Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life

In Chicago, Illinois USA, on the Red line transit heading North bound on June 28 2019, 37-year-old Felon Smith is killed by a the train after dropping phone on the tracks.

Caught under, the wheels roll over her, not literally of course. It appears the easy accessible death is planned. One cannot be so entitled as to expect a train on tracks to stop for you. The wheels of dharma must continue to roll, over you and all that are enslaved to the motion, which it must continue forward.

On a Thursday like any other Thursday, at the 69th Street station on the Red Line around 12:40PM, a scheduled Northbound train heads South for the woman 😉 Thanks to her, time did wait for the passengers, 2.5 hours, that is.

Time waits for no one! Not even me…

Props to Best Gore member @eliotness208 for the video:

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194 thoughts on “Woman Retrieves Phone on Transit Line, Exchanges Life”

  1. She was walking toward the steps, there’s an opening where she was walking to that had steps back up to the platform. I saw a video afterwards that was trying to figure out why the station attendant didn’t use the phone to call the train to let them know someone was on the tracks.

  2. I drive by this place to work eveyday. And as I sit in dead stopped traffic I always look over saying I need to start taking the train, cut some time off the commute. Saving time each day AND this kinda of entertainment? Hell yeah I’m in now.

  3. Damn I was hoping they showed the other vid which had pictures of the aftermath, but honestly she was suicidal. They tell her to hop off and she deliberately walks toward the train, knowing also that those tracks are electrified. She just got tired of how everything is taxed in Crook County

  4. She just acted like a cat on the street with a car passing 20 meters away. Waiting to the car to get closer….and SBAM! Just under the car. No way he could think to move away from the danger to get safe, just like this woman. 3 steps to the left, safe. One step to the right, safe. But nope. Just in front of it

  5. I don’t think it was suicide, she was just incredibly dumb!! Why didn’t she just walk to the other side of the tracks and pressed against the wall?? Or to the opposite of where she ran?? Or try to climb up??

  6. Once again. The ultimate proof that American Niggers could NEVER be in charge of the fuckin’ world with their lack of functioning brain cells. Watching this video is like taking a fuckin’ IQ test that not even a fuckin’ 5 year old could fail. Like….no you dumb nigger. Common sense would say that you either want to get the fuck out of the WAY! Or jump the fuck back onto the fuckin’ platform before the train arrives. How hard is it for an uneducated nigger who most LIKELY votes on a Democrat ticket to understand this shit you might ask?…A LOT fuckin’ harder than you’d actually CARE to think. Was this Chimp really trying to play fuckin’ Chicken with a train? I don’t think running head on into it is going to help you dumb boon. She was probably too bent the fuck out of shape to EVEN swing her fat Jigaboo leg onto the platform to climb the fuck back up. That’s what begging for hand outs so you can eat Taco Bell and drink Malt liquor every fuckin’ day gets you.

    To conclude. I was far more shocked to see this took place in Chicago, and NOT places like India or China where you usually have some fuckin’ suicidal Chink living at the lowest point in their life where they off themself in front of a moving train…I guess stupidity is Global however.

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