Huge Gash Poked and Prodded by Doctor

Brazilian man is slabbed on examining table in hospital. He is poked and prodded with 1 finger sometimes 2, or more. Man’s exposed abdominal gash is disinfected with povidone-iodine prior to surgery and stitching. It is said the patient had been stabbed by a knife and is lucky not have intestines fall out. Props to … Continue reading “Huge Gash Poked and Prodded by Doctor”

Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder

caRnAGE aftermath footage shows the middle stage on lynching of an alleged thief in Brazil. Man lies dying on sidewalk forcing every breath through his shattered airways. The high velocity impact caved in his mouth and nose. Middle part of face is contoured from small boulder found next to his head. To add insult to … Continue reading “Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder”

Watchman Murders Janitor Over Paper Trash in Itumbiara, Brazil

You know it is a special case when the crime is featured on the news in Brazil: Crime happened around 4 o’clock Saturday October 13, 2018 in the condominium located in Furnas Avenue in Itumbiara, Brazil; southern Goiânia. The Night Watchman, Wallas Gomes De Lima, 27, is suspected in allegedly killing Janitor/Doorman, Guilherme Alves Pereira, … Continue reading “Watchman Murders Janitor Over Paper Trash in Itumbiara, Brazil”

Man Hurled Over Fence after Van Overturns in Brazil

We’ve seen mighty gymnastics on Best Gore before. The driver of the van, whom barrel rolls van, coincidentally is female. The passenger, presumably a pussy-whipped-cuck is forced out window during one of the many tumbles and is tossed over neighbor’s fence. If this happened in Mexico, then I’d say, what a great way to hop … Continue reading “Man Hurled Over Fence after Van Overturns in Brazil”

Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into

It appears all isn’t quiet on the Southern front as the infamous potato camera makes brief appearance with retaliation video of rival gang member. The victim is a tad screamish from get-go with a pounding from a large piece of wood. His vocal chords get good lashing by his own falsettos after repeatedly stabbed. Later … Continue reading “Rival Gang Member Stabbed, Beat, and Sawed Into”

Favela Gang Beats Alleged Thief, Flipping His Flop

A merciless clubbing in Brazil by favela gang on captured alleged thief is caught on camera. Alleged thief takes a good clubbing with 2x4s and given a good lecture simultaneously. The beating is so, so good a flip flop gets struck off his foot. Who knows if this alleged thief will be smart enough not … Continue reading “Favela Gang Beats Alleged Thief, Flipping His Flop”

Brazil Motorcycle Accident Aftermath, Complete Body Carnage

Great aftermath footage of man strewn upon a road in Brazil in bits and pieces. Complete and utter caRnAGe from a motorcyclist after vehicle collision; man is destroyed from head to toe.

Man on the Ground with Scalp Peeling Off

I don’t know much about the video, but presumably it shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. We’ve seen the ability of motorcycle crashes to scalp hikers before. The motorcyclist is shown on the ground with a section of his scalp peeled off. The language sounds Brazilian Portuguese to me, and so appears to be … Continue reading “Man on the Ground with Scalp Peeling Off”

Thief Performs Agonal Breathing on Street in Brazil

Thief is beaten severely then shot and performs agonal breathing. Blood is pooling around his bloody head, his shirt is stained with life juices. The sea of flip flops is undoubtedly clues that this happened in Brazil. The crowd frolics around the man and causally talk about the casualty. No mercy is shown to the … Continue reading “Thief Performs Agonal Breathing on Street in Brazil”

Fatal Car Crash in Brazil, Driver Drove Drunk

Driving drunk of vehicle, man from Brazil endangers the health of his friends. The car involved in the carnage is totaled, as is the occupants of the car, except the driver. Breaking through a fence the car flips and barrel rolls, resulting in massive damage to the front end.