Young Burmese Couple Hang Themselves Together to Avoid Arranged Marriage

Young Burmese Couple Hang Themselves Together to Avoid Arranged Marriage

A young Burmese couple has killed themselves because the girl’s parents arranged her to marry someone else.

The couple has been planning to share cum grease since high school, but whereas the boy was from a poor family and didn’t have a job, the girl’s parents forced her to marry someone else in order to secure a better life for her.

Two weeks after the wedding, she ran away from her lawful husband, and with her college sweetheart, the two committed suicide by hanging themselves together.

What ungrateful little cunt. Imagine you are the man who invested in marrying her, gave dowry to her parents, and the cunt runs away with a younger guy…

We’ve seen similar thing happen in India before.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Young Burmese Couple Hang Themselves Together to Avoid Arranged Marriage”

  1. Well…I don’t get it, even if her parents didn’t want this marriage to happen…..why not just running away and give the middle fingers to her parents, instead of stretching your necks at the playground? Dumbasses!

  2. Awww… ๐Ÿ™
    Did the OP make you cry ..?

    *takes a deep breath*
    You want Mark to wrap up his stories in pillows and slap a warning label on every fucking post just incase an overly-sensitive cunt like yourself comes along (by accident) and makes an account to post with (by accident) …?

    PC much? O______o

  3. ..maybe the young fella had a so called death erection when they committed suicide, post-mortem erection by hanging, they say it happens to those who are executed by hanging, in this case their bodies so close to each other..well , maybe he banged her one more last romantic…Che bello!

  4. I don’t know their story to make full blown judgements, but to give your life away in this manner seems idiotic. They could run away or just continue their lives, to have a deep obsession for a person (in this case two obsessed people) so that you’re led to suicide for him is the sign of an abnormal mind, a sort of self destructive compulsive obsession. This is the sort of romantic fantasy endorsed by psychotic fiction works, which are detached from everyday reality, shoved down our throats in romantic movies and novels. Great best sellers, but quite detached from everyday life.

  5. Good job. Not that I give a fuck. But my guess is that they hanged like pieces of meat using the slow strangulation method (as opposed to neck snapping), in which case the fellow would have had a massive boner whilst alive, and she was well positioned to feel it.

    However I disagree with the opening narrative, about imagining you’re the guy invested in marrying her. Listen, just because you are some rich fucker doesn’t mean you should be able to buy whatever sh1t you want without building up a relationship. If you’re rich and are finding a woman through arranged marriage, as opposed to having women chase you and then you picking the one you want (as will happen in those type of paternal cultures), then you are probably not such a catch in the first place. I bet the rich guy was some fat bloke with bad teeth.

  6. Everyone keeps saying “why didn’t they just run away”. I’m sure they thought about that before jumping to suicide, literally, although I think it’s devastatingly romantic. At least they had someone to die with.

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