The Caption This Photo Contest #20

No bitching in this post. If you have something to bitch about, do it in the bitchfest post of The Caption This Photo Contest #19. Best Caption: Mutilate little girls genitals, nothing happens, rape little boys, nothing happens, but eat one pork rind and,…poof – BubbaZinetti [EDITORIAL NOTE – I seriously think this caption is … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #20”

Mob Burns Alleged Criminals Alive

Mob justice, whereas no police report is filed, no investigations is conducted, and no court of law called upon to determine whether alleged criminals are guilty or not is more common in today’s world than it would seem. While vigilante mob lynching is most typical of Latin America (the likes of Venezuela, Guatemala or Brazil … Continue reading “Mob Burns Alleged Criminals Alive”

Motorcyclist Hit By Truck Burns to Death Sitting on Bumper

Looks like this happened somewhere in Africa. The motorcyclist appears to have been rear ended by an old timer truck, got jammed into the grill, caught fire and burnt to death sitting on that bumper. The truck must have been flying down that road to rear end a motorcyclist so badly the guy couldn’t even … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Hit By Truck Burns to Death Sitting on Bumper”

Necklacing Execution Photos

One thing that’s easy to notice when visiting gore sites is that humans are exceptionally creative when it comes to inflicting pain and suffering on another. Executions are no exception. As if killing a human being was not good enough, some came with ideas to preceed death with unendurable agony. Introducing necklacing – an execution … Continue reading “Necklacing Execution Photos”

Nightclub Fire Deaths

All these people allegedly died trapped inside a nightclub that caught fire and turned from a party place into a mass grave within minutes. Unfortunately I don’t have reliable info on where the incident happened or whether it truly was a nightclub fire and not a terrorist bombing or something like that. Hopefully mean DJ … Continue reading “Nightclub Fire Deaths”

Woman in Flames

Pictures were sent in by a dedicated Best Gore reader who said that this was a gang initiation gone bad. I don’t know what exactly they were trying to do to her to get her initiated, but I don’t think she’ll be a valid member after all this. But to her credit – I think … Continue reading “Woman in Flames”

Mob Justice – Two Men Burned Alive in Guatemala

The catch with mob justice is that you never really know whether a person is really guilty or not. If you live in a Latin American country like Guatemala, all it takes is for someone to yell “rapist” or “murderer” and before you know it, you have whole street on your ass, including the kids … Continue reading “Mob Justice – Two Men Burned Alive in Guatemala”

Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident

Poor guy got trapped inside a vehicle after a car accident and with no easy options to get out before it was too late, he saw himself slowly barbequed as flames engulfed the car. It was probably a fast, but extremely painful death. Not even his penis got spared. Omnipresent flames roasted his member as … Continue reading “Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident”

Burned to Death Photo Compilation

This is a compilation of photos of people who have been burned to death. Most have been burned beyond what you would consider well done. Fire is a good servant, but a bad master. You can’t even eat most of those. You could get cancer or some other shit eating all those ashes. Gross…

Self Incineration

Well, let me start by saying that the guy in these pictures looks pretty hot… literally (no homo). OK, that was a lame joke. But damn that must have been painful. It looks like this self incineration was not the case of one of those sacrificial lambs who want to make a statement by incinerating … Continue reading “Self Incineration”