Young Indonesian Girl Jumps to Her Death from Hotel Room

Young Indonesian Girl Jumps to Her Death from Hotel Room

24 year old Indonesian girl named Adelia Friska jumped to her death from the room on the sixth floor of the Grand Kanaya Hotel in Medan. The girl reportedly panicked when police blasted in to raid the hotel room for drugs. Investigation uncovered she was under the influence of shabu (crystal meth) at the time.

Adelia Friska was reportedly a model, which I presume is a cover word for hooker. According to a hotel employee, she stayed in the room with “three male friends”. I’m sure they hired her to model latest fashion for them in private.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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  1. what a shame she was so opressed you know. she was forced into becoming a model by this immense pressure she felt living in a mans world. she felt so isolated and powerless so she had to break those female chains and use all that inner strength to cast off the shackles of opression and become a model, a supermodel in fact. but here something went wrong . . when she became a model, uhm supermodel sorry lets not be politically incorrect now she suddenly found that also was an immense pressure on her life and the female chains were locked right back on. angry and ever opressed by this biased male world she took one look at the disgusting filthy sexually perverse men and decided that she is just too damn perfect and pwiddy for this horrible world. she then decided the best way to prove she is a strong decisive and powerful woman of today is to take a flying leap to the concrete and destroy her amazing and delicate feminine body. yes that will show them horrible men and it will also be a beacon of light to all opressed females that we can stop these men. we can take charge of our bodys. we can be more than just a body to ogle. so for all females in this dog eat dog world she decided to transcend and become a modern day superwoman. she did this all for you girls, girl power rocks wahoo. p.s all men are too blame for this girls death.

    1. the only person to blame is herself.
      you are the master of your body.
      they are only 2 things that can take the control of your body :

      1- the death
      2- the disease

      and even if those 2 bastard shit come in your body, you still are master and can decide to fight them.

      she did this because she is stupid as fuck and under drug (so , still stupid).
      this have nothing to do with women power. the women power is to make babies, be strong, be good . not be junkie and sextoy.

      again, you “always” have the control of your body, always. you need fight. if you dont, you are stupid. simple as that. (they are some peoples in coma that can look like didnt have control, but as long as they alive, they have control)

      so, no, not any men is to blame for her death as same an any women , its all her own fault

      (and dont tell me somebody push her to take drug, you always can refuse or fight the addiction)

          1. Hahaha. Awesome and as a female I agree. Oppressed my ass! I won’t wear anything low cut unless I put a tanktop underneath. I don’t whore myself out. I wear makeup sparingly. I love being feminine but cunts go too far. It’s ridiculous

    1. Eh I doubt it,she was there to get fucked by 3 dudes…one at time or all once,So she needed that extra energy,motivation. That’s where the “Shabu” comes in. Kinda like when Sharon Stones character in Basic Instinct gets interrogated,this model would of said to police “ya ever fuck on Shabu?, it’s nice” but decided to get the hell outta there via 6th floor window.

    1. The yard arm works at night ?!. Well I never.

      Vertigo, now that can be a problem when at a great height. All to do with the inner ear and what not I believe. Makes folk want to jump, can’t help themselves. Crazy !!

      Here’s wishing you a fruitful new year, may your hopes and dreams be realised. Glug, hiccup, burp, slurp !

  2. Looks like the ambulances in Indonesia don’t carry blankets. They picked her up, newspaper and all, and put her on the back of that ambulance. Poor girl must be cold. I hope someone finds her a blanket. She’s probably going to catch a cold.

    1. It all depends on the frequency and length of eye contact…

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