Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

In Chicago, Illinois USA, on the Red line transit heading North bound on June 28 2019, 37-year-old Felon Smith is killed by a the train after dropping phone on the tracks.

Caught under, the wheels roll over her, not literally of course. It appears the easy accessible death is planned. One cannot be so entitled as to expect a train on tracks to stop for you. The wheels of dharma must continue to roll, over you and all that are enslaved to the motion, which it must continue forward.

On a Thursday like any other Thursday, at the 69th Street station on the Red Line around 12:40PM, a scheduled Northbound train heads South for the woman 😉 Thanks to her, time did wait for the passengers, 2.5 hours, that is.

Time waits for no one! Not even me…

Props to Best Gore member @eliotness208 for the video:

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      1. You can clearly hear the idiot in the white T-shirt tell her to ‘go that way’ pointing to the end of the platform not that far away. It was ill advice and surprisingly dumb to do anything but pull her up on the spot knowing a train was coming. His dumb advice killed her as she could still have been saved from the predicament she was in had she not listened to that dumbass and had those men acted with any brain cells and yanked her back up.

        1. exactly, should have just climbed up; but I guess that’s thin privilege.
          Men are all standing around like idiots too, that’s what happen when feminism destroy masculinity. Men have become passive and weak, essentially become like women.

          Women are fat and entitled, and men are wusses. The west is fucking doomed.

          1. @DavisR
            There were no White People there to save her? It’s as simple as that. Because those coward negro men couldn’t think of just grabbing her arms and pulling that land whale back up to safety. That or they knew they wouldn’t be paid for it?

      1. Oh dear. it’s so sad. She only had one more payment left on the contract. Now the phone company will continue to take her money on a rolling contract…forever. What i want to know is how do these low IQ’s actually get to live for so long?

    1. Just for anyone who ever falls onto the tracks at a station. Look towards the platform, if you are unable to climb up there should be a small area underneath the platform where it goes inward. This is designed specifically for that reason. As a safety feature


    Good lord!!!! She had plenty of warning time when the person pointed and told her the train was coming. She didnt have to stay on that side of the tracks. Had she just away from the platform she was trying to get on, she would have been out of harm’s way and could have crossed back over safely once the train had gone. I swear….the stupidity. I understand not everyone can be a rocket scientist but GOD DAMN…I’m just baffled at the lack of common sense.

      1. Lol…it’s these gaddam smartphones …ironically making dumb people even dumber.
        Would like to see total number of deaths and serious injuries / accidents due to cell phone use in a 10 year window starting in from 2009 to 2019 in this country alone.

        Could only hope it would take out 80% of nigger population.

    1. If you look closely, you can see the guy with the red bag giving her advice where she should go and she follows without thinking. You can say that guy killed her… just joking, she was a dumb bitch.

        1. Yeah but why would she stay on the edge of the tracks then, if I was gonna kill myself by train I would put my throat on the track to be perfectly decapitated, like that one girl, I think it was Russia.. or Germany, remember, she took 2 pics right before, one with a bandana across her face, she was young and really pretty. Perfect decapitation.

          https://www.bestgore.com/suicide/cute-russia-girl-take-selfie-put-neck-on-railway-track/ so sad, she was so pretty.

      1. Maybe, or maybe she freaked out at the last minute and didn’t know what to do?? I think if you are going to kill yourself, you should be at peace with it, so you don’t back out, you should know deep deep down that this is the way it should be. You should go in a meaningful way, and you should always make sure it’s what you want to do, taking your own life can be beautiful if it’s thought out and passionate, the ultimate “fuck you” to every horrible thing life has thrown your way, finally you can rest and everything can just be calm and okay and done, finally people can see how much you were hurting and they still will have so many questions, but you won’t have to answer to anyone every again. And perhaps, the most important thing to remember if you choose to take your own life is to please, for the love of god, have someone record it and send it in so we can watch it. Thank you.

    2. The third rail is electric so if she would’ve done that she also would’ve died, she just assumed she had enough time to make it to the small set of stairs at that end of that platform. Even though that was just as dumb, considering the train doesn’t pull all the way up to the platform so she could’ve covered that distance going the opposite direction and there would’ve been more than enough space for the train to stop and her to not have been hit. I understand people panic but WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU RUN TOWARDS THE TRAIN?? YOu can’t outrun it in either direction so why go towards it?

    1. Thank you @hopingfornemesis!! Yes I drew it. It took me about 6 hours lol. I love art, sketching specifically but I also like to do acrylic pour painting, it’s easier and takes less time and it’s also colorful, sketching takes more skill but it starts out with simple lines so you don’t see immediate results if you know what I mean.

        1. It just takes practice lol, like I said, it just starts off as simple lines,that’s why it takes so long and you can make almost any sketch look nice with shading. You should see my drawings that I have gone back years later (when I learned more about it) and shaded. They look 1000 times better and WAY more detailed, just by shading and highlighting.. it gives it dimension and really changes the whole picture. You should try it! If something doesn’t look right just erase and redraw that part until it does. That’s what I do 😛

    1. Smith’s sister, Brandy Martin, admits the decision to jump on the tracks for the phone was not a good one. However, after viewing security video, Martin said she was sickened to see that no one tried to help Smith.

      “Didn’t no one have no love on that platform?” Martin said. “There was no love on that platform for human life period.”

      (No ! This is another prime example that niggers don’t care about niggers.) Only 79 shot this week! Don’t believe me check it out.

      1. She was talking to her kids. She just found out she passed an employment exam and switched trains heading back home. The white bag is food for her children. I may look at this shit but I still have empathy for my fellow humans.

  2. Felon is a pretty good name for a black American given their disproportionately high crime levels. The mother must’ve asked the cops at the station cell she was giving birth at to help her name her child.

    1. I did a double take on reading it.

      I’m looking forward to the usual New Year’s list of the most popular names for boys and girls. I’m anticipating:


  3. His names was felon huh? Kind of fitting reminds me of that old english law Felo-de-se, latin for Felon of Himself for those who commit suicide. This might as well have been just that idiot was walking right towards the train.

      1. Is this some kinda joke I ain’t gettin? I have never worked in an Aldi store. In fact you’re lucky I even know it’s a store as I live in the U.S where there aren’t any [that I know of] around. I been to Portugal and shopped at one but that’s the closest I’ve been to working at Aldi.

      1. Given their bad trains reputations she should be on high alert.
        I found in TV programme called “World’s Most Extreme, episode 5” another two ways causing trains accidents:
        1) Trains are heavily congested – while traveling customers are holding window bars and sitting on its roof
        2) In some city there’s flea market situated just on rails. When train is coming, vendors folds their stalls. I dont know why they don’t put stalls outside of rail in the first place – it’s cumbersome to fold stall every time trains comes.

  4. As soon as I heard it was in Chicago and heard her name was “Felon” I New it was a black chick. All this bullshit about black lives matter. Funny how white people are the only ones who actually seem to think that way, otherwise black folks left up to themselves are open season to killing each other. Only pissed if a white person does the killing but cool of blacks do it too each other. Problem is so many other countries think of America as so dangerous but in reality it’s the minorities, especially blacks that make it so dangerous. Damn slavery. If we didn’t fuck up and do that shit in the past America would be so much safer.

  5. and now her family is wondering why no one assisted her in getting back up to the platform. well she had no fear of jumping down there instead of getting assistance from the transit personnel. i cannot pity or send condolences as she seemed she wanted to kill herself. i believe her family is greedy and/or trying to blame others for death. wrong.

    1. No she wasn’t trying to kill herself, she just found out she had passed the training for an insurance job, was on the way home with dinner for her kids. You can see she tries running to the end of the platform to get to the steps and off the track. From the other video Ive seen she was almost to the area to be able to get off the tracks and out of the way.

  6. Dumb fuck ! It seemed like the she endeared & valued that shitty phone more than her sick ass life ;otherwise , who the hell with a sane mind will go down the train tracks and dare retrieve something so unimportant and end up getting killed in the bargain .
    It either has gotta be a psychopath, a freak , a zombie or a meshuggener.

    1. Sucks losing yer phone all those auto programmed #’s in it…. like her Pimp, drug dealer, babies daddy’s and all the free gib me dats #’s on speed dial…that phone was that nigs life.

  7. Personally I wouldn’t help her, because if she has her mind set on suicide then she could easily pull you down onto the tracks with her and you die to. I would of course tell her the train is coming etc.. but no way am I putting myself in harms way..

    1. Akin to rescuing a drowning person; as that train careers towards them, there’s a point when blind panic will set in and you’ll run the real risk of being pulled off the platform onto the track.

      Natural selection at its finest.

  8. WTF? How stupid can somebody be? Why didn’t just hop over the line to the left hand side of the track, there’s about 6 feet of space there to wait until the train passes!? Oh jeez

  9. Can someone explain what the lady was doing? Yes I know she went to retrieve her phone from the tracks, but why did she ran towards the train with her arms in the air? Seems like she might have been on drugs or under the influence of something. It appears the man came up to say something to her pointing upwards to the train and she started to run towards it? Was the man simply saying a train was coming or was he instructing her on how to get out?

    1. No she was running because down at that end of the platform were steps and an area so she could get off of the tracks. She wasn’t on drugs, she had just found out she passed training for an insurance job. She was on the phone with her kids when she dropped the phone. There’s a firearms instructor in Chicago who went to the tracks and was questioning why the platform security guy didn’t call the train to stop it because there’s a phone on that platform.

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