Family Car Road Crash in Vietnam

Family car road crash in Vietnam. No further info. UPDATE Hey @seraphim-serenata that’s Vietnam. I can recognize Vietnamese anywhere and Vietnamese people have very vague features and language among Asians. Thank you @ogdirtydee for the update! Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video: Fill browser window

Taxi Carnage in South Africa

A taxi crash occurs last Sunday 19 August on a free way in South Africa. Total of nine people lost their lives on the N1 southbound between Allandale Road and the Buccleuch interchange in the afternoon, 18 August. The speeding driver lost control and hit the concrete barrier. Props to Best Gore member @nrc073 and … Continue reading “Taxi Carnage in South Africa”

Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico

A video from 2008 was sent in, of eleven bodies and seven severed heads, from Yucatan, Mexico. The bodies were found right outside colonial city of Merida. It is clear to police that this is gang violence, caused by the constant war on drugs. The heads are supposedly never found, however, we know where they … Continue reading “Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico”