Incision from Cancer Removal Operation

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @inkedarmymom, who had her tumor surgically removed: I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year. They had to operate and they left a nice deep incision that I had to pack with several pieces of gauze everyday. … Continue reading “Incision from Cancer Removal Operation”

Cancer Patient Jumps from 7th Floor of Hospital

On January 22, 2017, a 42 year old woman jumped to her death from the 7th floor of the Cancer Institute in Thailand where she was being treated. Suicide is suspected, but whereas the woman did not leave behind a suicide note, or any other indication that she wanted to take her own life, accidental … Continue reading “Cancer Patient Jumps from 7th Floor of Hospital”

Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder

A young Cambodian girl named Lon has a huge tumor on her shoulder, and probably no realistic chance of getting rid of it. Translation of the brief background info from Khmer suggests that her family is unable to continue financing her treatment: My sister named Lon tissue tumor cancer is now 5 kg fish are … Continue reading “Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder”

Woman in Bad Shape Due to Excessive Tumors Growing on Her Chest

Apparently, this video is from Vietnam. It depicts a woman with massive tumor growth on her chest (perhaps started as breast cancer?). The tumors appears to have expanded into vital organs behind the rib cage, making the woman look like she’s with one leg in a grave. The woman has difficulty breathing, but that death … Continue reading “Woman in Bad Shape Due to Excessive Tumors Growing on Her Chest”

Thai Girl Has Large Tumor Growing Over Her Eye Removed

A huge tumor developed on the head of a young Thai girl, eating into her eye and disfiguring her face. Finally, she was able to undergo a surgery and had the tumor removed. Now she doesn’t have a second head growing on her head, but she’s lost her eye and remains partially disfigured. However, without … Continue reading “Thai Girl Has Large Tumor Growing Over Her Eye Removed”

Thai Child with Grossly Disfigured Face

This Thai child suffers a medical condition that grossly disfigures his/her face. While I haven’t received any background information, those look like cancerous tumors. Or maybe Human Papillomavirus. The mouth has still been relatively untouched, so eating is still possible, but eyes seem to be pretty much gone. There’s no hair growing on that scalp … Continue reading “Thai Child with Grossly Disfigured Face”

Kill the Habit Before the Habit Kills You – Lung Cancer

Don’t worry, this is not going to be some self-righteous preening about how smokers are disgusting and literally the devil. This is just the cold hard reality of lung cancer. What it looks like, and what can be done about it if caught early enough. Now, I have a personal stake in this as my … Continue reading “Kill the Habit Before the Habit Kills You – Lung Cancer”

Huge, Bleeding Tumor of the Mouth

Christ, I’ve heard of fat lips, but this is ridiculous! Video from Thailand showing a young man afflicted with a bulging, swollen, bleeding tumor in his mouth. Just look at the size of that thing. Imagine having that thing hanging out of your mouth and trying to go about your daily business. No further info … Continue reading “Huge, Bleeding Tumor of the Mouth”

5 Year Old Boy Stabbed 30 Times by Step Mother

Horrific video here shows the aftermath of a savage knife attack on a five year old boy by his step mother. The young boy was stabbed at least thirty times but managed to escape the death sentence passed onto him by the evil bitch. The reasoning for this? Well, the step mom had recently been … Continue reading “5 Year Old Boy Stabbed 30 Times by Step Mother”

Ass Stitched Up After Cancer is Removed

Video here is of a man who’s had a cancerous tumour removed from his ass and is now in the process of being stitched back up. Shitting and sitting are gonna be a real pain for this dude for a while… This vid also serves as my personal thoughts on all the butt hurt pussies … Continue reading “Ass Stitched Up After Cancer is Removed”