Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

For 12 solid years, has been the most prominent and popular gore (ie reality news) website in the world, and its present position is even more dominant. It has won numerous accolades, including “The Most Controversial“, or “The Most Shocking” website on the internet. In 2012, the website gained global notoriety after the Best … Continue reading “Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore”

Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary

If you like the content on Best Gore, but don’t particularly care for my commentary, there’s an alternative website for you to consider: is the official provider of video streaming and hosting services for Best Gore, and has been self maintained by yours truly since before my re-emergence. You can view videos that … Continue reading “Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary”

August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad

You guys have surely noticed that over the last few days, there has been a general slowdown in content being published. There was a very good reason for that, and without much fluff, here’s why: Mark is finally out of unsafe Canada. It didn’t happen without challenges and issues, but it’s finally done. It’s still … Continue reading “August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad”

Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore

Ah nostalgia. Remembering the good old days. That’s the purpose of this post. A tribute to the man who started it all and the days when Best Gore was a tight, tight community of freaks and fiends and friends. This is a tribute to the old timers, who remember the Guro art posts by our … Continue reading “Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore”

Guro, Responsible Gun Owners and Open Platform Reminder

Since winter is almost upon us here in my neck of the woods, I’m gonna pull one more disappearance stunt before snowfall locks me out. It’s quite a bit colder now so it’s my hope that I won’t lose a litre of blood to mosquitoes each time I bend over to pick up a blueberry, … Continue reading “Guro, Responsible Gun Owners and Open Platform Reminder”

Paper Doll Torture by On

A few months ago I introduced Paper Doll Gore Art by a Hong Kong artist who calls himself On. Everything would suggest that On is a male artist, but human hands used in his paper doll art look very girly so he either has girly hands, uses a female model or is a male wannabe … Continue reading “Paper Doll Torture by On”

Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On

This is not our typical Best Gore material, but I thought it was amazing and well worth the sidetrack from our regular programming. Hong Kong artist by the name of On (that’s all, that’s his name – On) makes these gore themed paper doll series which expand on the traditional Japanese Guro Art by adding … Continue reading “Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On”

Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction

Since it’s Easter, here’s a picture of a girl impaled on a spear. It’s a drawing by an amazing illustrator from Japan – Hiroaki Samura. From what I’ve seen so far, Hiroaki Samura is hands down best guro illustrator on the planet. Not only is he amazing illustrator, he also has all these amazing ideas … Continue reading “Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction”

How to Add Profile Pictures (Choose Avatars)

As of today, it’s possible for everyone who has an account on Best Gore to add their own profile picture (aka choose their own avatar) form within their account. As you know, previously this service was taken care of by Gravatar – a third party cross blog service – however since unrelated gore posts were … Continue reading “How to Add Profile Pictures (Choose Avatars)”

WTF – The Valentine’s Day Essay

It’s Valentine’s Day so I wrote a little love filled essay to show my gratitude for affection we fellow humans show to one another on the most basic level. I call it “What The Fuck?” You know like… men have dicks and women have pussies and like… dicks are meant to go inside pussies but … Continue reading “WTF – The Valentine’s Day Essay”