Dying Man Falls Again and Again on Ground

In Brazil, a dying man because he was severely beaten, hit the ground again and again. A perar that he wants to withdraw, others do not let go, “enslaving it” to the ground. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

How Will You Feel About Your New Penis?

Images of a penile surgery, probably due to some type of accident or a correction of a malformation. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and pictures: Zero-Decibels ®

Scroungy Russian Man Bites Belt while Tasered at Nighttime

This happened in Russia, but I’m not sure if it’s a punishment for a thief or a challenge from friends. You would do it? Thank you for providing translation @ya-ya: – painfully? – very painful! Please forgive me! I will never be like this again. – Who are you? Say you’re a thief. // calls … Continue reading “Scroungy Russian Man Bites Belt while Tasered at Nighttime”

How Would You Give Girlfriend Pleasure?

Don’t know the location, other than the location of obvious bloody injury. Possibly it is an accident at work. Or maybe … when he was having sex, his girlfriend He bit his boyfriend’s penis. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Murderer Kills Woman in Russia, Leaves Vertebral Column and Head

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the post: What I found out about information is that this woman is Russian, and supposedly she got an appointment with a stranger, through internet. Then the murderer butchered it, only left the head with the vertebral column, and then put it into the microwave cook it. A … Continue reading “Murderer Kills Woman in Russia, Leaves Vertebral Column and Head”

Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House

On June 1 in the community of Malvinas, in Argentina, a thief entered a house and was attacked by two pit bulls. The thief told time after he entered the house during the night, but he did not notice the presence of the two ferocious dogs, after advancing a few steps the animals threw themselves … Continue reading “Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House”

Wannabe Thief Receives Free Beat Down

Captured on CCTV, in Brazil, a wannabe thief catches a beat-down for free. In a store selling processed foods, a thief receives more than he bargains for when a group of store employees beat the shit out of him and make him bleed. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong and @crybaby for the video: Fill … Continue reading “Wannabe Thief Receives Free Beat Down”

People Steal Money, Weapons from the Dead

A commando that traveled in two vans perpetrated at least two attacks in Agua Prieta and Naco, Sonora, killing nine people and injuring a minor. Un comando que se desplazaba en dos camionetas perpetró al menos dos ataques en Agua Prieta y Naco, Sonora, causando la muerte de nueve personas y heridas a un menor … Continue reading “People Steal Money, Weapons from the Dead”

Skilsaw Accident, Finger Tip Cut Off

Pictures of my friends finger and his name is Fingers. To relation of the fingers finger. It was cut off with a Skil saw. \../ K \../ Thank you Best Gore member @k187 for sharing the story behind the pictures:

Terrified Woman Punched, Tasered in Russia

The love in Mother Russia is strong as ever, visible by a man punching lady with terror stricken eyes. After a short lived fisting, the real party begins. A taser zaps woman repeatedly as she screams and not with glee. Do not understand Russian, so I have zero knowledge about the reason behind attack. UPDATE … Continue reading “Terrified Woman Punched, Tasered in Russia”