African Kid Has Feet Infested with Jiggers (Chigoe Flea)

Jiggers is a common name for the Chigoe Flea – parasitic organism that sucks the blood of warmblooded hosts, such as humans. Male Jiggers just latch on the host and have a meal, but female Jiggers burrow under host’s skin where they feed on host’s blood vessels for weeks. While in host’s skin, female Jiggers … Continue reading “African Kid Has Feet Infested with Jiggers (Chigoe Flea)”

Little Girl Has Hair Infested with Thousands of Lice

If after watching this video you feel the sudden urge to take a nice, long shampooing, I won’t blame you. I know I’m hitting the shower right away. This is what lice infestation looks like. Little girl in the video had thousands of them crawling in her hair. As she was getting brushed, a whole … Continue reading “Little Girl Has Hair Infested with Thousands of Lice”

The Definition of Lousy

As soon as I began research for this article I started scratching and fidgeting at the repulsion of these disgusting parasites. We play host to a multitude of passengers who live on, in and off us, from bacteria to demodex. And really, for the most part, what you can’t see doesn’t hurt you. But lice … Continue reading “The Definition of Lousy”