Karma Burns Cable Thief in Africa

Not much is known about this video other than: Some crispy critter decide to steal cables close to my house, luckily it blew up and Karma fuck his day up! Props to Best Gore member @rc073 for the video: Fill browser window

Self Immolation Couple in Mathura, India

This Article is provided by upcoming great new Author @landagirl: This footage is from Mathura, India. The man and woman seen in the video are a couple, who carried out self immolation. Their son is filming them and interviewing the father, the woman seems to be badly burned and is not speaking at all. You … Continue reading “Self Immolation Couple in Mathura, India”

Crowd Watches Foreigner Burning Alive

Seraphim Serenata would like to go ahead and announce, our fellow member @landagirl will become an upcoming major contributor to site as Author. You are very professional and well put together. You are the chosen one. You are what the site needs. Welcome Aboard! This video is from South Africa, where in early September 2019 … Continue reading “Crowd Watches Foreigner Burning Alive”

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

The video is the aftermath of a gas leak, that exploded. Definitely ruined any romance that was in the air, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there was more than just one flammable fume in that room. Poor girl got pounded and then had her fun bags set ablaze. Not confident that he … Continue reading “Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa”

Burn Victim Walks Around Naked

Possible self immolation aftermath shows a naked man walking around, very shamelessly I might add, with obvious burn wounds. I would imagine he is in a great deal of pain. The man keeps yelling but I don’t know what he is saying. As he aimlessly wonders around, the camera men capture him in all his … Continue reading “Burn Victim Walks Around Naked”

Man Burned Alive

The video shows a man being set on fire, not much to add. Whatever they used for an accelerant works, would definitely recommend it. The guy is set ablaze and they watch as he squirms. He rolls around, trying to extinguish the fire but with no success. Dancing in the flames for a moment, before … Continue reading “Man Burned Alive”

Gas Thieves Fetch Death, Deadly Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania, Africa

Best Gore member @abdul-muiz says: This happens on Saturday 10, 2019 at Morogoro Eastern Tanzania. The Lory carrying fuel (petrol) has accident at Msamvu, where tank leaks. People from all around come to fetch deadly fuel. After about ten minutes where enough people for gore gathered, it happens what every petrol will do to motherfuckers. … Continue reading “Gas Thieves Fetch Death, Deadly Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania, Africa”

CCTV Man Immolates – Close Up Aftermath

There are two merged together here, both from the 3rd of July this year, the first one shows CCTV footage of a man in front of hotel walking to the corner of a street where he stands there for a moment before dousing himself with gasoline and sets himself on fire.. Only to realize that … Continue reading “CCTV Man Immolates – Close Up Aftermath”

Electrician Electrocuted, Decapitated on Power Line – India

Somewhere from India, Repair man receives some treats, electrocuted (& decapitated) while fixing the faulty power line. Props to Best Gore member @carborandom and @ash8888 for the video: Fill browser window Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the pictures: Zero-Decibels ®

Raging Flamer Immolates Near White House in Washington D.C.

A man lit himself on fire near the White House on Wednesday afternoon — and he was caught on video appearing to calmly stroll through a park before cops extinguished the flames. Witnesses saw the man erupt into a bright orange fireball at the Ellipse, a tourist-filled park that sits north of the Washington Monument, … Continue reading “Raging Flamer Immolates Near White House in Washington D.C.”