Euromaidan – Jews Sponsored Unrest in Ukraine

After all the mass executions, ethnic cleansing, holodomor and other atrocities committed on the Ukrainian people by the Jew, you’d think the nation would be the last on Earth to call upon the greatest evil that’s ever befallen their lands to come back and torture them some more. Alas, humans are gullible and easily invite … Continue reading “Euromaidan – Jews Sponsored Unrest in Ukraine”

Russian Povolzhye Famine of 1921 in Photos

After six and a half years of unrest on the Russian soil, which included the First World War much of which took place in Russia, the 1917 Lenin lead Russian October Revolution and the Civil Wars between the seceding nationalities, the Whites, the Bolsheviks and the Anarchists, Russia found itself on the brink of an … Continue reading “Russian Povolzhye Famine of 1921 in Photos”

Top 15 Most Violent Serial Killers

Christmas season is upon us and it’s time to commemorate this special moment with something unique. We have celebrated last year’s Christmas season with bloody videos of birth giving and this year I would like to share this excessive post about the top 15 most violent serial killers in history. While as a general rule … Continue reading “Top 15 Most Violent Serial Killers”