Burnt to Death in an Explosion

Man, it just sucks beyond reckoning when moment of death catches you with the pants half way down your thighs. These man got burnt to death in an explosion that didn’t give them a chance to escape, but when it comes to our title guy, it kind of looks like he was taking a piss … Continue reading “Burnt to Death in an Explosion”

Painful Electrical Burns

If you get in the way of high voltage electricity, it could fry your heart and your skin in an instant. That’s what I’m guessing happened to this dude. Don’t know if he was a maintenance worker fixing something, of a thief stealing buried copper wires, but it matters not – he got toasted pretty … Continue reading “Painful Electrical Burns”

Mob Justice – Two Men Burned Alive in Guatemala

The catch with mob justice is that you never really know whether a person is really guilty or not. If you live in a Latin American country like Guatemala, all it takes is for someone to yell “rapist” or “murderer” and before you know it, you have whole street on your ass, including the kids … Continue reading “Mob Justice – Two Men Burned Alive in Guatemala”

Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident

Poor guy got trapped inside a vehicle after a car accident and with no easy options to get out before it was too late, he saw himself slowly barbequed as flames engulfed the car. It was probably a fast, but extremely painful death. Not even his penis got spared. Omnipresent flames roasted his member as … Continue reading “Man Barbequed Alive in Car Accident”

Burned to Death Photo Compilation

This is a compilation of photos of people who have been burned to death. Most have been burned beyond what you would consider well done. Fire is a good servant, but a bad master. You can’t even eat most of those. You could get cancer or some other shit eating all those ashes. Gross…

Self Incineration

Well, let me start by saying that the guy in these pictures looks pretty hot… literally (no homo). OK, that was a lame joke. But damn that must have been painful. It looks like this self incineration was not the case of one of those sacrificial lambs who want to make a statement by incinerating … Continue reading “Self Incineration”

Dead Body Gets Eaten by Nasty Maggots

Maggots are nasty. I betcha the place where this corpse was found reeked of dead flesh. Someone had the unfortunate job of cleaning this dead body and moving it to the morgue. Judging by maggot-free innards, I’m guessing the torso has not been cut open until the body was discovered and passed on to the … Continue reading “Dead Body Gets Eaten by Nasty Maggots”

Body of a Child Looks Like Roasted Lamb

This was once a child, now it looks more like roasted chicken or better yet – lamb. I’m surprised I have not found a version of these photos with BBQ sauce photoshopped in. Sad as it is, I’ve never seen a human body roasted so well you could literally pull out a steak knife and … Continue reading “Body of a Child Looks Like Roasted Lamb”

Rapist Brutally Sodomized with Stick Up His Ass (Brazilian Jail Riot Pic)

This happened during massive jail riot in Brazil that resulted in many deaths. The victim was a convicted rapist and aside from being beaten and burnt to a crisp, he ended up brutally sodomized with stick up his ass. Truly a painful pic that makes it hard to decide whether the most terrifying experience was … Continue reading “Rapist Brutally Sodomized with Stick Up His Ass (Brazilian Jail Riot Pic)”

Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving

Sad video from Prom, Russia shows death of three people who got trapped inside a burning SUV that was driven by their drunk friend. Drunk driving is never cool. Two of the people who burned alive inside that automobile were girls and even though we can’t see them in the video, I can imagine they … Continue reading “Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving”