Woman Survives Suicide Attempt from Overpass in Kanpur, India

Woman Survives Suicide Attempt from Overpass in Kanpur, India

Woman Survives Suicide Attempt from Overpass in Kanpur, India

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, a young woman reportedly wanted to go see her boyfriend, but her parents grounded her, so she ran away and called her boyfriend’s phone, but whereas he didn’t have the facilities to accommodate or otherwise take care of her, she started arguing with him until he couldn’t take it no more and hanged up on her. Agitated, the girl decided to resolve the situation by attempting suicide.

She survived the leap off the Govind Nagar bridge, and was taken to the Halit Hospital. She was reported to be in stable condition. People who recognized her said she lived in the Juhi Lal colony, under Kidwai Nagar police station.

Props to Best Gore member @edward63 for the video:

Here’s the video of the girl being carried on a stretcher after her failed suicide:

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    1. @mattjack666 she landed on soft muddy ground,it wasn’t concrete, I fell accidentally one time of course not from the bridge but from the broken brick wall, while chilling out throwing rocks in the air. Fortunately nothing happened,just couple of body sores next day,I was surprised, then realized ground wasn’t solid enough to creat that kinda injury since it was soft and wet I guess

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