Ghanaian Cab Driver Stabbed, Fight Over Non Payment in Bronx, NYC

Happens in Bronx, NYC. Guy stabs Ghanaian (Ghana, Country in West Africa) cab driver in fight over non payment. The article stated he dies but local rumors are he will survive. Suspect his lady got away for now. No more updates as of yet. Props to Best Gore member @mistermega88 for first and hopefully not … Continue reading “Ghanaian Cab Driver Stabbed, Fight Over Non Payment in Bronx, NYC”

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Probably jealous of his sweet man-purse. In an unknown land, reminiscent of Latin America, two street fighters armed with knives go at it like two bitches in heat. By the time video starts recording, a submissive fighter bleeds like a stuck hog while man’s best friend makes attempt to sniff his ass. A stab here … Continue reading “Dog Referees Knife Fight”

Bleed Out, Coconut Edition

A version of this video was once on bestgore. In an old but goodie, short but bloody version of Bleed Out in allegedly the home of coconuts, the Philippines, we see a contestant give his all to the endless series. Wielding the blade, the official referee slices through the weak neck player. Will the bleeding, … Continue reading “Bleed Out, Coconut Edition”

Customer Manages to Kill Manager in Philippines

On May 22, 2019 in Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines, Leny is held up and killed by a customer. She is a manager of a “lending agency”. Props to Best Gore member @jedusa2 for the photos: TOAST ®

Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans

@slipknt182 says: Where is the gore footage of the Texas and Ohio shootings? Best gore admins you guys need to post the good stuff from the usa. At least 20 dead in El Paso shopping center shooting as authorities investigate Texas man and manifesto. A gunman wields an assault-style rifle killing 20 people and wounding … Continue reading “Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans”

German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt

Crack of Dawn edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @li54p3p5, who broke up a dog fight and has the scars to prove it: Just before Christmas last year, my dogs got into a fight. I tried to split them up but ended up with my right hand in my German … Continue reading “German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt”

Almost Decapitated Man Survives

So, this is from 2017, but I was absent at the time, so I’m not sure if it was already posted or not. Anyway what we have here is a half-assed beheading aftermath video. An 18-year-old boy, Pablo Patrik de Souza, was walking all by himself when he was mugged by 3 men who stole … Continue reading “Almost Decapitated Man Survives”

CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A couple of videos here, I don’t have much back information. Maybe the crash is caused by distracted driving, gotta get that perfect snap… One thing that I am sure of though is that it decapitates a man, and probably killed the man that is seen lying on the ground next to him. allegedly the … Continue reading “CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia”

Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage

People are probably wondering what happened here and I would guess it to be a motorcycle accident. In a spanish speaking country two girls lay on the side of the road, one propped up and in less serious condition than the other who is stretched out on her back with a huge head wound. A … Continue reading “Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage”

Compilation of Chinese Accidents, Rarely Seen Old Footage

Hi there, I’m a fan of BG over a decade and a few years ago I made this compilation with videos from here. “Bizarre Acidents In China” By the way, I’m portuguese. Who can complain about hilarious video footage from one of Best Gore’s top contributor countries? CCTV footage from years past put to the … Continue reading “Compilation of Chinese Accidents, Rarely Seen Old Footage”