Baby with Large Part of Brain Out of Skull

Anencephaly or aprosencephaly with an open skull is a defect of the central nervous system, this defect occurs at birth. It is serious because the baby is born with a large absence of a part of the brain and skull. It is a type of neural tube defect (NTD) and in the fusion of several … Continue reading “Baby with Large Part of Brain Out of Skull”

Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India

In Kathihar, Bihar, India, a baby boy was born with top of his head missing. According to the information I got, the condition is caused by the genetic disorder we’ve seen on Best Gore before, although harlequin ichthyosis is typically associated with scaly skin. The condition looks closer to anencephaly than harlequin ichthyosis to me, … Continue reading “Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India”

Gallery of Medical Gore

Life got you down? Foreign conflicts too confusing? Police brutality too rage-inducing? Well, put down that razor blade, Dr. Obli’s got 10cc’s of medical-related gore to get you back on your feet. Some brutal shit here, guys. Guts everywhere, assorted body parts, autopsies and deformed infants. What the fuck else could you ask for? In … Continue reading “Gallery of Medical Gore”

Anencephalic Baby Video

Anencephaly is a severe neural tube defect whereas the fetus develops abnormally, typically – with much of the brain missing. Anencephalic babies are born with top of the skull and scalp missing, leaving underlying tissue, including whatever’s left of the brain exposed. Trying to prolong a life of an anencephalic babies would be contra-productive as … Continue reading “Anencephalic Baby Video”