Young Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping Under Truck in Nagpur, India

Young Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping Under Truck in Nagpur, India

Young Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping Under Truck in Nagpur, India

CCTV video from Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra, India shows ayoung man attempting suicide by jumping under the wheels of a passing truck.

I don’t know if the attempt was successful, cause instead of his head, he threw his hip under the wheel, so from the video it seems as though he just really hurt himself. The truck also wasn’t loaded so it wasn’t that heavy to pancake the shit out of him.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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67 thoughts on “Young Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping Under Truck in Nagpur, India”

          1. rapidly depressing 500 to 1000 pounds over trunk of body will send blood pressure thru roof bursting brain n blood vessels galore most all truck victims cannot survive that pressure

    1. haha, insurance scam would be a far fetched fantasy in India…

      Over 80% of the population is uninsured. Among the remaining 20%, only a small fraction have life insurance.. and I dont think that includes the likes of our ‘undertrucked bharati’ in the video

  1. I gotta feel sorry for this poor fuckup. I mean, there’s dumb, then there’s totally fuckin ignorant, then there’s brain dead, and then there’s this guy. I can’t imagine the depth of his despair when he couldn’t get himself dead on a busy dindu street. It makes me feel really bad for him.

    I wonder if he soiled hisself when that truck rolled over his abdomen?

  2. Is this a suicide or an insurance scam? Neither. It’s just another day in the life of a flip flop country with people who don’t understand the effects of stupidity. Let’s see…. ride mopeds like a six year old, don’t wear a helmet, slap on some flip flops, strap on the baby moma and baby, then goose that bitch until it won’t go any faster and pass as many trucks as possible. Then what? Pull out your phone and record so we can see it on bestgore.

  3. What the Hell is the matter with this guy? Couldn’t he just use a Train like any normal Indian?

    Perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that there are no Trains in this part of India. In this case, I would strongly recommend that the Indian Government invest in extending their rail network to this part of the Shithole to help keep the population at bay.

  4. whatta fuckin dumbass. i don’t understand people with these lame ass suicide attempts. be like the dude from mexico who face dived from that bridge straight into the concrete. if you’re going to do it, make sure you don’t end up crippled or a veggie for the rest of your life because you’re an incompetent moron that can’t even get suicide right.

    also, are we sure this asshole wasn’t trying to earn some cash rather than commit suicide? like getting run over by the truck and suing? is that a thing that happens in places other than the shithole that is america?

    no offense, i mean rock, flag, and eagle, man!

  5. Do you think he changed his mind? You know, he was talking shit right before, saying he was going to be a man and get his head smashed in and then he gets there and doesn’t have the balls.

  6. The truck was going so slow. If it was going real fast he would have been torn to shreds. (Right?) This just looks painful and maybe non-fatal. Now he`s really gonna want to die! He shoulda went for the shotgun or a tall building.

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