Hong was pronounced jellyfied today after trying a very difficult maneuver. Sources say she attempted a Reverse 3 1/2 somersaults with a 1/2 twist. Things didn’t go as planned because her vision was obstructed.

  3. Thanks SS. That was very brave of him. Women must be scarce in his village but a pointless thing to do and may well have prolonged her suffering. He really should try dating sites.

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