Bleed Out, Coconut Edition

A version of this video was once on bestgore. In an old but goodie, short but bloody version of Bleed Out in allegedly the home of coconuts, the Philippines, we see a contestant give his all to the endless series. Wielding the blade, the official referee slices through the weak neck player. Will the bleeding, … Continue reading “Bleed Out, Coconut Edition”

Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @townietoast, whom knows a female friend with her finger cut off after cutting school: My friend got there finger cut off after we ditched the last day of school. Happened a month ago but still thought it should be here. Not sure how … Continue reading “Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day”

British Cop Hacked by Machete Aftermath

This is a couple of videos which show the aftermath of a cop who pulls an uninsured van over and is attacked by a man using a 12 inch machete in Leyton, East London. 28-year-old PC Stuart Outten, who had joined the Metropolitan Police Service straight out of school, was attacked by Muhammad Rodwan, 56, … Continue reading “British Cop Hacked by Machete Aftermath”

Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans

@slipknt182 says: Where is the gore footage of the Texas and Ohio shootings? Best gore admins you guys need to post the good stuff from the usa. At least 20 dead in El Paso shopping center shooting as authorities investigate Texas man and manifesto. A gunman wields an assault-style rifle killing 20 people and wounding … Continue reading “Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans”

Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video

Number 800!! Eeeeeeeppppppp!! Hi fellow Best Gore members, I have made a mile stone of sorts with posting on BG as well with personal growth. I compiled a half-assed list of some of my favorites throughout my almost 1 year tenure being Author, mostly first couple pages cause I am lazy like that now. Muahahaha!!! … Continue reading “Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video”

Thief Shot in Face During Attempted Robbery

So what we thought to be the aftermath of a tree branch shoved down his throat, is actually the aftermath of pure irony, face fucking this guy while completely fucking his face off. The video shows a man walk down the street and approach a parked vehicle with a single man inside. He has a … Continue reading “Thief Shot in Face During Attempted Robbery”

German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt

Crack of Dawn edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @li54p3p5, who broke up a dog fight and has the scars to prove it: Just before Christmas last year, my dogs got into a fight. I tried to split them up but ended up with my right hand in my German … Continue reading “German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt”

Almost Decapitated Man Survives

So, this is from 2017, but I was absent at the time, so I’m not sure if it was already posted or not. Anyway what we have here is a half-assed beheading aftermath video. An 18-year-old boy, Pablo Patrik de Souza, was walking all by himself when he was mugged by 3 men who stole … Continue reading “Almost Decapitated Man Survives”

Truck Rear Ended by Motorcycle Policeman, India

In India, a policeman rear ends a truck. The rear ending is not given by the cop on bike but from the truck, sticking it to the man. The tailgating cop follows too closely behind a big bootay. What a lustful way to die! Death by orgasmic head job. Props to Best Gore member @carborandom … Continue reading “Truck Rear Ended by Motorcycle Policeman, India”

CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A couple of videos here, I don’t have much back information. Maybe the crash is caused by distracted driving, gotta get that perfect snap… One thing that I am sure of though is that it decapitates a man, and probably killed the man that is seen lying on the ground next to him. allegedly the … Continue reading “CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia”