Young Couple Die in Bike Accident at Indian Village

Accident in a small Indian village, in which a young man and a young woman were riding in the bike. Youth and a girl died on the spot. Props to Best Gore member @shivd9 for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Biker Crashes at High Speed, Body Split In Half, Arm Left inside Minibus

On Friday June 14, 2019 in Georgetown, Guyana (South America), a man is speeding down Vlissingen Rd, Georgetown, when he crashes into a minibus (with passengers inside). The man’s body is split in half and his arm left inside the bus. Props to Best Gore member @wowwhathappened for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Dashcam – Bad Driver Equals Bad Death

No location known. This reminds me of that hilarious video not too long ago, also captured on dashcam from 2018. The driver of his BMW, lost control of the steering wheel, and ended by sending an innocent person to heaven (or hell). Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and the video: Fill browser … Continue reading “Dashcam – Bad Driver Equals Bad Death”

Lost Pictures Added – Motorcycle Crash Aftermath Surgery

I’m a blockhead and found the other set of pictures that originally went along with the solo pic of arm stitches. Finally got the answer to this. He was on some sort of bike, be it a really fast moped, or motorcycle, and bailed super hard. I don’t know if he hit a car, I’d … Continue reading “Lost Pictures Added – Motorcycle Crash Aftermath Surgery”

Dumb Bitch Faceplants Ground in Argentina

In Argentina, a dumb bitch is rumored to suffer a brain injury after failing to ride bike safely from platform. You’d think her expertise in “riding” would have helped her in this situation. Alas, she ends up on the ground lying like a dead fish, which she is also an expert at, when being ridden. … Continue reading “Dumb Bitch Faceplants Ground in Argentina”

Face Scraped Up Dodging Car

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @helloimdude, who scraped his face after hitting a curb: Rode my bike down a huge hill and hit a curb at the bottom while trying to dodge a car. Ended up with a scraped up face and gash that somehow got a bunch … Continue reading “Face Scraped Up Dodging Car”

Motorcycle Crash in Poland Leaves Rider Legless

A video of a motorcycle crash in Poland. Dude got his leg cut off with a road sign, you can clearly see it in the vid. Not his fault from what I read, some dumb driver got in his way. Props to Best Gore member @jacobthegreat for backinfo and the video: Plus the pictures:

Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance

At the helm is literature maestro @blucon and his untouched, unstained, clean as a whistle writing. Appreciate reading your masterpiece! In these days of deceit, betrayals, Murders, untoward happenings, shaming once own very existence, that of the humanity, catastrophes and natural calamities; It isn’t that the Miracles do not happen. In what seemed like an … Continue reading “Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance”

Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die

This happened in Paniqui, Tarlac, the Philippines on April 10, 2019, where there was an collision between a truck with a group of bikers. Four bikers died on the spot with a bunch more seriously injured. The story is that a 10 wheeler truck swerved into the oncoming lane, ramming the bikers as they rode … Continue reading “Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die”

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees

In an unspecified part of India, a motorcyclist was run down by a truck that ran him over and crushed him to death. The trucker then fled the scene, leaving behind the carnage. The victim has his head utterly smashed, and the abdomen emptied of content. There’s cardboard ready to cover him with, but nobody … Continue reading “Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees”