Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath

[Exclusive] It’s sadly happens with my own school headmaster~ principle (RIP to my teacher at first) It happens in my own city Jatni, Dist-Khordha, India, Madanpur near sidewalk around 2:45 p.m. Ex-headmaster of school NDRC High School named and Current teacher Mrs. Binodini Nayak from Kantia School. both were on the way to attend school … Continue reading “Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath”

Another Normal Day in India

The bystanders in this video are only distracted for a few moments as a car rear-ends some guy hauling dirt. The dirt is poured all over the road but no one seems to be phased very much, including the guy who was steering the trailer. I’m surprised he wasn’t thrown off into the road. The … Continue reading “Another Normal Day in India”

Horse Pulls A Fast One

On June 10th, 2009 an accident involving a speeding car and a wagon of sorts pulled by a horse collide. A hilarious chain of events unfolds on CCTV. The horse disobeys basic rules of the road and crosses an intersection without looking both directions. Judging by tortoise-esque reflexes by the human, the horse pulls a … Continue reading “Horse Pulls A Fast One”

Car and Truck Collision Aftermath on BR-101

A car and a cart hit the night of Saturday (June 15) on the BR-101 (stretch Campos-Vitória), at the time of crossing. There were deaths on the spot. The car was completely destroyed. Until the publication of this report, the police had not yet informed the number of victims and the identifications, which should occur … Continue reading “Car and Truck Collision Aftermath on BR-101”

Dashcam – Bad Driver Equals Bad Death

No location known. This reminds me of that hilarious video not too long ago, also captured on dashcam from 2018. The driver of his BMW, lost control of the steering wheel, and ended by sending an innocent person to heaven (or hell). Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and the video: Fill browser … Continue reading “Dashcam – Bad Driver Equals Bad Death”

Half Naked, Fully Dead Females After Accident – Brazil

On a dark night in Brazil, three dead and wrecked bodies can be seen after a street accident, presumably involving the red car nearby. Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Car Hits Woman, Leg 15 Days Later

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @warriorunicorn, who’s aunt had a car hit her: Hello Best Gore! Ive been a lurker for something around 5 years and decided to make and account so i could show you my aunt leg. 15 days ago, she was coming to my house … Continue reading “Car Hits Woman, Leg 15 Days Later”

Face Scraped Up Dodging Car

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @helloimdude, who scraped his face after hitting a curb: Rode my bike down a huge hill and hit a curb at the bottom while trying to dodge a car. Ended up with a scraped up face and gash that somehow got a bunch … Continue reading “Face Scraped Up Dodging Car”

Chicago Heights Woman Killed in 2-Vehicle Crash

Check this out. It happened where I live at in Chicago Illinois. Man was speeding in front of my car. The way he was speeding was very odd because he seemed to have control of the car, he was speeding yet he was swerving in between cars trying not to collide with them until he … Continue reading “Chicago Heights Woman Killed in 2-Vehicle Crash”

Accident Aftermath, Feet Dangle From Flaps of Skin

Pretty epic aftermath footage of an apparent car accident. No idea what is happening and from what country. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: