Young Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Train in India

Young Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Train in India

Young Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Train in India

While waiting at a railway crossing in India, a young man engages in conversation with bikers. Then, as the train gets near he runs toward the tracks and commits suicide by throwing himself under the passing machine.

I wonder what the deal is with the guy filming. He knew he was to film this event, and barely flinched when the suicide happened.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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81 thoughts on “Young Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Train in India”

        1. Hey yea! That would be an excellent excellent idea for a new reality series… They could show people doing that from all over the world jumping in front of trains to commit suicide… I think you’re on to something here… and they could do a little mini documentary on each one and the reasons why they were doing it and of course as usual the film crew / camera people would not interfere and only be there to document

          1. any one else feels he shouldnt have taken his bag with him like leave the goodies behind to the poor blokes who witness ur mess. any one else. ..? just me??

    1. Im impressed by how fast this guy was, If he missed the train just by a millisecond he would’ve missed it and now he has to deal with a therapist that sugar coats shit and treats him like he’s an innocent little girl for the rest of his life.

    1. i was going to comment on the bag, too. whatta dumbass. if anything, you’re just making your run to death more awkward. it would be hilarious if that bag somehow fucked up his timing and he only got cut in half and had to suffer for a while or similar.

  1. Now this may be a frequent remark …. But isnt there a better way than suicide by train ?
    Just imagine the future he could have if he would have simply slit his throat or hang himself. Almost 100% certainty of death and even if it wouldnt go right he wouldnt end up mutilated bleeding for a couple of hours. But yeah real men do take risks, i aknowledge that. Even though this is a rather unnecesary risk.

  2. “Hold my beer. I’m going to throw myself under this train.”
    Cameraman holds his friend’s beer in one hand, and turns on his cellphone to film with the other.
    After the suicide, Cameraman turns off his phone and finishes the beer.

  3. The Camera did not really move a jot during the filming. There was a slight forward/ straightening move during the first forty seconds (note the green and red bolted frame on the left) which kinda makes me thinks it is a dashcam or a GoPro mounted on a motorbike handlebars.
    The observant among us will notice the young man exiting rapidly to the right, propelled along by the front of the train which seems to have hooked him on the very front part of its undercarriage. He will have felt every sleeper as he battered over them… rather like Homer bouncing off each rock on his way down Springfield Gorge or skiing down that slope with his legs open and all them springy Christmas Trees smashing into his bollocks… but not in a funny cartoon way.

  4. Why the hell was he carrying around a backpack! Did he pack a lunch to eat in the afterlife! And it’s fucking obvious that camera man knew exactly what was about to happen. The guy probably told him hey record this I’m about to show you something you will never forget!

  5. I have a few questions about this. 1) Yes, indeed. Why was the guy filming and didn’t flinch? 2) This may be an answer to the first question, but why did everybody around the man seem intrigued about him before he did the suicides? 3) What’s with the bag? If he’s going to kill himself, is there any need for the bag?

  6. “I see that train a comin, its rollin round the bend, and I aint seen the sunshine since…I don’t know when” ……….The entire time I watched this video i couldnt help but sing this song in my head from Johnny Cash lmfao

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