Football Fan Gives Hand Supporting Returning Team in Brazil

On September 17th, the Athletico Paranaense football team from Curitiba, Brazil, whom are in the final of the Brazilian Cup, arrive at the Afonso Pena International Airport. An overly enthused fan, waiting on them returning home gives them hand in loving support. To show his supoort to the team, the man holds firework while the … Continue reading “Football Fan Gives Hand Supporting Returning Team in Brazil”

Throat Chopped With Machete, Victim Hands Tied Up in Brazil

Having a little fun with Death and supplying own Life with endless happiness. Is it wrong to enjoy suffering from others to have happiness? This video graces one out of the thousand of pages, hosted here at our very own home away from home, Best Gore. Enjoy the Re-Killing!! Tues RE-GORE day Edition: In Brazil, … Continue reading “Throat Chopped With Machete, Victim Hands Tied Up in Brazil”

Decomposing Body Found inside Water Tank, Brazil

August 28, in the town of Guarujá, state of São Paulo, Brazil, a male body is found inside a water tank in a football stadium. The body is found after the stadium’s workers are attracted by the smell. The water in that tank supplies the fire extinguishers and is not destined for human consumption. The … Continue reading “Decomposing Body Found inside Water Tank, Brazil”

Loose Car Wheel Hits Sitting Man with Crutches in Goiânia, Brazil

On CCTV August 1st, 2019 in Goiânia, Brazil, a wheel comes loose from a car and hits man with crutches on the sidewalk. No reliable info on whether the man dies. One “friend” darts off in his car without lights. With friends like these……. Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for description and the video: … Continue reading “Loose Car Wheel Hits Sitting Man with Crutches in Goiânia, Brazil”

Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil

Video From Brazil shows some boxes, full of a bunch of dead bodies, awesome right? This is gang related and all the women appear to be fondled, all of their pants are unbuttoned and unzipped and their tops are rolled up exposing their tummies and some other things. One of them looks like a ten-year-old, … Continue reading “Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil”

Speeding Car Rear Ends Wheelie Motorcyclist in Brazil

Hi !! I got this Video from a friend in France,i am not sure if it was filmed there Greets In Brazil, a motorcyclist flaunts his skills on a roadway performing a wheelie. Unbeknownst to the showoff, a speeding car makes him kiss the road’s assphalt, making him have a wheelie bad skidmark. UPDATE Location … Continue reading “Speeding Car Rear Ends Wheelie Motorcyclist in Brazil”

Almost Decapitated Man Survives

So, this is from 2017, but I was absent at the time, so I’m not sure if it was already posted or not. Anyway what we have here is a half-assed beheading aftermath video. An 18-year-old boy, Pablo Patrik de Souza, was walking all by himself when he was mugged by 3 men who stole … Continue reading “Almost Decapitated Man Survives”

Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man

Allegedly, this video is from Brazil, it shows a gang of animals laughing and playing in the blood of an unfortunate someone. One of the gang members waves a big knife in front of the camera, sporting a shirt for a mask, while the hoes wear crop tops. The victim is lifeless on the floor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man”

Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil

Ah Brazil, will you ever stop breeding shit. That isn’t even a question. These videos are from a prison riot that occurred on July 29th. Not only are Brazilian prisons home to frequent riots, but they are also blessed with cell phones to record every bloody minute of it. This riot was caused by gang … Continue reading “Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil”

Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

The video is of a man bound and half naked, on the floor of the forest. He seems very calm and collected while his feet are being hacked off by a machete. However losing an arm or two is where he crumbles, letting his fate sink in.. I feel for the bastard but it made … Continue reading “Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest”