CCTV – Suicide Action and Aftermath

Not sure of location. There is a dog closely behind a man bound and determined to die, no pussy footing about it. CCTV captures the moment suicidal man quits being a pussy and takes a leap under a bus tire. Bloody goo leaks out of his mind, as seen on the pictures below. Props to … Continue reading “CCTV – Suicide Action and Aftermath”

Pictures of Killed Angolan Military

The Angolan Armed Forces (Portuguese: For├žas Armadas Angolanas) or FAA are the military of Angola. Angola is a country in southwestern Africa. The country’s name derives from the Kimbundu word for king. … After the Angolan War of Independence, which ended with an army mutiny and leftist coup in Lisbon, Angola’s independence was achieved on … Continue reading “Pictures of Killed Angolan Military”

Chunky Head Residue, Shooters Tear Dead Man New Asshole

In Latin America, a gunman unloads an excessive amount of bullets into the head of an already dead man. The overkill scatters chunky brain matter. The residue of emptied brain matter leaves a bloody mess. Finished giving excessive head, the shooter is joined by gunmen whom go down on the man -south of the border- … Continue reading “Chunky Head Residue, Shooters Tear Dead Man New Asshole”

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees

In an unspecified part of India, a motorcyclist was run down by a truck that ran him over and crushed him to death. The trucker then fled the scene, leaving behind the carnage. The victim has his head utterly smashed, and the abdomen emptied of content. There’s cardboard ready to cover him with, but nobody … Continue reading “Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees”

Mangled Car Mangled Bodies

Sorry. No location or official circumstances are known. The hands of fate redirects a male driver along with two female backseat passengers to a crushing world of hurt. They are brought closer together than ever thought possible before. The mangled bodies are dead to the world and lounge inside the mangled car. The occupants don’t … Continue reading “Mangled Car Mangled Bodies”

Mexican Standoff Ends Badly for Cops

The background info I got says, in Mexico, the cops were taken out by that one dude. Doesn’t make sense, because there isn’t a gun with him. They could have taken the gun afterwards, but who knows. Those cops were left like American cops, brainless. No other information is included, such as what kind of … Continue reading “Mexican Standoff Ends Badly for Cops”

Woman Cries Over Man Killed by Train – Hole in Skull, Eye Bulged, Dentures Displaced

No backinfo, but I’m guessing India? The video shows a woman crying over a corpse of a man apparently killed by a train. The man has a hole in his skull, possibly from a headbutt with the tonnes of moving steel, his eye is building and dentures appear displaced, although those could be his natural … Continue reading “Woman Cries Over Man Killed by Train – Hole in Skull, Eye Bulged, Dentures Displaced”

Suicide Jumper Thoughts Stuck Between Car and Sidewalk

A suicidal jumper could not help to keep his thoughts and brain matter to himself. Falling from a congratulatory height for success, the byproduct of the death sticks to a nearby car. A military man of sorts is bent on the knees and shown kneeling close by. Perhaps, proposing to his new found love cause … Continue reading “Suicide Jumper Thoughts Stuck Between Car and Sidewalk”

Motorcycle Rider Brainless and Heartless in Colombia

In a Spanish speaking country, a motorcyclist wearing no helmet or Kevlar vest dies after colliding with large vehicle. The man is missing his brain that is only a heart beat away. This gnarly aftermath footage is to die for. Chunky brain matter and a still living heart is all that any loved one would … Continue reading “Motorcycle Rider Brainless and Heartless in Colombia”

Submachine Gun Murder on Haiti Beach, Compound Skull Fracture Leaks Brain

On a beach in Haiti, a bound man is pointed where to stand for his murder. It is not clearly known why the man is killed. Garbage and waste on the beach is surrounded by degenerate garbage disguised as pieces of waste. The visibly distressed man is shot by an UZI submachine gun with selective-fire. … Continue reading “Submachine Gun Murder on Haiti Beach, Compound Skull Fracture Leaks Brain”