Arm Cracks from Intravenous Drug Use

The story that comes with these pics was a little garbled, but from what Best Gore member @amber-alert gathered, this guy was shooting up drugs (heroin?) and he got an abscess or collapsed vein. The pics shows a large crack on the arm. Whether intravenous drug use could really cause that, I do not know. … Continue reading “Arm Cracks from Intravenous Drug Use”

Road Rage in Rotterdam, Holland Results in a Loser Beating Girls

CCTV camera pointed at a parking lot of Dutilhweg shopping mall in Rotterdam-Prinsenland, Holland recorded a road rage altercation which lead to a twinky dude attacking two girls because he felt like he was entitled to the right of way and they had no right to interfere with his driving. It was filmed on Saturday … Continue reading “Road Rage in Rotterdam, Holland Results in a Loser Beating Girls”

Synthol Abuser Death Video

Remember the twinkey who pumped so much synthol in his arms, it exploded with a massive gush? It looks like he’s died as a result of his synthol abuse. The video above expands a little bit on a video we had posted earlier and contains the abuser’s death. Coroner report states that he died as … Continue reading “Synthol Abuser Death Video”

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture

This kid’s desperate struggle for small penis resulted in quite hilarious open muscle rupture. His triceps literally exploded as a result of anabolic steroid abuse. This is a whole new way to demonstrate the side effects of roid mongering. I think a new line of medication needs to be developed to treat patients suffering from … Continue reading “Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture”