Young Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Transmission Tower in Lima, Peru

Young Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Transmission Tower in Lima, Peru

Young Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Transmission Tower in Lima, Peru

A young man committed suicide by throwing himself from the upper arm of a transmission tower on Antunes de Mayolo Avenue in the Los Olivos district of Lima, the capital city of Peru.

The same young man had allegedly attempted suicide in March of this year. That time he had failed, this time – succeeded. Local media further allege that mother of the man witnessed him jump as she helplessly watched from the ground.

The video consists of the footage showing the jump, as well as a bit of the aftermath. It is quite remarkable that despite the length of the fall and the landing on the pavement, his landed body looks quite intact. No head splatter, guts spillage, nothing. He just lays there on the road with feet crossed, doing a little pointer.

Props to Best Gore members @argos408 and @ancap for the videos:

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155 thoughts on “Young Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Transmission Tower in Lima, Peru”

      1. @nrc073
        Lol, yea in this case it’s the Ass or the Head. Talk about head,,, there is not one drop of blood coming from it, his mouth, or ears,,, nothing strange eh??? I mean since he fell from so high You’d think that he would have exploded on contact.

          1. DumbKunt
            I cannot help myself but laugh every single time that i see your name brother, lol.
            And yea, lol The NFL Must kick themselves in the Arse every time that they see this video, bwa ha, ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. @Snafu Man
            Yes true enough in this case, but in many others even when jumping from much less higher they spread blood, and organs all over the street, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. he hit the deck flat ,same as those circus chaps who dive into 1 ft of water .the force flattens ,in this case looks as his spine hit the floor level,resulting in a equal force across his body ..instant death ,no cardiac beat ,no blood flow,he rested in one peace ,just pop him in coffin and hes good to autopsy needed.cause of death,mental retardation inherent….by the way toking some nice haze ,that stardog stuff,got a bad back making my testicles hurt ,having slept with a 21 year old added to my woes,well thats all hope you good brother dre.

    1. Wow! Nice leap of faith! If it was me, Iโ€™d put on my best running/jumping shoes and aim for the fire truck! Crush that red truck lol-At least Iโ€™d go out with a bang! Hey lifeโ€™s a bitch so why not? Going out with a thwack and a thud just seems boring! Or get creative and tie a big roll of firecrackers and a few M-80s and go out with a BIG bang you know! Imagine a person jumping with firecrackers exploding during the fall! Donโ€™t forget the lighter if you try it! Make it exciting since the world got duller with COVID. But I digress- he gets a 5.5 for form and a 1.0 for creativity!

        1. @thedre
          Thank you!
          Anyone ever thought just for a moment that the color red elicits thoughts of danger, anger, rage, and to some people anxiety?
          If so, does anyone else think surrounding a jumper with red colored vehicles and flashing red lights is the best idea?
          They say pink or beige (neutral) colors can have a calming effect…
          if I was the jumper in that state of mind- red cars and lights with sirens would just piss me off more…
          And I would definitely aim for that truck- lol
          Just throwing that out there- maybe specialized vehicles not painted red to respond to suicide emergencies might save a few lives?

        1. The impact noise is a little muffled and overlaid with crowd and ambient noise. I got a great suicide impact smack a year or so ago. I stuck a bit of gated reverb on it and used it as a snare drum sound on a song I was working on.

      1. @antoniocastro

        They tried! They were trying their newest invention called spray foam! They said it environment friendly, because it blended with all surfaces- no need to clean off or disassemble! Unfortunately the foam hardened and because it was clear foam the jumper couldnโ€™t see it! They tried!

    1. I want to see someone jump with a whoopee cushion strapped to their ass and head- in case they are not sure which end they are going to land on! I just want to hear the sound it makes- is it going to be a popping fart or a massive ripper type fart?

    1. 5.4/10

      The dismount was clean but he couldn’t stick the landing. Also would have preferred to see some rotational flips or something.

      Also, I think I’d like to see someone do a cannonball or swan dive. I betcha that a cannonball would make a mess.

    1. Yes indeed,,, just another day in the life there, in Peru.
      And It’s always nice to see you my loving Best-Gore Sister. ๐Ÿ™‚
      But at the same time i really missed you Girl, as i had not seen you in awhile. So i’m glad that you are o.k. and still around. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. More like, just another day on planet earth, suicide is rampant everywhere basically. Which I’d assume social media is partial to blame, of course there’s a lot other causes to consider. But I think social media in particular exacerbates mental problems. futhermore the dating world for a man nowadays is totally messed up.

      2. @thedre
        Long time indeed. I was off BG for a while. I was on a working rough trip in the jungles of Congo and Central African Republic but at least we had a good time in Kigali, Rwanda. Visited the genocide museum, seeing those piles of skulls and bones..eeeehhhh!

        1. @AfricanAngel
          I Was wondering where you were, and was hoping that you were ok, and safe. I Am so happy to know that all is well with you, and that your job has you traveling the beautiful African country side. It is in our bucket list to take 6 to 8 weeks and travel there.

          Would it not be cool if we could land in the state that you reside in and if you can take some time off of work, and travel with us All Expenses paid, yea?? ๐Ÿ™‚

          It’s nice to see you back with us here hun, where you belong, are loved and very respected my lovely Best-Gore Sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. @rayf

            Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Looks like you’re beyond the adVENT of becoming a Wise Man. Let’s pray this poor soul finds the Ladder Day Saints to reach a Higher Power, so he can Return to Earth again soon.

    1. Doesn’t even look like a man. He looks like a young teenage boy. I always wonder what drives someone to get the mentality to climb a building (or in this case a tower) and just.. “let go”. He did look so peaceful though.. it is too bad no one could help him through the shit he was clearly going through.

          1. Especially when he gave everyone so much Static, when they tried to talk him out of jumping. Authorities would’ve only Charged him with trespassing, but he kept Clinging to his story about wanting to Pole Volt the tower, and not jump from it.

  1. A young mangina raised by his mom to believe in love and that woman are good people to later find out love is not real and his woman had been monkey branching around the neighborhood. They just become the next best gore victim as they realize life is not full of flowers and daisies like mommy taught. Not raised by a father that was a straight shooter this is there way out of life. The weak pathetic way cause he was raised by a woman. But god dam was amazing how he climbed all the way up that big ass tower like he was king kong. But then again a woman can drive a man so insane a mangina can use that motivation to climb to the top.

  2. No blood. No guts. Nothing. The least he could have done is gorged himself on guinea pigs so they could come flying out on impact. How inconsiderate of him. He clearly wasn’t a fan of this page. At least he upped his record to 1 and 1 on suicide attempts.

  3. May 1st, 1947. Evelyn McHale jumped from the 86th story of the Empire State Building. 1000 feet high.
    The famous photo is called, “The Most Beautiful Suicide.”
    The body appear perfectly intact.
    When the body was moved from the top of the crushed car, it came apart:
    “Despite her near perfect appearance, according to reports, when her body was moved she โ€œfell apartโ€, the impact having liquefied most of her organs.”
    Link includes the famous photo:

  4. Peru suck balls, I know it cause my country is shit but peruvians come here to live cause here is better lol
    No shame for that retard, never will understand why people scream, none of them knew that asshole so why the fuck even screaming? I would laugh my ass off if I was there

  5. Please is there more back info about this incident?? I’m curios why is he tending to suicide like this >.<
    I mean i have depression but i wouldn't throw myself from top of a transmission tower in front of all these people

    is there any more back info about this kid?

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