ATV Accident Leaves Woman with Cracked Forehead

Alysia L. sent us pictures of an accident she was involved in back in 2010. She was riding an All Terrain Vehicle and wasn’t wearing a safety helmet. The ATV flipped into a creek bed, and this is what it did to her. She says she ended up with over 100 stitches, because doctors stopped … Continue reading “ATV Accident Leaves Woman with Cracked Forehead”

Two Dumb Asses on Four Wheeler Hit Truck

Here’s something good for a laugh. Two dumb asses (probably drunk) on one of those four wheelers or ATV’s or whatever the fuck, showing off by riding it on just the back wheels and somehow they both manage to miss the huge truck in front of them. Of course, when you’re acting like a douche, … Continue reading “Two Dumb Asses on Four Wheeler Hit Truck”

Children Lie Dead on a Dirt Road in Indonesia

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this video, but I can see what looks to me like an off road vehicle in it. I’m speculating there was an off road race of sorts, kids were trying to get close to the action, an out of control vehicle jumped at them out of fucking nowhere and … Continue reading “Children Lie Dead on a Dirt Road in Indonesia”

Wrist Ripped Open in an ATV Accident

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member coldflames. In his own words: The arm in this picture is of a student that I went to school with. He was in a ATV wreck last year and this was the result of his wrist. I don’t really know … Continue reading “Wrist Ripped Open in an ATV Accident”