Retail Shop Owner Murdered in Cape Town, South Africa

A retail shop owner was shot at point blank range by a man posing to be a customer. He and three other associates entered the shop in the China Town area of Cape Town, South Africa back in September on the pretense of buying clothes when one pulled a gun and shot the man in … Continue reading “Retail Shop Owner Murdered in Cape Town, South Africa”

African Copper Thief Badly Burnt During Ill-Fated Excursion

Video from Lynnvill, a suburb of Witbank City, in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, shows the end result of a thief who was attempting to steal a “4 Core armoured electrical copper cable” (I don’t know electrical shit and I ain’t gonna pretend to) from the Botha Substation when shit went horribly awry. The young man … Continue reading “African Copper Thief Badly Burnt During Ill-Fated Excursion”

African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight

Video from an undisclosed location in Africa. A thief was unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed and was subjected to some mob justice. Now, they don’t kill him, but they do strip him naked and whip him and beat him and have him run wee wee wee all the way home naked through the streets. … Continue reading “African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight”

South African Police Gun Down Robber After He Surrenders

Incident occurred in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg, South Africa on October 19th, 2015. An armed man attempted to rob a hardware store police were tipped off and waiting in a van for the man. When the suspect exited the shop, he fired a shot toward the van and the police fired back, hitting the suspect … Continue reading “South African Police Gun Down Robber After He Surrenders”

Zimbabwe Taxi Drivers Spin Their Vehicles During Funeral Procession for Fallen Comrade

Apparently, it is the custom of taxi drivers in Zimbabwe to spin their vehicles or essentially, do “doughnuts” while in a funeral procession for one of their fallen comrades. And here is video of such event, what could possibly go wrong? Mad props to African Angel for the hookup.

Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa

Who said men have it easy? The following is part of a documentary showcasing the brutal circumcision rituals of an unknown African tribe. Interesting to note is that these practices predate the seemingly mandatory circumcisions of the modern Western era. The practice is carried out with no anesthesia and any, no matter how old, who … Continue reading “Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa”

Cat Fight Live from the Slums of Lusaka, Zambia

You thought the Americans and South Americans were the only ones who knew the art of the cat fight? Think again! Video captures a brutal fight between to African on the infamous “Devil Street” in the Lusaka slum of Zambia, South Africa. The incident occurred during the rainy season, somewhere between January and March 2013, … Continue reading “Cat Fight Live from the Slums of Lusaka, Zambia”

Boko Haram Behead Nigerian Soldier in Borno, Nigeria

Boko Haram, ISIS’ Jihadist Brothers from another mother, have released a new video in which several members of the Nigerian military in Borno, Nigeria, had been killed. Some pretty good gore here, too, folks. Head emptied of contents, lots of pretty colours all the shit you like. As a bonus, we then get a live … Continue reading “Boko Haram Behead Nigerian Soldier in Borno, Nigeria”

Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy

I don’t have any background information about the video, but this here pussy is right up there with Blue Waffle, or this weirdness, as one of the world’s nastiest cracks. The visibly swollen and infected pussy, when spread open, reveals a colony of maggots that are excessively busy crawling over one another. Makes you wonder … Continue reading “Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy”

Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head

Wanna see something cool? How about a man with a huge knife jammed into his skull? I thought the dude was dead at first, but his wrinkled, raisan face starts grimacing in pain. This happened in the Sudan, North Africa. But I don’t know the circumstances of the attack…but I think that it’s safe to … Continue reading “Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head”