Mexican Biker Dies Beheaded and with Amputated Arm

A motorcyclist lost his life after crashing in the Hidalgo tunnel in downtown Guadalajara, Mexico. The accident occurred at the exit from an underground parking lot, where the biker who was riding with a group of motorcyclists allegedly hit a guardrail. Due to speeding, the impact left the biker beheaded and with an amputated arm. … Continue reading “Mexican Biker Dies Beheaded and with Amputated Arm”

Man Slowly Dismembered

From Latin America, the video starts out with a guy, bound in a chair, with a piece of cloth around his mouth. He looks as if he knows what’s coming to him and has accepted it, already looking dead inside. The man filming wont shut up, talking the whole time, for sure he is explaining … Continue reading “Man Slowly Dismembered”