Bicycle Rider Without Helmet = Nasty Head Splatter

Another bicycle rider who fails to wear a helmet ends up with a head splatter. Pictures would look much better if onlookers moved so they’re not shading half the area that’s being photographed – it causes shitty contrasts. Regardless, a guy with fatty armpits ends up with his head splattered across the road. Brain covering … Continue reading “Bicycle Rider Without Helmet = Nasty Head Splatter”

Clean Cut Suicide by Train

Train always wins. This is allegedly another suicide by train, yet it looks to me more like a dude on his way home from the pub who thought he was in bed but laid his head on the train tracks. Either way, train came, sliced his head off and left. Clean cut job, victim wasn’t … Continue reading “Clean Cut Suicide by Train”

Decapitated in Traffic Accident

No info with these pictures, but it looks like traffic accident. Man had his head decapitated by getting his face sliced off, his left hand was severed and left foot busted. In one of the pictures there is a semi truck in the background, I wonder if it’s just a random vehicle passing by as … Continue reading “Decapitated in Traffic Accident”

Internet Versus Anna Shavenkova

Corruption in Russia reached a whole new level. Anna Shavenkova, daughter of Irkutsk’s regional election commission chairman slammed at full speed into pedestrians on a sidewalk, got out of her car and the only thing she was concerned about was the damage done to her vehicle. So she kept inspecting it, while Elena Pyatkova whom … Continue reading “Internet Versus Anna Shavenkova”

Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident

Poor guy got trapped inside a vehicle after a car accident and with no easy options to get out before it was too late, he saw himself slowly barbequed as flames engulfed the car. It was probably a fast, but extremely painful death. Not even his penis got spared. Omnipresent flames roasted his member as … Continue reading “Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident”

Motorcyclist Ripped Apart by Large Truck in the Rain

Motorcycles are known well for being quite deadly, but this time the biker got ripped to shit beyond words. Heavy rain made for bad visibility and crappy driving condition resulting in collision between a motorcycle and a large truck. Motorcyclist was sucked under truck’s tires and mangled for a few hundred yards before the truck … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Ripped Apart by Large Truck in the Rain”

Man Riding Scooter Killed in Road Accident

Scooters are a popular means of transportation in South East Asia. Just as most two wheeled means of transportation, scooters don’t offer riders much protection in accidents. This one looks like it took place in Thailand or maybe Cambodia – I can’t tell one gibberish writing from another. If you take a look at that … Continue reading “Man Riding Scooter Killed in Road Accident”

Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea

This can be summed up with two words – Female Driver! Rear ending tractor trailers with passenger vehicles is never a good idea. Not only are you and your car going to end up leveled, the tractor trailed you have rear-ended will look like it doesn’t have a scratch. Speeding and texting are not a … Continue reading “Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea”

Young Driver Crashes Car Killing Passengers, He Survives

Young man was driving a car with his mother and sister as passengers and crashed destroying the windshield and part of the engine area but that’s not quite what’s on his mind right now. He survived the crash with just a scratch on his head and as he was trapped inside, he watched his mother … Continue reading “Young Driver Crashes Car Killing Passengers, He Survives”

Decapitated on the Side of the Road

There are two most common types of decapitations. One is beheading (mostly) by religious fanatics, and the other is decapitation in traffic accidents. This was allegedly the latter even though the severity of the act raises some doubts. One thing that may confirm traffic accident decapitation is uneven neck wound. Though given that many beheadings … Continue reading “Decapitated on the Side of the Road”