Dog Released on Man Standing Off on Street in Residential Neighborhood

I really have no idea what exactly is going on in this video. It appears to take place in a residential area in North America. It shows a shirtless fat guy with hands busy to keep his shorts up, in a stand off with a black guy. The former has several people behind him, including … Continue reading “Dog Released on Man Standing Off on Street in Residential Neighborhood”

Costa Rican Arena Bull Impales Chubby Man, Guts Spill Out

In a bullfighting arena in Costa Rica, a chubby man got impaled by a bull who speared him in the fat gut with the horn. I don’t even know what the guy was doing in there. As he crawled to safety with exposed ass crack, guts spilled out through the punctures in the abdominal walls. … Continue reading “Costa Rican Arena Bull Impales Chubby Man, Guts Spill Out”

Dead Man in Living Room Eaten by Hungry Cats

Story Time With Uncle Dan: In Russia, Pussies Eat You Sounds Russian, but the cats look Siamese, so who knows. I have seen my share of pussy eating videos, but never the other way around. This short video, allegedly takes place in The Russian Federation. A dead cat owner is discovered, being devoured by her … Continue reading “Dead Man in Living Room Eaten by Hungry Cats”

Man is Gored by Bull

My first thought when I saw this was “Why are us humans so dumb?”. My second thought was “Why is this this man tied to a bull?”. Anyway, the video shows a man being tossed around by a bull, the bull jabs him with his horns and lies motionless from then on out. A bunch … Continue reading “Man is Gored by Bull”

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Probably jealous of his sweet man-purse. In an unknown land, reminiscent of Latin America, two street fighters armed with knives go at it like two bitches in heat. By the time video starts recording, a submissive fighter bleeds like a stuck hog while man’s best friend makes attempt to sniff his ass. A stab here … Continue reading “Dog Referees Knife Fight”

Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy our gore goers, than I don’t know what will. It seems as if the apocalypses has begun. This rotting human, functioning with a dead stare and half a brain, lies on a hospital bed, answering questions while maggots thrive on her head. Hey that rhymed, anyway, there is no back … Continue reading “Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots”

German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt

Crack of Dawn edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @li54p3p5, who broke up a dog fight and has the scars to prove it: Just before Christmas last year, my dogs got into a fight. I tried to split them up but ended up with my right hand in my German … Continue reading “German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt”

Golden Shower from Cow

Allegedly from India comes this video of a man drinking and then bathing in the urine of a cow. He cups his hands to catch the pee and after drinking it, scoops the rest off the ground and rubs it in his face. He then strikes a pose for the camera, maybe it’s a new … Continue reading “Golden Shower from Cow”

Severed Penis Found in Food, Africa

So bad news guys, the video doesn’t actually show any food. I know I was bummed out too.. It does however, show a bunch of Africans in a group passing around a severed penis that was apparently found in a student’s food. I have heard of people stealing penises in Africa to sell them in … Continue reading “Severed Penis Found in Food, Africa”

Another Normal Day in India

The bystanders in this video are only distracted for a few moments as a car rear-ends some guy hauling dirt. The dirt is poured all over the road but no one seems to be phased very much, including the guy who was steering the trailer. I’m surprised he wasn’t thrown off into the road. The … Continue reading “Another Normal Day in India”