Ghanaian Cab Driver Stabbed, Fight Over Non Payment in Bronx, NYC

Happens in Bronx, NYC. Guy stabs Ghanaian (Ghana, Country in West Africa) cab driver in fight over non payment. The article stated he dies but local rumors are he will survive. Suspect his lady got away for now. No more updates as of yet. Props to Best Gore member @mistermega88 for first and hopefully not … Continue reading “Ghanaian Cab Driver Stabbed, Fight Over Non Payment in Bronx, NYC”

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Probably jealous of his sweet man-purse. In an unknown land, reminiscent of Latin America, two street fighters armed with knives go at it like two bitches in heat. By the time video starts recording, a submissive fighter bleeds like a stuck hog while man’s best friend makes attempt to sniff his ass. A stab here … Continue reading “Dog Referees Knife Fight”

Suicide Jumper Kills Man He Lands on

A suicide jumper takes out another man on his way out, or should I say down? The guy really sticks the landing on this one. Could you imagine the mix up this probably caused. “So the victims cause of death was suicide?” “Yes.” “But why would he want to take his own life?” *facepalm* “no, … Continue reading “Suicide Jumper Kills Man He Lands on”

Bleed Out, Coconut Edition

A version of this video was once on bestgore. In an old but goodie, short but bloody version of Bleed Out in allegedly the home of coconuts, the Philippines, we see a contestant give his all to the endless series. Wielding the blade, the official referee slices through the weak neck player. Will the bleeding, … Continue reading “Bleed Out, Coconut Edition”

Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @townietoast, whom knows a female friend with her finger cut off after cutting school: My friend got there finger cut off after we ditched the last day of school. Happened a month ago but still thought it should be here. Not sure how … Continue reading “Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day”

Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD

A man is shot multiple times and killed on the 1800 block of N. Bruce St. in West Baltimore, Maryland on July 28, 2019, at 3:52pm. When officers arrive, they find a man with gunshot wounds to his body. The victim is taken to an area hospital where he is confirmed dead from his injuries. … Continue reading “Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD”

Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath

[Exclusive] It’s sadly happens with my own school headmaster~ principle (RIP to my teacher at first) It happens in my own city Jatni, Dist-Khordha, India, Madanpur near sidewalk around 2:45 p.m. Ex-headmaster of school NDRC High School named and Current teacher Mrs. Binodini Nayak from Kantia School. both were on the way to attend school … Continue reading “Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath”

Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone

In Haryana, India, a trio of young teenage boys thought it would be a great idea to film a TikTok video, while all three were riding a motorcycle. Truly a recipe for disaster. They lost control and crashed. They look like ragdolls flung about. Apparently one is dead, you can see another agonally breathing (my … Continue reading “Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone”

Aftermath- Amsterdam Criminal Shot in Bijlmer, Netherlands

An Amsterdam criminal is shot near the Kraaiennest metro station in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer, costing him his life after midnight. Inchomar Balentien, an Amsterdam criminal who barely survives an earlier attack on his life in 2013 finally pays the piper and dies after the shooting. Balentien approaches a newspaper earlier in 2015 because he suspects that … Continue reading “Aftermath- Amsterdam Criminal Shot in Bijlmer, Netherlands”

School Bus Runs Over Student Returning Home in Nepal

Bus driver mistake took a innocent life while returning from school in Nepal. Six years old boy, Rahul Bhatta is on his way to his home after school. Irresponsible parents were the real cause of their child death. Hard working family often can’t give good time to their children in urban areas. By the way, … Continue reading “School Bus Runs Over Student Returning Home in Nepal”