Almost Decapitated Man Survives

So, this is from 2017, but I was absent at the time, so I’m not sure if it was already posted or not. Anyway what we have here is a half-assed beheading aftermath video. An 18-year-old boy, Pablo Patrik de Souza, was walking all by himself when he was mugged by 3 men who stole … Continue reading “Almost Decapitated Man Survives”

Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man

Allegedly, this video is from Brazil, it shows a gang of animals laughing and playing in the blood of an unfortunate someone. One of the gang members waves a big knife in front of the camera, sporting a shirt for a mask, while the hoes wear crop tops. The victim is lifeless on the floor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man”

Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil

Ah Brazil, will you ever stop breeding shit. That isn’t even a question. These videos are from a prison riot that occurred on July 29th. Not only are Brazilian prisons home to frequent riots, but they are also blessed with cell phones to record every bloody minute of it. This riot was caused by gang … Continue reading “Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil”

Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

The video is of a man bound and half naked, on the floor of the forest. He seems very calm and collected while his feet are being hacked off by a machete. However losing an arm or two is where he crumbles, letting his fate sink in.. I feel for the bastard but it made … Continue reading “Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest”

Brazilian Prisoner Receives Beating and Threats

Ahh Brazilian prison. Everyone worst nightmare.. I don’t know what is being said but apparently the man on the floor is being threatened while he is slapped and punched. It wouldn’t be Brazil without violence though would it? The prisoner is stomped on, and I don’t think that guy cares about getting his white flip … Continue reading “Brazilian Prisoner Receives Beating and Threats”

Prisoner Stabbed to Death in Courtyard, Brazil

This type of animalistic stabbing can only come from South America. At a prison in Brazil, a man is stabbed to death on the playground. There is no audio for the video but plenty of violence. A guy is laying on the concrete floor in a prison, surrounded by a group of four of five … Continue reading “Prisoner Stabbed to Death in Courtyard, Brazil”

Two Assholes Argue Over Seat, One Shot Twice in Face

This happened on my city today, 08/07. Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. A man was shot dead on a spider man (not sure what that is besides comic book character) far from home session. People who were there, said Julio Cesar (victim) was sitting on a chair when Dijavan (shooter) arrived and said it … Continue reading “Two Assholes Argue Over Seat, One Shot Twice in Face”

Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil

You know who are at it again? In Brazil, a slain rival in the form of a corpse receives a gesture of goodwill. The torso of the dead young man is repeatedly stabbed with an over sized kitchen knife. The postmortem puncture wounds provide a stream of undying laughter. It makes you wonder how the … Continue reading “Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil”

Illegitimate Mother Admits Drowning Four Month Old Son

Brazilian mother drowns her 4 month old son. Thursday before last on June 27, in the town of São Luís, state of Maranhão, Brazil, a woman named Zilpa Soares Silva (27) presents herself to the police and confesses the drowning of her own 4 month old son. She says she is alone at home with … Continue reading “Illegitimate Mother Admits Drowning Four Month Old Son”

Woman Gives Head after Death, Corpse Mutilated and Buried

In what can be no where else except Brazil, a corpse of a woman gagged is beheaded and then buried. Even in death this woman gave great head. Do not understand the language of the jungle monkeys, but is it really necessary? Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window