40 Plus Staples after Brain Surgery

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @jesi, who has 40 plus stables put into skull after surgery: 40 plus staples after brain surgery. RNS (responsive neurostimulation) device put in to help control seizures. Basically a pacemaker for the brain. Wish nothing but the Best for you Je Si! Thanks … Continue reading “40 Plus Staples after Brain Surgery”

Aftermath of Surgery to Correct Pseudotumor Cerebri

These photos were sent by BestGore member ladywicked666 and show the aftermath of her surgery to correct a condition called “Pseudotumor Cerebri”, on which the brain thinks it has a brain tumor so it keeps producing high quantities of cerebral fluid trying to flush away the foreign object which isn’t really there. The operation was … Continue reading “Aftermath of Surgery to Correct Pseudotumor Cerebri”

Trepanation in Child – Surgical Opening of Skull

Trepanation is a surgical procedure that involves making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain. There is archeological evidence that the practice of trepanation has been around since at least the Stone Age, which makes it the oldest known surgery. Many modern surgeons consider trepanation to be some a superstitious or … Continue reading “Trepanation in Child – Surgical Opening of Skull”

Awakening the Frozen Addicts – Documentary

This documentary titled Awakening the Frozen Addicts is about a peculiar drug which turned addicts into invalids overnight. These men and women went to sleep fully able bodied and aware of themselves, but woke up unable to talk or move. After being individually studied, their doctors learned that inside the paralyzed bodies was a perfectly … Continue reading “Awakening the Frozen Addicts – Documentary”

Fatal Machete Attack in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find “Tipitapa” the coolest sounding geography related name ever. Just listen to the difference: I’m from Edmonton I’m from Tipitapa Fuck yeah! They have the coolest names for places in Latin America. The machete attack in this video took place in… well… Tapitapa, Nicaragua. A man … Continue reading “Fatal Machete Attack in Tipitapa, Nicaragua”

Construction Worker Impaled Through Head with Rebar in Dubai

We tend to think of Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates as oil rich economies, but did you know that in spite of all the oil money coming in, their GDP is not that great? As a matter of fact, Thailand’s whore industry is worth more a year than total GDP of … Continue reading “Construction Worker Impaled Through Head with Rebar in Dubai”

Vintage Brain Surgery Video Circa 1930

I find it absolutely fascinating that as early as 1930, the medical field was already so advanced the surgeons could perform an open brain surgery and successfully remove a brain tumor. Not only that, it would appear from the video that 6 months after the surgery, the patient was doing pretty well, although suffering from … Continue reading “Vintage Brain Surgery Video Circa 1930”

Surgical Removal of Massive Blood Clot Formed on the Brain

This video documents surgical removal of a massive blood clot which formed on top of a patient’s brain. The patient was a 32 year old man who was hit by a truck while riding a bicycle. The impact cracked his skull and bruised his brain to the point of clotting. Owing to the pressure the … Continue reading “Surgical Removal of Massive Blood Clot Formed on the Brain”

Open Brain Surgery in Tribal Africa

A medicine man (witch doctor) from a remote part of Africa performs an open brain surgery on a patient without any use of anesthetics. The operation is proceeded by a tribal ritual during which the patient and the surgeon prepare for a challenging task at hand. The patient remains fully conscious while her skull is … Continue reading “Open Brain Surgery in Tribal Africa”

Skull Infection Eating Into Brain of Chinese Boy

These pictures are from China, but unfortunately I didn’t get any background info. It’s truly unfortunate because this case of skull infection is so severe and bizarre, I’d be really interested in learning what lead to it and whether there’s been any form of recovery. Truth be told, even though the boy appears to be … Continue reading “Skull Infection Eating Into Brain of Chinese Boy”