Woman Throws Cats and Child from Seventh Floor Then Jumps to her Death

Woman Throws Cats and Child from Seventh Floor Then Jumps to her Death

At 12 Sribnokilska Street, in Darnytskyi district of Kiev, Ukraine, a young woman living in the apartment on the 7th floor threw out one of her cats, then threw out the other cat, then her three year old son, before jumping to her death herself.

According to Serhii Chernyshov, the head of Darnytsia police department, the woman died on the spot, but the child, whose landing was softened by the cellar canopy, survived and was taken to a hospital’s intensive care unit, however his condition remains critical.

The woman was 31 year old. The incident happened on February 12, 2017. The police are investigating the murder suicide.

First cat falls at 12 seconds, second cat at 40 seconds. Child hits the roof and falls through at 1:45, the mother lands at 2:14. After that it is just police and first responders at the site.

Props to Best Gore member @hugsthemuffin for the videos. First video is a CCTV footage from in front of the apartment building:

Second video is of the aftermath, but there isn’t a whole lot to see:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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282 thoughts on “Woman Throws Cats and Child from Seventh Floor Then Jumps to her Death”

          1. If it was just the kid and the mother, I would watch this. But there is no way I can watch innocent, beautiful animals being harmed. When you see the vile things that humans do to each other, animals still give hope.

            Yes, I’m a confirmed animal loving weirdo. Before anyone says.

          2. lol i dont care i mean i like pets but i feel nothing if they died haha just the same as humans idk why im like this i dont feel empathy bla bla bla all that shit but meh who cares

        1. This is exactly what I’m talking about…


          A child is just as innocent as that fucking cat…

          Cats eat their own young if it’s crippled… but let’s ALL of us have a big pity party for the nine lives pussy… but not give one fuck for the child…

          Go home and thank your mother she didn’t treat you the same as this stupid bitch…


          1. Totally agree with you Bunker, I couldn’t watch the video either, being an animals lover, especially cats…

            That cunt coudn’t stand to die alone so she took the beings she had care about in her deadly jump. Selfish piece of trash

          2. A child is only innocent for a given time we’re the ultimate predator and our instinct will prevail sooner or later we all were innocent once. Our evolution through time confirms we destroy everything in our path its inherent in our species. Other species dont stand a chance against us:(

        2. No, it’s just the world we live in. More money is thrown at animal rescue/charities then any other charities put together. Humans are a fucking disease. I feel closer and have more empathy towards nature then I do to my own kind. Animals were here before us and will be here after. Cat’s don’t throw children out of 7th story windows….Living Cancer does.

          1. I’m glad people like you will be childless…

            Your mother should’ve swallowed you instead…

            This is directed to ANYBODY else who thinks like this douchebag…

          2. @gnat I thought that by now someone would realise that BestGore is here to portray what evil vermin humans truly are. I could kill children and women alike without ever feeling anything but gladness and joy. Every human life extinguished is cause for joy. Think like a wolf, or fuck back off to the sheep pen. Humans = worse than rats.

          3. You think like a wolf?…

            You’re a fucking joke… trying to acting all edgy and shit…

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          5. I AM talking to a cuck… that’d be you… you fucking self-hating faggot…

            Your parents should be the humans that get thrown out the window for having a fucking idiot like you…

            I’m surprised you made it this far in life…

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            Now… howl to that… wolf boy…

        3. It’s not that the cats are more important, but look at what happened…
          1. The cat lived for a long time, aware and struggling, after being thrown. He suffered immensely.
          2. The 2nd cat ran off, gravely injured, and probably also died while in terrible pain. You can hear him crying off camera.
          3. The child WOULD have died on impact, had he not hit the canopy. That saved his life, for now.
          That being said, having to actually see the animal suffering and the hearing the other one crying is what got me. If I had seen the child, I would have been horribly upset as well. Thankfully, I didn’t so it’s kind of like out of sight, out of mind. If it makes me a better person in your eyes, child and animal abuse videos are ones I skip. I can’t stand to see anything innocent being abused.

          1. THIS. Exactly how I feel. I think people would be more upset about the child if they saw it writhing in agony as we saw or heard the cats writhing in agony. To see the suffering and watch as the animal slowly dies hurts, but we would have a deeper connection to the child had we seen his or her suffering.

      1. Me tooooo w the cats. I got both mine next to me. Ok this bitch sucks all around. Why throw your kid and cats out of the window when that’s what u want to do? That cat was well fed and that’s why it didn’t make it. Did you know when a cat falls from 7 stories versus 20 stories it’s survival rate is cut in half. The higher the better for cats. In ny a woman threw her cat out of a 22 story window and it survived w just some sore paws. Reason is a cat no matter how u drop it will always land on its feet. They’re agile Lil beasts. A cat goes into fight mode when cruising down 22 stories and their body actually turns into a parachute which helps w the fall. It’s amazing and true. Picture how it looks when it’s about to fight. That’s how it comes down. This poor cat was over weight and didn’t make it. I was amazed when I read this.

        1. @Kevin. Flying cats? Lol. In WWII, the U.S. should have developed cat bombs after scrapping the bat bomb project. The B-17 Flying Cathouse would unleash hairball hell on the Japs. The only counter measures might be flying scratching posts and ground based laser pointers.

  1. This is what the word Cunt is used for. I can understand the kid and her self but the cats .. almost makes me feel human again

    lol She literally threw life away. At least she was decent enough to want to kill the cats instead of letting em starve….. before killing self

  2. Two years ago I attempted suicide. I had taken a bunch of xanax and trazadone and was going to chase it all with a bottle of Jack. Note written and all of it. Was just gonna down that bottle, crawl into bed, fall asleep and never wake up again. But JUST as I was getting the bottle, my cat Sebastian jumped up on the bed and got in my face for love. That stopped me. He literally saved my life. I thought, if I die now.. I’ll never see him again. I went and told my roommate what I did and off to the ER we went. That cat saved me, not only that but I value my life more now BECAUSE of him. As long as I have fur-children I’ll ALWAYS want to live, because THEY are my reason to WANT to. But that’s me. Obviously this bitch had reasons enough to live and still did what she did. Human death at any age I can deal with. But animals? Nope. I’ll have to skip this one 🙁 poor kitties.

    1. they are magical creatures and they are designed and based on a special alien race that brought some parts to our civilizations but not many, they are quite aloof and independent even in their galaxy so in a way are similar to the cats you see here. they were asked to allow some of their genetics to be used to create the cats we see today and the egyptians actually met this alien feline race this is why they worshipped cats too. the cats we have on this planet have some exceptional gifts so you can only imagine these magnified and supercharged by many times and thats the alien feline race. but they can also be friendly, very loving and caring. they dont really mean us humans any harm and never will but they also want to stay away from the alpha draconians because they know there definitely will be a clash.

    2. @onthewingsofacrow Oddly, you both really loved your animals. I know if I wanted to check out, I’d take my animals with me because who would care for them? Would they be separated? Sad? But I know not to throw a cat out of a window because they don’t die on impact usually. And you see poor cat #1 all messed up, I hated that. Cat #2 took off but he’s alone now. If she lived higher up, both would’ve probably been fine. Lady probably cared and didn’t want them to suffer, but the method she chose was not a good one.

        1. I love my cats more than ANY human, after having a psycho father and weird upbringing. Lost all faith in humans, except maybe the animal lovers. They’re just sex objects on a personal level and there to provide me an income to survive through my work. That’s it.

          My cats keep me sort of sane. Though I’m not sure they’re always good for my blood pressure, especially not when they CLAW THE BLOODY SOFA!!! 🙂

          Liking all the pro cat people and their comments on here.

    3. Me too, 2 years ago, and fur children is exact, they really are like children, I have 2 and all they want is love, I trust animals far more than humans, wen I was gonna do it I made sure to put the whole bag of food out and endless supply of water, I’d seriously protect them with my life. Human race is disgusting.

    1. Maybe it’s the way the environment shaped them. A tough environment demands people who are reckless, who have to be bold to survive and care less about their lives. People of higher latitudes tend to be more depressive, too. Maybe it’s due to the lack of sunlight and excessive amount of time spent indoors. Race mixing with mongoloids could have made them that way, and I know Ukrainians have some mongoloid blood in them,or maybe slavs are just like this.

  3. this bitch is cursed for eternity, she will never escape the lower astral plane after such a wicked act. she will forever roam amongst the ugliest twisted vilest entities and the most abominable energy forms you can think of, and for thousands and thousands of years. she might not even escape this plane her soul will be vibrating at such a low and distorted frequency after that cruelty. how you are vibrating when you finish your little journey on this 3d plane determines your path. this bitch will suffer.

      1. know that this plane is a design, a purposely built construct, and a place of learning. your conscious (that voice that you can talk to yourself with) is merely you but you tuned into this reality, your brain is just the receiver like a station on a radio when it crackles and crackles then hits the right wave. thats all your brain is and your body is your vehicle to navigate this plane. your soul and aura are inside you but not of you, but still all around you, some gifted people can see auras and souls and really talented people like edgar cayce(rip edgar) can read your aura and even your illnesses in your vehicle (body) just by being near you and even give you the cure. you are a spirit form as well as a vehicle and even science now says we are nothing more than vibrating atoms we arent even technically matter, a sort of wave form and vibration that somehow is sentient. delve into the spirit form and you will be surprised at how natural it feels to realise how illusory this 3d plane and your existence really is.

    1. Wow that was deep and it totally makes sense. She’s gonna be w all the virgin PRAYING goat fuckers. She will be the only virgin they will play w. I hope all the dirty beard, goat fucking, camel jockey, pakistanny shit stinkers, snackbar, Fuckbar, cockbars , showerless STINKY fucking towelheads have their way w her. As the cats scratch her clit till eternity!!

  4. We are sane, and we see this woman as insane, because we live in rational worlds where such an action would be inconceivable, but who are we to judge someone else’s pain, someone else’s fear? Maybe in her private world, this was the only way to save them and herself.

    Save them from what? We just don’t know.

    But if her honest intention for committing such an act was to save her son and beloved cats from a perceived danger, doesn’t that make her heroic? Not all heroic acts are celebrated with fanfare and fireworks, and sometimes it takes time to appreciate the fact that an act was heroic.

    “Misery Mire: No entrance, no escape” (The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past)

    1. That’s odd because I mentioned Andrea Yates earlier today. I know she killed all 5 of her kids but I believe 100% that woman thought she was supposed to. She thought God told her to and she was all kinds of not okay. I was glad she went to mental hospital and not jail because she was obviously a nice, good person – and then she had a catastrophic metal breakdown. She had kids in a short period of time, too close together, like Britney when she went crazy.

      1. I imagine she’s had quite a bit of time to reflect on what she did. How do you live after doing something like that, and the fact that your name will always be synonymous to society as “that crazy religious lady who drowned her five kids”? In prison, I’m sure she is surrounded by plenty of nutjobs, but she doesn’t even have the right to indulge and say “that person is crazy” without pausing to reflect on her own situation.

        If she really IS a believer, then she must know that she is destined for hell, because if God will forgive a woman who kills her five children, he’ll forgive anything. How do we know that, just before Hitler killed himself and Eva Braun, he didn’t offer up a prayer for God to forgive him? No religious person, certainly no Jew, believes that Hitler will be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven, at least not until they, or someone they love, commits an atrocity. Then they conveniently remember that God forgives all sinners.

        How does one prepare oneself for eternal damnation?

        1. I am not religious, so I don’t know if she is bound for hell, for I think that hell was dreamed up by man. But I do believe in natural selection. So by killing five of her kids and going to prison she’s dramatically reduced her chances of passing down her genes to the next generation. She herself is the one gets off worse in the end.
          And as to Hitler, take a look at the post on BG where there’s is a document by the FIB saying that Hitler possibly fled to Argentina on a U-boat…

          1. I was curious to see what she’s up to now, but Wikipedia doesn’t say. It does describe, however, that her intention for killing her kids was that she felt they were being influenced by Satan to be rebellious and disobedient. If you remove God and religious ethics from the equation, how would one judge her actions? It could be argued that, as a parent, you are the captain of your children’s lives, but what if you sense that your children are not developing into productive citizens, but into rude, uncaring sociopaths? Like in the movie “The Good Son” where Macaulay Culkin’s character turns out to have murdered his younger brother. Does a parent have the right, one could even say the responsibility, of “pulling out weeds” before they mature?

            As for the Hitler conspiracy theory: I believe all we have to go on that he burned himself to death was the fact that a piece of his skull was found among some ashes, but we know it’s possible to remove parts of the skull and replace them with metal plates, so who’s to say his demise wasn’t some elaborate setup to throw off the authorities? Whatever the case may be, I feel its best to let sleeping dogs lie. Whether he died in 1945, or died somewhere in Argentina in the 1990’s, what possible impact could it have now?

          2. @cadejito the God aspect doesn’t really matter. She was hearing things like a schizophrenic person because she had PPD. So she heard religious voices but it was a mental breakdown- like if it happened to you, you might hear your toaster talking. Lol.

            Her ex-husband is lobbying for her release. He never blamed her.

          3. @cadejito I think that the parents have the right to decide weather they want the child or not. Now, if its an ”evil child”, who is overtly sadistic, it may also be argued that they still have the responsibility of weeding out the child, although that’s a complicated matter. Like, if the parents protect a retard or handicapped, he/she will grow up to be useless but will probably cause no direct harm to society and may end up dead in no time as he/she cannot fend for himself/herself, nevertheless, a mentally sick person, such as a psychopath, protected by the parents may grow up to cause direct harm to society. Let alone the fact that mental conditions, such as deciding if one is a psychopath, are more difficult and polemic to determine than physical ones and may require professionals, and maybe state intervention, and even then it’s complicated and imprecise. It’s a tough subject.
            Now, I took a quick look at her bio. She apparently had a historic of depression and I mean, were all the 5 children, even the baby, terrible children for her to kill them? Children are full of energy and this is normal, and it doesn’t mean that they are evil. PPD is related to hormones and her natural propensity to depression probably exacerbated her condition. Moreover, they were recommended not to have a 5th child, so both her husband and her were at fault. But it’s their children anyway, so they are the ones who in my view are the greatest losers in this story. The question is if it’s safe to keep this woman alive and release her in society? I don’t know, maybe it is.

          4. @ undergroundweller

            Hey, I agree with you. I feel there are WAY too many people in the world, and I’d wager one of my testicles that 80% of the people in the world are alive…because that’s “part of the plan” (Joker, the Dark Knight). Fucking without a condom feels good, and the natural consequence of that is that a baby pops out. I think that’s why the population of Western countries is decreasing; people with access to birth control don’t have babies unless they feel ready and REALLY want one.

            The problem with giving parents the right to kill their children is that, as with any benefit, there will be rogues who will use that right for wrong: a pedophile who makes a woman bear children for him, then kills them after he has sexually abused them, or a parent who recognizes his child is exceptional, and kills him out of envy (yes, both of them exist).

            That second one made me recall the fate of the fifth child Andrea Yates killed. He actually saw one of his siblings floating lifeless in the bathtub and tried to escape, but she went after him, caught him, brought him back, and drowned him as well. That’s something out of a horror movie right there. You come home from school, thinking everything is going to be just like it is always, and then…

          1. I’m agnostic. If there is a God, I doubt he has anything to do with any of the world’s creeds, as they all have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

            I know there is no hell, my question is, how does a person who BELIEVES mentally prepare themselves for that journey? Every revolution of the second hand is one tiny step towards that precipice.

    2. To kill her son makes she a lunatic, unless the child was unhealthy. By killing her prole and herself, she’s offed herself from the gene pool. True, we don’t know her personal situation, but unless she had a very good reason, she chose the stupid way out by obliterating herself. Natural selection.

  5. To those criticizing her for killing her kid, I mean if she dies then who will take care of her kid?

    Her kid might end up in the hands of pervert government facility who are known to abuse kids or end up starving to death (much more slow) in the apartment.

  6. I hate when people leave comments like i don’t care about the people but i feel bad for the animals, lots of animals would eat you alive and not think nothing of it, i’m not saying people aren’t monsters, but i personally feel safer around another human being than an animal

          1. Haha. But, cats are sooo clean. They scratch around in their shit box then prance around on the kitchen counter (when permitted by owner) with their anus on display like the end of a bologna tube.

          2. @dalailamemishuevos Not the cats fault that YOU are allergic!

            I feel the other way around, i know the animals wont hurt me because i treat them well!

            Humans on other hand, doesn’t matter what you do there will always be some psycho out there ready to hurt you or your loving ones just because..

            And using predators like Tigers in Africa as an excuse to throw harmless cats out of the window is one messed up way of thinking.

            I don’t say that i don’t care about the child, what i’m saying is that empathy goes both ways and not one direction alone. Back in the days slavery was all cool and you were a stupid person if you helped them. Then humans evolved and became more understanding and now most people would think you’re a stupid racist if you attack them. Same goes with the animals, i’m just waiting for the human race to evolve even more and understand that compassion, love and empathy is one in all. Not saying that we should love everyone since that’s impossible. Teach and educate is the right way or going.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! SERIOUSLY! Have you been living in a cave all your life? Humans are’nt monsters? I suggest you take a good look at all of our unspeakable acts both on here and on other sites, our history throughout the years is enough to condemn us all. What a sheltered and pampered life you have led by feeling safer around another human. I pity you. May you wake up real soon.

  7. Nooooooooo… Not the CATS! Cats are innocent little souls, and never deserve abuse! Kids too, but especially the cats. If that fucking woman didn’t die from the fall, she would need to be killed for what she did to those cats. Fucking worthless cunt.

  8. Okay, so I watched the video longer than before my first comment. Dumb fucking response team, the kid probably will die all the time he laid there in pain because they were to busy playing with this bitches hair and taking pics of her and her cat and covering her up before even NOTICING the kid there, and when they finally realize what do they do? Help? No, take a pic and chat about it. Purrrrrrfect

    1. @bellazombe

      I was thinking that they didn’t know about the kid and couldn’t see him at first. One guy looked like he was taking pics of the scene, then walked off, then came back and looked more closely at the cellar. I wondered if he uploaded the pics and once he saw them on a bigger screen he spotted the kid in one of them. Seriously, though, those guys should be renamed ‘last responders’.

      1. they can have group readings from the bible of freemasonry and make preparations for first contact with the “reptilian aliens” that taught circumcision to the semites in egypt. mutilate your genitals for satan, will be their decree.

  9. oh gravity, dat heartless b1tch

    i use firefox and i dont see any popups
    ublock origin + ghostery do fine with 3rd party stuff
    i could inject some script through greasemonkey if it passed somehow

  10. Most people wouldn’t fathom doing something like this but if you step into our shoes, you could see how this can make sense! It’s a chemical imbalance that fucks you all up and makes you do things that normal people wouldn’t. I’m sure everybody did something while they were drunk that they wouldn’t think of doing sober. That’s everyday life for us. I caught myself before it got really fucked up but some people don’t and this shit happens.

  11. I couldn’t watch this because of the cats . Don’t get me wrong though. I fucking hate the little fuckers.I prefer to leave anti freeze out for them.That way, I know that they will die an excruciating lingering death but it will be the owner who gets to see it . One less cat is fifty less shits in my cabbages.

      1. It’s quite ok deth.I’m quite used to dealing with menopausal women with a strange fascination with gore.I work in a mental home,and I see certain traits in you that I see in psychotic females.
        I must have made quite an impression on you at some point, hence your ‘Wow’ at the outset of your comment.Now, I’ll brb after I’ve topped up the anti freeze. If you grew cabbages then you would know.Thanks for reading deth.xxx

        1. Clint Eastwood – Youre used to dealing with menopausal women? Some special clinic where they hit menopause 20 years early?
          I have psychotic traits? You said you enjoy watching animals and people suffer. Wouldn’t that make you more psychotic?
          Yes you made an impression. Lol Hardly anybody speaks to me so of course, you stood out. I like totally remember our many interactions.

          1. No deth, I implied I do not enjoy watching animals suffer.I actually like all animals with the exception of cats . I’ve not watched the vid because of this.To me, cats are the most shallow and fickle animals I know.They will show affection yes, but not loyalty or love.They will gladly move on to a neighbour with a bigger hearth rug and feeding bowl.And they also shit all over my veg patch.I didn’t realise you are too young for the menopause and I’m sorry for the assumption.Your wisdom belies your years.I standby psychotic though lol.xxx

  12. Did anyone else hear that poor cat meowing for help? That broken back leg was a goner by the time anyone cared enough to do anything, and it was bleeding from the head and/or mouth, but someone could have wrapped it in a blanket and let it die warm instead of freezing cold or else put it out of its misery quickly. Seriously, that meowing made me want to reach right through my screen and do SOMETHING. One of my kitties made that same noise after its neck/back(?) was broken, not a single vet in the area would put her down because we weren’t ‘existing patients’, so we made her as comfortable as possible and it took her over an hour to slip away. During that hour she twice had some kind of ‘glitch’ in what was left of her spinal cord that told her body to ‘run’ while she was laying there, and the only control she had was being able to scream in absolute agony until it stopped. I never found out who hurt her but from then on my kitties were indoor ONLY.

  13. Fucking shit. Why the cat? I dont wanna see that shit. Glad the bitch fucking died. “Things” that go after animals deserve to die in the worsr way possible. If I was there id go take a nasty ass shit on her face with her mouth open. Fucking cunt. If its one thing that set me off,.. its the animal thing.

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