Nipple and Areola Repositioning During Breast Reduction Surgery

I’ll give you my take on the oh-so-over-debated question of what breast size men like the most – I don’t give a shit. Big or small, who the fuck cares? There are beautiful big breasts as there are beautiful small breasts. For as long as they are natural, I couldn’t give two shits. Just don’t … Continue reading “Nipple and Areola Repositioning During Breast Reduction Surgery”

The Caption This Photo Contest #30

Caption this photo if you can. Best Caption: Excuse me waitress, tits not what I ordered. – estep3453 Runners-up: tits or gtfo! – Love Reaper mom works so hard to put food on the table… – fuckedandfascist Welcome to Shitty Wok. Our Meals are Breast in Town – Kinky John Look out! It’s a booby … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #30”

Breast Reduction Surgery Video

I’m not a big fan of plastic surgeries, especially when it comes to female breasts, but breast reduction is the one instance when this type of change to the body shape is justifiable. Many men appreciate smaller breasts so plastic surgeries aimed at stuffing them titties with silicones to make them bigger are plain stupid … Continue reading “Breast Reduction Surgery Video”