Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Happy FREAKing Birthday According to this post, His name is Romulo Pilapil Sr. and lives at Brgy. Airport Purok 4 Ormoc City and it seems it’s his 56 birthday at July 6, 2019 and seems to me they all of his friends and family are celebrating his birthday, the pain … Continue reading “Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday”

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

The video is the aftermath of a gas leak, that exploded. Definitely ruined any romance that was in the air, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there was more than just one flammable fume in that room. Poor girl got pounded and then had her fun bags set ablaze. Not confident that he … Continue reading “Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa”

Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy our gore goers, than I don’t know what will. It seems as if the apocalypses has begun. This rotting human, functioning with a dead stare and half a brain, lies on a hospital bed, answering questions while maggots thrive on her head. Hey that rhymed, anyway, there is no back … Continue reading “Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots”

Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train

A short and not very gory video shows a Vietnamese woman riding a bike over some train tracks, when wham, a train comes out of no where. Man, no one expected this, those sneaky trains. They always seem to be on the tracks though, lets spread awareness. Train accidents usually happen on the actual train … Continue reading “Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train”

Copy of Full Interview with Jake Millar

A few months ago, Australian journalist Jake Millar approached the members of Best Gore with a request for input for an upcoming article. The article is now on line and can be accessed HERE. With Jake’s permission, I’m republishing the full text of his interview with me for those who may be interested, since he … Continue reading “Copy of Full Interview with Jake Millar”

Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?

As I was preparing for my trial for “corrupting morals“, I spoke with a number of university professors who have done research on the subject of violence in media, and whether violent content can cause aggression. I’d like to share the fruits of my research, because I believe the findings of the scholars I will … Continue reading “Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?”

Merry Christmas 2016

This is my first Christmas I get to spent with the Best Gore community since freeing myself from Canada. It’s exciting. In four months since taking over Best Gore, both the website and myself have gone through a number of challenges. Updating Best Gore Out of Dominica’s Rain Forest My first three months I spent … Continue reading “Merry Christmas 2016”

It’s Been More Than Three Years

Hello S.O.B.’s, Remember me? I can barely remember myself. I’m Mark, and whatever you may have heard about me in the past is irrelevant. Past cannot be changed, and thus dwelling on it would make no sense. What holds possibilities is the future. To make the long story short – the good guys who operated … Continue reading “It’s Been More Than Three Years”

Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Hellfire Cannon Fail! Pretty old video here, but I had actually never seen it before so I figured some of you hadn’t either. I’m saying right here that this is old video, back to at least May this year. So I better not see any comments complaining … Continue reading “Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target”

Stop Taking Photo Me! – Big Mama Gets Primeval

Ladies and gentlemen…if your eyes could puke, they would. Words cannot accurately describe the event which you are about to witness. I’ve tried to set the scene, but it simply must be seen to be believed. A huge, naked Jamaican woman, most likely high on marijuana, is having an argument with her younger boyfriend in … Continue reading “Stop Taking Photo Me! – Big Mama Gets Primeval”