Young Thai Shoots Himself in Head with Revolver in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Young Thai Shoots Himself in Head with Revolver in Nonthaburi, Thailand

What may be a legitimate suicide in the Land of Smiles (Smiles until you turn your back, then – Wham!). A young Thai apparently couldn’t cut it as con artist and so as not to disgrace his family any longer he opted for honorable suicide.

I’m just fucking around. I actually have no background info on this man nor was there any note found at the scene and we only get a mediocre translation that leaves a lot to be desired. Also on a side note, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen one of these paramedics before.

The 241: 09/02/58

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32 thoughts on “Young Thai Shoots Himself in Head with Revolver in Nonthaburi, Thailand”

    1. True – but he was not civilised enough to put a pillow case on that pillow…how fucking rude.

      In my house, my cleaner *always* makes sure the pillows are covered

      Ever since my (white) dad ran off with his Thai mistress, I’ve been concerned for a) his bank account, b) his bank account and c) his safety. Although, his house is pretty clean, as she is a sick cleaner – so no longer concerned about that.

  1. So Thais now makes crappy mysterious “poems”? Odd… 😆

    Im not so sure if this was “suicide”… his hands are not in the position of such… and he was layed as if was sleeping. If he had killed himself standing sit, the blood would be all over the wall, and the brain parts wouldnt be on his pillow…

  2. The guy (kid?) looks half caucasian. In the xenophobic ‘Land of Smiles’, such a background can lead to a life of pure hell.

    As for the caliber of the pistol… Lots of cartridge, not much bullet.. A magnum of some smaller caliber, perhaps. 32 cal, maybe? Even a 25?

    Clearly enough to do the job. No evidence of flailing about. Instantaneous ‘light’s out’.

    People that age have not had the opportunity to see that things do, in fact, change and often for the better. Yep, life sometimes sucks. But, geesh, this guy.. way young. Sad. Very much so.

  3. This is what my SICK MIND thinks happened to this dude. His Whoring Mother made him drug his Foreign White Stepfather, and throw him off a 40th floor building and promised him half the money! To his surprise, mom shot him in the head, and made it look like a suicide eh! 😉

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