Young Man Commits Suicide by Train in Lima, Peru

Young Man Commits Suicide by Train in Lima, Peru

Young Man Commits Suicide by Train in Lima, Peru

Best Gore member @kobayashi has the backinfo:

Lima, Peru – February 26, in the morning, a young man committed suicide. Victim of depression threw himself on the train tracks. Security protocols did not work. I live 10 minutes from that station, and I was really late for work.

Thanks a lot for the videos and the backinfo, @kobayashi. Here’s the CCTV of the man jumping under the approaching train:

Brief video of the aftermath. I think he went for decapitation, but it didn’t work out. Looks like he got cut in half instead:

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68 thoughts on “Young Man Commits Suicide by Train in Lima, Peru”

    1. And what if it was a move towards recapitation as sometimes the ones wishing to commit suicide leave their heads above shoulders left behind but end up trying to reboot their brains in their last minutes to have that head back before decapitation happens .

      This one must have been cut below sternum

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      1. Excellent point Nem, back in the 60s/70s the Govt used the taxpayer’s money to build an asset, which delivered a good service to the taxpayer, and also gave many of them a secure job

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  3. He needed someone well TRAINed in child psychology. Too late now. Would have been great if cartoon Tom Hanks stepped off yelling “All aboard! This is The Bi-Polar Express!!”

  4. “splash splash l got hit with his ass, torn off by a mighty green train….
    Rub dub l was sprayed down in blood, and peppered with his splattered pink brains….
    Standing on the platform, suicide he performed, and all of a sudden everything for him was alright…

    One of the shittiest songs to parody, and l an NO weird Al.

    Surprised l pulled this off to that extent

  5. Why make your death messy and basic if ya are going to kill yourself ya might as well do it right and overdose and god forbid ya live through your death by train antics and spend your life in a wheelchair .

  6. I live in peru and the video attached is not from this suicide its from another suicide. Just look closely at the date on the lower left corner. The pic is real and it does belong to this case tho

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